Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Odd Couple

Terribly sorry about the long delay in a kitteh update. As it normally does this time of year things have become very hectic. I am working on the upcoming 2009 Iconic Women By Yoshi Calendar as well as setting up a new business and doing lots of volunteering.

Dexter is still cute.
Very cute. He is also still exceptionally smelly. The vet says he is fine and often kittens do not have the best digestive systems at young ages so I’ve been experimenting with different foods and might have found some that are less rank gas producing than others. I might publish a research paper: Feline Colon Inexperience and Greenhouse Gasses-Nature's Balance Between Cute and Killer

I’ve never met a cat who is so frickin’ hungry every second of the day.
Dexter wails for food every couple hours and eats like a jackal. There is no nom nom nom but snarl snorf gasp choke hack lick lick sniff sniff root freak-out FEEEED MEEEEEEE AGAIN! He gained ¾ of a pound this week. When I eat he tries to climb all over me. One night he caught me unawares and literally jumped from the back of the couch right onto my full plate. Yoshi has always been a very delicate eater and nibbles on her food through the day. Dexter treats food like air and inhales it like he is suffocating. Dork.

Yoshi is doing much better. MUCH better.
She is eating just fine and seems to be adjusting pretty well. I can’t say she likes Dexter but she isn’t about to throw herself off the balcony. I’ve never had a pair of cats so I’m not really sure what to expect. Dexter clearly LOVES Yoshi. Yoshi clearly HATES Dexter. But not always. Or maybe I should say not always with the same intensity of loathing as other times. I’m thinking I might develop a scale of Yoshi hate levels, similar to the Richter Scale, to apply to various interactions. I shall call it the Hisser Scale.

So there tends to be two types of interaction between Dex and Yoshi:

  • Dexter acting cute and submissive and lurking around Yoshi which she tolerates and then only hisses and growls at him when he gets too close or tries to touch her.
  • Dexter acting like a complete ass and jumping at, stalking, harassing, chasing, sneaking up on and blindsiding Yoshi which she hates. This is when she hisses, spits and swats at him.
Honestly both are totally hilarious and make me laugh. Occasionally I take pity on Yoshi and squirt Dex with my ever handy spray bottle. And even less commonly squirt Yoshi if she is beating him up too much.

The thing that I am not sure about and gives me hope that one day they will really love and appreciate the other is that Dexter still tries to suck up and doesn’t seem to take the beatings seriously and Yoshi, while putting on a show of hating his ass, quite often seems to make an effort to be near him.
Especially when he is playing. She seems fascinated by him interacting with his toys. We’ve had a few evenings where Yoshi, while hissing and growling, has run around and played along side Dexter. Sorta play with him without actually playing WITH him.

Sometimes I start feeling bad that Poor Yoshi is so annoyed by the kitten all the time but then she’ll quite often plonk herself down on her back RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! As soon as he shows interest in her she’ll freak but not always move away from him.
The only way I can explain it is that it seems like she likes to hate him. So they run around beating the crap (Yoshi) out of or jumping (Dexter) on each other. It sounds scary but instead of running away or leaping out of reach they both stay very close and settle down and then hang out near each other.

What does this mean?
I know that things would be less hissy and spitty if only Dexter would chill the fuck out and learn to respect boundaries but being a kitten and all he loses his fool mind and takes unnecessary risks like attacking Yoshi’s tail or standing right outside her litter box staring at her when she is pooping. Thankfully Yoshi is a good multi-tasker and can freak out while making a deposit quite easily.

I have video I am working on but my new digital camera uses a file extension not compatible with my lame-o Windows Movie Maker program. Yet, I feel that a documentary format is best for this footage so you all will have to be patient with me.

So I consider, overall, that things are good. Yes, it could be better like cute snuggling and such but knowing Yoshi I think that will take some serious time. Also I think it will help when Dexter matures and isn’t so spastic around her. A vet friend of Twisted Uterus, Dr. Cheryl, suggested Feliway, a calming cat pheromone, which I got and hope will help. It takes time to kick in so my weekly “buddy” test is seeing if they will eat tuna next to each other. So far Yoshi won’t but I’ll try again next week.

Here is actual photographic proof that Yoshi is indeed alive and well and not kitten chow.

Stalking The Rock Star

Calm Tolerance

Sucking Up

About To Incite A Riot Through A Brief Touch

Yep! Adios Pain In The Ass!


von Krankipantzen said...

OMG! This formatting bullshit is really bugging me. Blogger SUX!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Thanks for the update; I've been on pins and needles. I think the prognosis is very good, indeed.

Babs said...

maybe Yoshi's sensibilities are offended by the smell. It sounds like you have your hands full. Keep up the updates and pics.

Ern said...

I'm glad things are going better. Now you have parallel play! It's like what toddlers do before they learn to play interactively! It's just a matter of time. :) Also, Dexter is ridiculously adorable.

Anonymous said...

Dexter is sooooo cute. I have to say that by the looks of Yoshi's body language, it might just be a matter of time before they're friends, possibly even progressing to the snuggling stage before too long (although she might wait until Dexter is not so much a kitten) (if it happens you can rename them Demi and Asthon!).

JP said...

Just wait till that Dexter gets a bit bigger! Maybe you'll see some cat play eventually!

Squirl said...

He is adorable. He has a marvelous personality. It's just what Yoshi needs. He doesn't take the beatings personally, he just bounces back. I think that because he's just a baby Yoshi might be more tolerant, too.

I'm glad to hear it's going better.

kalki said...

Their relationship sounds a lot like Simon and Bridget's early on. Simon craved attention from her, even if it was negative. He would do whatever necessary to get attention, which usually meant pissing her off and then getting attacked. Bridget clearly loathed him, yet tolerated him. They've settled into a more peaceful existence now, although I've noticed that whenever Bridget is grumpy (aka hungry), she will seek him out and harass him for no reason. But they will also sometimes snuggle together, although Simon always initiates this. Still, Bridget doesn't refuse...

Yoshi is making remarkable progress!

eclectic said...

Yay Yoshi! Dexter is a crack-up. And they're both such pretty kitties!