Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!

It is 11pm and I've finally finished wrapping all the gifts and have a moment to sit down to write a little note. I'll be posting soon now that things have settled down a bit.

Here is what has been happening with me:

-still working the part-time job.
-trying desperately to sell calendars in a horrific economic climate (and failing dismally).
-organizing a large gala fund-raising event as well as participating in it.
-getting my Occupational First Aid Level 1 certificate.
-making Christmas gifts as well as shopping.
-working some free-lance jobs to attempt to pay off my huge calendar printing bill.
-yelling at Dexter (all 9lbs of him!) to GET DOWN! and LEAVE YOSHI ALONE!
-volunteering as much as I can.
-driving down to the US for business.
-hanging out with my friends who are visiting from London, England.
-hanging out with my friend who is visiting from Montreal.
-actually being a little social and going out as well as inviting people over for snacks.
-decorating for Christmas.
-being stranded by huge amounts of snow.
-eating my weight in sugary treats.

Here's what will be happening in the near future:

-dog sitting Xiola and Lulu for a week.
-more hanging out with my friend from Montreal.
-saying a sad good-bye to my friends from London, England.
-taking down all the decorations.
-DESPERATELY!!!!!! trying to sell calendars.
-fighting a parking ticket in traffic court.
-many trips to the US for my business.
-resuming my new part-time job.
-more volunteering.
-purging junk and re-organising my stuff.
-trying to lose the weight from all those sugary treat.

Stay tuned!

Yoshi, Dexter and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!


east village idiot said...

Merry Christmas Kranki!!
Wow - you are running full steam ahead! I hope this year is filled with wonderful surprises for you!

Squirl said...

You are one busy lady. Good luck selling your calendars.

Merry Christmas to you and the kittehs.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

A very Merry Christmas to you, dear von krankipantzen, and the divine Yoshi and the Very Horrible Dexter.

Sending good vibes for calendar sales. I love mine, and wonder what the HECK is wrong with people for not rushing out and buying one or two or three!

Sharkey said...

Merry, merry Christmas!

Ern said...

Merry Christmas!

kalki said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you're entering the new year full of ideas and energy. I hope it's a fabulous year for you.

Calamity Jen said...

I hope that your Christmas was merry and that things will be looking up for you in the new year.

Back to my egg-nog coma now...

HAR said...

Sold! One calendar please.

Jeannette said...

Merry Christmas, Kranki! sounds like you have been busy, but a good busy. I hope the New Year brings you much joy.

JP said...

Purging and reorganising... I totally thought that said something else....Bad JP!! Bad JP!!! =)

alan said...

Knowing how busy it can get here with more than one pair of hands to do everything, I can only imagine the hair tearing that would go on were there only one!

Best of luck on dealing with all of so much!

May the New Year bring your dreams come true!


Opera Gal said...

no photos of the warring kittehs?

it won't be a Happy New Year!



Squirl said...

Happy New Year to you and the kittehs!

lawyerchik said...

Merry (or I should say "Happy") Christmas, Kranki, Yoshi, and Dexter! Hope you had a peaceful holiday! Good luck with the calendars - I pushed 'em as hard as I could here. You did good work! Happy new year, too!