Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Feeling Better

Well, here I am once again sitting at my computer on a Tuesday night listening to my boyfriend's streaming radio show. That would be Henry Rollins' '‘Harmony in My Head' on Indie 103.1 out of LA.

Man, I love this show. I love it for the music I hear that I have never heard before. Music from all regions of this planet. Rollins has the most diverse knowledge of music EVER. I have known a lot of music fetishists in my day and they didn'’t come close to the scope of music this guy knows. The sheer retention of this guy's brain for the interconnectedness of all things musical seriously fucks me up. I bow at his feet. Just wow. The way he talks about music makes you excited to hear it. His enthusiasm is so contagious.

Some weeks his playlist is all punk. Sometimes it is blues. Sometimes it is indie. Sometimes it is jazz. Mostly it is a mixture of all these categories plus a bunch more. While I imagine he might be considered a bit of a music elitist (a title with no negative implications because he has the knowledge 'goods' to back it up) he knows what he likes and is not embarrassed if it is maybe 'not so cool' to the mainstream. If he likes it he likes it whether it is The Buzzcocks or Vanilla Ice. Be it Bebop or Tribal.

Every single week he plays a track from The Fall. This always makes me tingly as this was a band I loved in the 80'’s and own some vinyl of. It has been stored in the basement for years and they simply slid off my mental radar screen. To have not only rediscovered them again though HR but to get to listen to them every week is so cool. Tingly, I say!

Every week he plays some song from the past that I love and haven'’t heard for YEARS and no matter if I am comfy on the couch with a cat draped over me or in the middle of my evening meal I am compelled to get up and shake my ass a little. I have already boogied once tonight and I expect I will shake it again within the next two hours. Gently, of course, so the noobies* are not traumatized. Or my neighbours if they catch a glimpse of my hokey ass through the blinds.

What am I saying? I don'’t dance. No, no, no... I sit at my computer and coolly nod my head to the beat. Yeah, that'’s what I do. I certainly don't revert back to the 80'’s two step a la Molly Ringwald in my living room.

No air guitars were smashed in the writing of this post.

*noobies is compliments of Jeanette-a fellow breast cancer survivor


Sharkey said...

The noobies . . . I love it!

I will admit to my total nerdishness and tell you that I have no idea about any of the music you mentioned in this post. But I still loved it, because it's so you. I can totally picture you boogie-ing in the living room, smashed air guitar or not.

Glad you're feeling better!

eclectic said...

That MUST mean you're feeling better if you're shaking your groove thang to the music! Oh, and the 80s two-step is officially the only dance I can do. So you know.

janette p. said...

Hi Stacey! I was listening to the show tonight, also. If you are not able to hear it on Tuesdays, there is a website that has all the music; Hope you like it! I think Henry Rollins plays a Fall song every week.

Precisiongirl said...

Molly Ringwald two step!! Ha!!!!

I am ashamed. One of my new posters is a Breakfast Club one.

Thanks for your comment btw, x

alan said...

Can't dance, but glad you're feeling up to cutting a rug! Who cares about the neighbors!!

And rather shocked that anyone younger than I knows what bebop is! Though "cool" was always more my groove...


whfropera said...'re just testing the new hoots, to make sure they are bouncy enough.


my vinyl sits over here on the wall, and I do the same thing on Tuesdays when listening to him..."damn, I forgot how cool that song is!"

good times!
i have new news, but can't make it public yet - I will email you!

happy and blue 2 said...

Glad you are feeling better. I'm looking forward to crush your new hoots Fridays, ha,ha..

hemlock said...

Yay, you're feeling better!

I like the visual of you shakin' your booty to your boyfriend's show.

LadyBug said...

LOVE this post, hon.

I especially loved the disclaimer at the end. Hee.

Dima said...

It's not a party until someone smashes an air guitar! Get to it :)

Anonymous said...

She's baaaaaaack.

Aren't you she of the savage boogie queen fame? I recall seeing that keester rocking out many an evening.

Mrs. B

kalki said...

"Noobies" is killing me! And shake that ass, girl - you're fabulous.

JP said...

Shake your groove thing Kranki, shake your groove thing ya ya!!! =) Glad you're up and about

Twisteduterus said...

glad you are feeling better


Susie said...

I had to sing while I was reading your post, "Shake it like a Polaroid picture!" So happy you feel well enough to do that. I'm going to have to track down this HR radio show . . .