Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seriously People. SERIOUSLY!

Guess who showed up again today?

There I was, minding my own business when, with sirens blaring, the man who snubbed me showed up with all his buddies.

My first thought?


What is wrong with this building?

So I got the cat carrier out again and located my shoes and purse expecting to be told to flee the premises any second because while there were two fire trucks outside our fire alarm wasn’t actually going off.

So I waited…

I watched the fire guys swarm out of the trucks putting on their gear and standing on the street looking up and pointing at the building. They were pointing above me so all I could think about was that the construction crew had set the roof on fire or something.

I didn’t know what the ‘or something’ would be but I could imagine it might be pretty damned bad.

Fuckity fuckity fucking fuck fuckers!

So the fire guys and random pedestrians are all looking up and pointing and milling about and all us tenants are standing on our balconies craning our necks to see what they seem to be looking at and totally clueless about what the frick is going on…

Until one of the bystanders noticed something. A totally different building about 2 blocks away that seemed to be leaking black smoke from one of its apartments.


They got the wrong building.

Yeah…they get a call to the area and just automatically assume it is my building that is the culprit.

The manly men got back into their trucks and turned on the lights and sirens and toodled off to the actual emergency.

I am so proud of the legacy my little lodge is creating in the neighbourhood. The building that cried, “Fire!”


kerryd said...

I was at an awards ceremony on Monday night and someone cracked a joke about the fire alarms in your building during their thank you speech...

here today, gone tomorrow said...

But did you remember to wipe off the cold cream????

lawyerchik said...

There was no mistake. Hot firefighter guy wanted a look at you in daylight to verify that you were, indeed, the s***. (Also, he probably wanted another look at your new hooties!) :)

Glad there was no real need in your building for the firefighters this time.

Circe said...

Did you wildly wave your cold cream jar and loudly yell from your balcony to your favorite guy "Woo hoooooo! Remember me??"


east village idiot said...

Wow. I just read your previous post. I had no idea that hot dogs =bongs!
Seriously, glad that your apartment building didn't flame up a second time.

candy said...

oh the excitement of apartment living! at one of the complexes i lived in in st. louis, a fire truck would show up at least twice a month with lights ablaze (right into my windows), stop for about 15 minutes then turn around & leave. i have no idea why. we probably had a similar reputation.

Green tea said...

I agree with lawyerchik

Those guys were smitten with your hoo hahs..

Have you ever considered moving to a lower floor..??

eclectic said...

The building that cried "fire" gets to see the hot firemen waaaaaaay more often than anyone else. So you got that going for you anyway. ;)

SassyFemme said...

ROFL @ Circe's comment!

alan said...

Perhaps a taxi driver's atlas is in order?



Squirl said...

The building that cried fire. How appropriate.

kalki said...

I think the Hot Fire Dude intentionally took the crew there, hoping to see you again. But he lost his nerve. Just wait - next time they come, they'll all sing up to your balcony on his behalf.

JP said...

Hey that new emergency system that you pay taxes for is working well!!! Sweet! I too thought you'd getting another shot at impressing the Fire Dude with some Kranki!