Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, March 28, 2008

Crush Your Cat's Head Friday-A Piss in the Hand is Worth Two in the Litter Box

So Yoshi turned 10 years old on Monday and we celebrated with a can of crab (which she turned her nose up at) and a call from the on-call vet with a diagnosis of severe urine crystals. He seemed quite concerned and hoped Yoshi was feeling better. I had to explain that Yoshi is feeling just fine and has no symptoms at all of this condition. I just had the testing done as a routine thing at her last check-up. He was confused and told me to make the cat drink more water to flush those little suckers out.


So she has a lovely brand new water fountain which she sniffs at and perhaps touches her tongue to but otherwise pretty much ignores. So it just sits there making gurgling noises which inspires a somewhat uncomfortable feeling in my bladder leading to the occasional pee pee dance.

I've now changed her diet from mostly dry kibble with a small serving of canned food to a very smelly large bowl of watered down canned food and a few nuggets of dry featuring actual flavour and texture. And did I mention water? Lots of water.

It is all about the water. And keeping me paranoid.

Did you know that you can't even lead a cat to water let alone make the little turd drink?

I now lurk around her litter box making sure she isn't in any pain or discomfort when she takes a wazz. She seems fine except for the very telling embarrassed posture of her tail. Madam desires privacy and what I am doing feels worse than reading a child's diary. Way worse and much weirder.

If I don't chill out I may be pissing diamonds myself before long.

Your concern bores me.

You have got to chillax.

Sparkly Pee Pee - I Has It.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

Been there, done that. Now the boys eat nothing but EXPENSIVE prescription wet food. And I, too, hover anxiously over Ollie when he pees, craning my neck for a better view. (I can't believe I just publicly admitted that.)

Squirl said...

I loooove the sparkly pee pee remark. Hope she's peeing fine.

Anonymous said...

hope all is well--good thing is that she is, well a she- better plumbing


kalki said...

OH NO!! This is what happened to Bridget last year! (Only s/he had stopped using the litter box b/c of the pain...) I bought a fountain too, and Bridget ignored it as well. We're on special urinary prescription food now, which seems to be working well, although last week at her appt. the vet tested her urine and the pH was too high. So I've been worrying again lately, too.

Pee crystals be gone!!!

alan said...

Our vet told us that this was particularly a problem with male cats and that we should keep him on kitten food even after he grew up.

Ours of course, won't bother with canned food; he'll lick up the juice and leave the meat!

On some level I've come to believe they are all brats!

But I guess as long as you get to dance, there's something worthwhile in all of it!



lawyerchik said...

Happy Birthday, Yoshi!! Sorry that the only sparkly gifties you got were ones you made yourself.... :)

Seriously, it sounds/looks like that could be very dangerous for H.R.H. I hope she tolerates the changes in diet/hydration well.

Dogs (OK, my dog) are easier - although, by age 4 and a half, mine now sticks his head in the bathroom while I use the "facilities" as if he were planning to say, "GOOD humannnnn!" when I finished.....

Circe said...

Your dear child looks very good for her age and it's funny because as I was changing the month on my Yoshi calendar, I began to wonder how old she was. Stubbly is also 10, Spikey is 11, BW is almost 2 and Cali is about 6 months. :)

Here's hoping Yoshikins recovers soon from her 'condition.'

Danielle said...

I just happened to stop by and had to smile over the fountain disdain. Our cat was scared of hers, even with it off, for a while. Then, with it on, she would spend something like 3 minutes deciding if it was safe to drink from the pool at the bottom. Now, she only drinks out of the fountain part. But she still investigates it for a minute before drinking from it.

Ern said...

Oh, no! I hope Yoshi gets to feeling better very soon. :(