Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Snippets of Meaningless Drivel

-I had a moment of fear and self loathing today when reading Scotty Gee’s blog. He was saying that it was a dating deal breaker if she didn’t know what caribou was. I had this moment of panic thinking, “Surely he can’t mean that migrating animal from the northern tundra that is hunted by wolves. Surely this is some new hip code word for something like nookie and I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT! I am a loser. An old fart looooooooossser.” In shame I emailed him asking for enlightenment but it turns out he did mean that four legged animal and I felt instantly better. My impending decrepitude is held in abeyance for a little while longer.

-Apartment Update-I have been moved from my parking spot so they can fix the leak that has plagued my car for months. I am now parking with the common folks and not in my specially gated super secure enclave that I get to use the coolio fob to enter. If anybody nicks my car there will be hell to pay. HELL I tell you!

-Is it wrong and pathetic that I am totally excited that the new fall line up on TV has started? Is it lame and pitiful that I have butterflies over the new America’s Next Top Model and ER season? Yeah, I thought so…

-I have no idea how to pronounce Duquesne.

-I have officially lost 35 lbs from when I completed chemo last September. I am now wearing clothes sized in the single digits. This is freaky and a long time coming for me. Every time I put on my jeans I don’t expect them fit over my butt yet they do. They do!

-Yoshi did such a stinky poo today I considered evacuating the building.

-Today I found out I am eligible for genetic testing so I will find out whether my cancer was caused by a gene defect. This is good as then I will know if I am at risk for other cancers and can be pro-active for that. The results take 6-12 months so I can revel in my ignorant bliss until then.

-I was going to get a Wendy’s Frostie today but managed to talk myself out of it. *See single digit jean news above. I know I will cave next week as I have to go right by a drive-thru after a cancer clinic appointment. Damn Wendy and her yummy conniving ways.

-As of yesterday I wore socks for the first time in months. I was sad about this but had to admit the warm and toasty sensations were welcome.

-I am going to go make a cup of tea and listen to my boyfriend, Henry Rollins’ radio show now.

Bye bye!

**Happy Birthday Amanda B!**


fueltank said...

Dew Kane.

You're welcome.

Sharkey said...

Hey, the title of this post could be the title for my entire blog!

Yay for you and the single digits! And the moving of the car (I hope you're not paying premium prices for the time that it's spending with the commoners)!

My doc has mentioned the genetic testing, but I'm a big chicken. He says that if I tested postive for the gene thing, we wouldn't do anything differently than we're doing now. So I don't see the point. Honestly, I'd rather not know. But that's how I am. I'm glad you're doing it if that's what you want.

Madame D said...

Yay for weight loss!
I just bought myself a pair of jeans in a size I haven't seen in like 6 years. Okay, so they're tight, but they fasten, and aren't falling off my booty like all my other clothes.
Though, I'm quitting smoking, and fearing the eating beast that may well be unleashed.

hemlock said...

Yay for single digits!

Hopefully you won't have to park with the common folks for much longer.

Broken Bindings said...

DOOOOOOH Cane........
Yippee on the car park fixing.
I am the one pushing for genetic testing in my family, only in our case for Auto-immune issues.
I have MS, my mum's sisters are all sick, one with MS (she won;t test) one with Crohns and Lupus, one with BAD Crohn's and poss Lupus and at least one case of MS on my paternal side.
My sis has probable Hughes synd, AKA sticky blood.

We both had kids before we knew, and I would like to know for my daughters.Wow this is a post not a comment. Sorry. Mean Auntie is holding up the process, as this Doc wants to publish about my family, and won't start unless everyone is on board.

Jeannette said...

What great news all around. Good for you for dropping the chemo weight, getting your parking spot fixed, and for discovering that you are still hip and with it. What more can you ask for in one day? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you onthe gene testing . . . well not the whole six months because that would severely affect my ability to use the keyboard and lift a coffee cup -- Yikes! I will cross them sporadically and think of you and the slow Canadian gene testing system (we run about 6 weeks in the US on the BRCA testing -- but who am I to bitch about slow medical practices, eh?)

Hope you have another great day (especially since ANTM starts tonight!).

torrie said...

We must compare ANTM notes tomorrow!

east village idiot said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up!

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going better for you, Kranki. Maybe we should start calling you Happi!

I could just picture you searching your mind for the meaning of caribou...Funny!

Genetic testing sounds kind of spooky. What's the procedure?

Love, Mrs. B

MrsDoF said...

Aww, I'm with Scotty here.
Except mine was "must be brain smart and work with hands to do something creative"
As in--I went out twice with a guy whose job was Accountant.
At home, his hobby was collecting baseball cards. All about numbers and data. It might have been different if he came home and had a nice woodworking shop in the basement.
If I was with a guy who was say, a mechanic and doing work with his hands all day, then I would expect him to read and be up on current events.

On the old tv show _Night Court_ the judge mentioned that he had every album by Mel Torme. He said he would marry the first person who was impressed by that.

And the car garage repairs are a good thing.

spoonleg said...

HOLY CRAP! Way to fucking go on the weight loss, girl! Daaaayum! That must have been so tough, especially with all the chocolates I've been sending you! Sorry, I'll lay off.

On that note, I want to say that I opened and tried the Canadian maple syrup you sent me for the first time this week and almost fainted from joy. That stuff tastes like liquid heaven. I poured it all over my frozen eggo french toast, which is like covering a hot dog with caviar, only because I ran out of regular syrup.

I am forever endebted to you. That is some bomb ass shit.

Circe said...

Thank god I knew what caribou were, not that anyone is dating me but it's good to be up on things like migrating herds.

Excellent about the jean size. I'm very proud of you.

And I also didn't do the genetic testing but hey, I'm 5 years out now and very, very happy to have that nonsense (hopefully) behind me.

Oh Yoshi! *PEE U*


MrsDoF said...

Oh, yeah! about Canadian maple syrup! Our neighbors have relatives in Nova Scotia, and whenever they visit there (leaving me to do house-sitting) we get a quart of syrup as one of our Thank You gifts.
Kranki, you are one thoughtful lady!

Squirl said...

Good for you on the weight loss! Smaller jeans is always a nice thing.

I hope your car's okay while they're fixing the parking place.

I think the genetic testing would be a good thing. You might as well know what you're up against.

eclectic said...

Baby steps on the tenant issues, but at least it's something!!! Yay for genetic testing, and for single-digit jeans, and for toasty socks.

kalki said...

Hee, the Duquesne thing is funny. Just because Rob's uncle is a prof there, and so I know how to pronounce it. And over dinner one night this week Rob and I were talking about that shooting and he said, "You know, if my uncle didn't work there, I would have no idea how to say that word." And I was like, "Yeah, I thought the same thing today."

Okay, that was random. But that's appropriate for this post, right?

ScottyGee said...

Let me clarify the caribou thing.

I was on a date with a girl and we went to Caribou Coffee after dinner. The place has a logo with a Caribou in it. It's on the cups. In the middle of it the girls says to me "What the heck is a Caribou anyway?" Um... Look at your cup. Plus, if you have ever watched any Discovery Channel of Nat Geographic (all people should) Caribous are like in every show! I thought it odd for someone to have never heard of a caribou. Maybe a little too ditzy for me.

Call me a judgemental bastard now! Everyone's doing it! =)