Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, February 27, 2012


Back to the blog. I wish I could tell you it was because so many wonderful things have happened to me I HAD to share them with you. That is not the case. While many wonderful things HAVE happened to me over the last 3 years since I've posted, clearly I was too lazy/ungrateful/oblivious to write them down. This will change.

What has happened, catapulting me back to the blogging world, is that my cancer came back. Badly. Sorta.

It's hard to explain but I will.

In short, I am doing chemo again. I've just finished my second dose out of six. It sucks. I am grumpy.

Amuse me!


Squirl said...

Wow! I didn't realize it had been that long since you blogged. We've all kind of moved away from it. I like the new look. Here's to your kicking cancer's ass for good this time!

mrtl said...

I'm a much better knitter this time. Most experience with catwear, but whatever.

You need girl scout cookies?

::sigh:: fucking cancer

Kranki said...

Yeah, got caught up in life and all. Minding my own business and then BLAMO!

What kind of cookies are we talking about? Those Mint Ones make me barfy but I love the vanilla and chocolate sammich ones. ;-)

And I still have some cat knitwear I've been saving up for better light opportunities. I'll be doing some more photography come daylight savings time.

Sharkey said...

Were your ears burning tonight? I was talking about you! A friend has a cat who LOVES to be photographed, and I was telling her about how awesome Yoshi's calendars are/were.

Cancer sucks--so sorry you're dealing with it again.

And lastly, happy birthday! I hope you're feeling well, and that you get to do something fun today!

john boy said...

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day :)

jacqueline said...

Hello Kranki! Jacqueline here from Rebel1in8. Well, this "cancer-returns" news sucks tremendously. shit. I happen to be going through my website guest book and came across a sweet note that you left for me a while ago. So, I came here to check in and BAM- I see the news. I always did like coming here and admired your "kranki" spirit through things. I hope this comment finds you having a damn good evening and I'll be checking in.

Kranki said...

I had a great birthday, thank you! In fact it is still going on with another family get together on Sunday. Chemo #3 on Monday.

Hi Jacqueline! Sorry you were not met with better news. I hated having to write it. Overall I am doing just fine. xo