Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, February 28, 2005

At Her Best

Sweetest Thing Posted by Hello

This is Yoshi at her best. Sweetly sitting on the couch about to lean forward to kiss my hand. I love this picture of her with her little bubble feet. Watch out for her Birthday Celebration when I will post every photo I have of her dressed up in her Halloween costumes. March 24th - Stay Tuned!

She Has Lost Her Mind!

Be Afraid! Posted by Hello
This is Yoshi. Well, actually, this is Yoshi tonight as she is raging around the house in one of her post poop freak outs. I call it Fleeing The Scene of The Crime. Or that she is Free and Unburdened. If it wasn't so funny I would be completely grossed out. Yoshi freaks out as only a Siamese cat can. There is howling, moaning, sliding around on the floors and trampling of me. Ears flat on her head and tail arched. If I am typing then she is climbing all over the keyboard. If I am flaked out on the couch then she is bouncing off my stomach. It is pretty crazy for a while and then she stops and acts like she never tipped over the living room chair during her stampede. She then almost immediately goes to sleep. A friend of mine once said that she acted like her eyes were pinching her brain. I like to think that she is as smart as she needs to be. But make no mistake - she is one pretty clever cat. These episodes are merely a momentary lapse of decorum after a very satisfying poop.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

First Post of ANGST!

Holy crap! I am trying to navigate this whole new blogging thing and it is HARD! I have tried to do a photo with Hello and can't figure it out. I am trying to edit what you all see on my blog page and can't figure it out. All this HTML freaks me out! I need my brother to fix this. You will quickly realize as soon as I have any kind of computer angst I immediately freak and email my brother who knows All That IS Internet. What happens next is that my bro will completely ignore my email freakout or simply reply "Do it yourself!" This, in turn, freaks me out more and increases my overall sense of stoopidity. It isn't pretty, people. So forgive my lame-o blog until I get everything sorted out.