Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Curse Continues

It has been a less than fun week for me. I got sick. Quite sick. In fact 2008 will forever be remembered as The Year I Puked On My Birthday And I Wasn’t Even Drunk. And if you don’t know me then you cannot fully understand how traumatic this was on a couple levels.

First of all I suffer from this pretty severely. And as such I will not get into my particular lurgie with any great details. Secondly it was my 39th birthday. The LAST YEAR I will be in my 30s. A dinner party was planned and had to be cancelled. In fact my whole birthday weekend was a complete blur of ick and grossness.

I woke up Saturday (March 1-my birfday) quite early with terrible cramps. Whole torso cramps opposed to your typical gurgley tummy type situation. Only now that I am feeling better do I understand how sick I really was as I simply laid in bed, labour breathing through each spasm, idly thinking, “Hmmmmm…I wonder why my stomach feels so bad.” Opposed to say, calling 911 or getting my ass to my doctor.

I eventually called my folks to let them know that I was likely not going to make it to dinner citing ‘gas pains or something.’

I then took some Tylenol 3s and dozed for awhile.

Other than the cramps I felt fine.

Then I got out of bed and walked around a little.

Big mistake.

Gravity was the final incentive my gut needed and I experienced the worst Thunder From Down Under in my life. Thinking it was a good idea to drink a little to keep hydrated it was then I was joined by a disgusting rally from the northern regions.

The next few days were unpleasant to say the least.

As such I was unable to attend the Apartment Blessing and remain cursed. I wonder if my stomach flu was a clever ‘spirit ploy’ to keep me from the ceremony thereby reducing the youthful (borderline) energy I would have contributed to banishing the bad vibes or simply a pesky Norwalk virus compliments of the old people in my building. Either way, well played intestinal horrors, well played.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

That sounds truly traumatic. I'm relieved to hear that you feel better.

Maia said...

Oh no Kranki! Sounds like a very sad birthday. :(

I wish the rest of 2008 has no more nastiness in store for you!

Sharkey said...

Oh Noes! So sorry to hear you spent your birthday that way. Hope you're feeling better now, and that a make-up shindig is planned.

Squirl said...

Sorry your birthday sucked so much. Yeah, sounds like the spirits had it in for you. You know, though, even after you hit birthday number 40 you can still honestly say that you're 30-something. So who cares if it's 30 + 12 or whatever. ;-p

Hope you're feeling better now.

kalki said...

Dude, you totally deserve a birthday redo. Claim any day and we will all send cheers and good wishes.

JP said...

Ugh... I hate visiting the town of Spewville and the borough of Runnyburgh... I hope you feel way better, and well at least once it's all said and done, you'll be detoxified. I mean, what could be left in Krankiville?