Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flake Magnet

Just got off the phone with Autumn. I think I may need to bathe in Ajax and then rinse off in bleach because I feel dirty. Oh so dirty and not in a good way but in a corpulent pustular sort of way.

Oh, there were excuses. Such excuses. Tales of woe so weep-tacular they made the Titanic look like a Disney Line cruise. It was an excuse-a-ganza. A bullshit-a-polousa.

The Cancer Card was pulled again and that wasn’t the worst of it.

I am utterly disgusted. Here is why I haven’t heard from her nor received my money:

-somebody stole her bank card and withdrew all her money and they don’t believe her and have to investigate her at the bank. This happened yesterday which doesn’t explain why I haven’t heard from her in the last week.

-she fell and broke her nose and has to have surgery on it. Maybe. And this happened a week before she even contacted me in the first place.

-she is still waiting to hear about a possible surgery date for her cancer diagnosis. I’ve heard this from day one and still don’t know what it has to do with anything.


The shelves will be returned to me although she tried to convince me to let her keep them until she got money next week. Sadly she still desperately wants to buy them. The thought of having to deal with her again in the future makes me want to move out. Or barf. Or both.

When I explained to her that I was tired of her excuses she said that this whole thing was embarrassing for the both of us. The fact is that she really didn’t sound at all embarrassed. Not at all. It seemed like this sort of thing happens to her all the time.

And why should I be embarrassed? I’m not the train wreck.


alan said...

I'd have probably let her keep them just so I didn't have to deal with her anymore, fully realizing that's most likely exactly what she was counting on!

Besides you going through all of it, I feel sorry for Mom and Dad helping you get them out only to have it turn out like this!

I wouldn't want her Karma!


hemlock said...

Wow. She sounds likek a real piece of work. I agree with Alan... wouldn't want her Karma.

It sounds to me like she wants to be the 'oh poor you, you poor poor girl' victim. It's too bad you had to deal with this.

happy and blue 2 said...

I would take the shelves back and smash them to pieces in front of her.

She has probably practiced the "poor me" behavior all her life and got away with it. Glad you didn't put up with it..

Squirl said...

How can people NOT be embarrassed to be like that. What a jerk! This whole experience has sucked for you. I sure wouldn't want to be her and have to see you around the apartment building.

Candace said...

Good for you, taking the shelves back. I'd lie to her and tell her that someone else is going to buy them, someone else who has *cash in hand*. Just so I wouldn't have to deal with her ever again.

Sharkey said...

Man, she's worse than the Craig's List people!

Glad you're getting your shelves back. I hope she doesn't lock herself out of the apartment, preventing her/you from accessing them.

Nerdgirl said...

Oh the shame! The shame indeed!

kalki said...

You should be proud, not embarrassed. Proud for calling her on her shit and taking control of the situation. She's, frankly, a liar. And if she wants the damn shelves back, she best produce the money upfront. (And even then, I'd have it in hand before I released my grip on the shelves, to prevent a fakeout.)

SHEESH. Some people.

eclectic said...

She doesn't deserve custody of anything that has shared your space. Bleh. How can she look in the mirror?

mrtl said...

I like your kind of dirty, Krankster.

Chick has the nerve pulling this with a neighbor.

Nancy said...

way to go. now you have to find a way to shield your bin so she can not go shopping any more.
I would stay as far away for her and her tales of woe as fast as I could.
congrats on being've got your own 'stuff' to deal with, who needs others greed.Good luck

Anonymous said...

Good for you! :)

FYI - in the world of Siamese cats, my aunt's & uncle's cat died (at almost 20 y.o.) recently, and they got 2 kittens - one seal point that looks a little like Yoshi (not sure if Yoshi is a seal point or not), and one blue point "apple-head" who is going to be a bit of a bruiser when he gets fully grown....

Anyway, the seal point has been dragging his kitty bed (it's one of those nest kinds) around with him from room to room this past week, and when my aunt & uncle got home today, they found both kitties curled up in the bed fast asleep! Best of buddies!!

Just thought a cute Siamese story would brighten your Friday!! Have a good weekend!!

Misty said...

Oh man. She is psycho. Its not cancer..she's just PSYCHOTIC. Now I'd wonder if ANYTHING she'd said was true..good for you for taking the shelves back. She doesn't deserve them.

Circe said...

Glad you are getting the shelves back but you may need muscle to forcibly retrieve them. Then no more contact, no calls, no conversation, nothing. You know what this conniver is like already so you are ahead of the game. I feel sorry for all your fellow apt. dwellers though. She's a certifiable conwoman/nutjob. No more Ms. Nice Guy for her...

I'm still freaked about her checking out your storage though, but I'm sure she nosied about anyones she could see for things she might like. New way to garage sale I guess.

angela marie said...


JP said...

Wow!! Serious mental case you have there. At least you can get the unpaid stuff back. Sounds like she has pulled this scam before. This is the part of the cartoon where a big anvil falls from the sky and lands on her head!