Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, April 11, 2008

Crush Your Cat's Head Friday-Snoozapaloooza

It has been a bit of a rough week here in my body. I've been getting terrible migraine type headaches which then lead to horrible neck and shoulder spasms. If I'm not in pain I'm on painkillers or hung-over from painkillers. This is something I deal with often this time of year due to the seriously wacked out weather (you called it Squirl!) that occurs with Springtime. High pressure followed by low pressure etc. several times a day. Rain, sun, hail, lightening, sun, rain, sun, wind, cats, dogs, toads, blood filled rivers...

You get the picture.

I'm not sure which is worse; the headaches or not knowing what the frick to wear when I go out.

So this post's theme is sleeping. Something I've been doing a lot this week and something that Yoshi is exceptionally good at.

Somebody is going to need a muscle relaxant after this nap.

Sleeping in a Meerkat Manner.

Must...nibble....toes...with dipping sauce.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

Sweet Pea! Hope your head's feeling okay.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I love Meerkat Manor! At the moment Alex is curled up beneath the high intensity lamp on my desk beside me. Warmth is central to his feline comfort.

I hope you’re feeling better!

eclectic said...

Oh, Yoshi toes are so sweet!! Hope the migraine decides to just go away.

Ern said...

Sweet little curled up toes!

I hope you feel better soon, Kranki. Spring weather can be a beast, for sure.

alan said...

Weather reeks havoc with my joints and such as it gets damp then turns cold...I can't imagine kicking a migraine into the festival!

Hope things warm and brighten soon!


Calamity Jen said...

Sorry to hear about the lousy migraine. Hope you're feeling better very soon.

Squirl said...

Hee hee hee, Meerkat Manner. Good one. Yeah, weather really screws with our bodies, not a in a good way.

But Yoshi sure looks adorable. Hope you're feeling better.

kalki said...

It's amazing how utterly elegant cats are when awake, yet how totally whacky (yet still completely adorable) they look when sleeping.

Feel better, dear.

HAR said...

Is your head cleared out yet?

east village idiot said...

Feel better Krankster. The high low pressure thing really does serve up some fierce headaches. Be easy on yourself!