Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, February 26, 2007



Sorry about missing Crush Your Cat’s Head Friday but it was such a dark and dreary day and every photo I took of Yoshi looked terrible. Then she started getting really cranky because apparently the only thing worse than getting her picture taken is getting her picture taken multiple times with a flash. Plain and simple I gave up. I feared for my life.

The Doggy Adoption Saga continues. I sent in an adoption application to a rescue shelter in Yakima, Washington which was accepted. Yay! But then the dog I wanted to adopt was adopted by someone else mere hours before I applied. Boooooo! Then I found out that dog had a brother who was very cute in a troll-like sort of way and he was available to adopt. Yay! Then I got a phone call today from the nice lady who runs the adoption shelter and she said she wasn’t quite sure Norm, the Troll Dog, was quite right for me. Apparently he really likes to mark his territory and she knows I rent my very small apartment and that might not be too cool. Booooo! But then she said she had a couple other dogs that might interest me and I could see them when I came to see Norm. Yay! Then the weather has become quite snowy at the higher levels and the 10+ hour round trip involves driving over a high mountain pass. I doubt I could make it without a 4-wheel drive vehicle or at all with all the snow storms going on. Boooo!!

So….no dog…and no idea when it might happen.

Final rating: BOOOOOOO!!!


Ern said...

The adoption scene in Canada is amazing to me! It is incredible that there are so few shelter dogs.

Of course, that still sucks for you. The adoption process surprises me even here, where thousands of animals are put to sleep for lack of adoption. Yet we have friends who have been trying to adopt from a rescue and their application has been pending for a month now.

I'm crossing my fingers, still, for just the right pooch for you. :)

alan said...

My wife swears we will never have a male pet again because they all tend to do that thing about their territory. We haven't had a male dog in years, and if Noel hadn't tamed Frankie and found out she couldn't keep him we wouldn't have him either.

I should have said something about that sooner. I think the females tend to be brighter, in general as well, just as in the human race!

If something does happen, you can buy an enzyme at Pet Smart called "Nature's Miracle" that biologically does away with the scent so they won't keep coming back to that spot over and over. It comes in a cat or dog formula, and though expensive, it does work!

The first week we had Frankie we changed his litter and he took exception to it, using our bed to illustrate his point. We bought a spray bottle and a jug refill, and though we used most of them, we saved our king mattress and our bedding...

Here's hoping you get the pup of your dreams, and don't ever need to use any of that stuff!

Thanks for not trying to make that drive in the snow!



kalki said...

Good lord, I had no idea searching for a pooch was such an emotional roller coaster ride! But you are getting closer...

Squirl said...

Darn it. I'm sorry for you. It must be because the perfect dog hasn't come available yet.

True_Halcyon said...

Kranki- this place is not more than a 2-3 hour drive from you on a heavy border crossing day, right on the I-5 corridor, and I have gotten several of my family pets here.

Worth a peek, anyway- they do occasionally get a small dog, and you could also be put on the notification list for them:

Minerva said...

Wht a roller coaster! You poor thing...
How does Yoshi feel about the dog thing?