Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Throw Me a Bone...Or Not

Thank you all so much for your excellent advice about doggy adoption. I have still not made a definite decision either way but am still very open to the process. I have decided to go look at any dog that catches my eye. Hopefully on Friday I will get to meet Rockie, a 13 year old Pomeranian who is looking for a home to spend his remaining time in comfort and surrounded by love. I have to admit I had no particular affinity to Poms but his face is so sweet and he sounds mellow and loving. I’ll see what he is really like in person and if there is any connection between us and go from there.

Yesterday was my One Year Cancer Free Anniversary. Unfortunately I didn’t exactly get to celebrate it with wild abandon (or with hookers and blow) as I spent the day in the hospital getting a bone scan. I had a sore spot on my sternum on the side where my cancer was. The docs seemed to think it was cartilage inflammation but we decided a bone scan was needed to be sure. That is the big problem with cancer (the gift that keeps on giving) because you just can’t ignore stuff that you probably would attribute to normal aches and pains if you didn’t have a cancer history. The docs say to come in if you experience any unusual symptom or pain for more than 2 weeks.

So I asked the tech if she saw anything bad on the scan (even though I am not supposed to) and she told me everything looked clear (even though she is not supposed to) and we both promised not to rat each other out and I left feeling significantly better. I got home in the late afternoon and celebrated with tea and chocolate and hugs with Yoshi.

It was a good day.


Sharkey said...

Woohoo! I've been thinking about you, wondering about the results of your scan. It's funny, I just posted my results tonight too. And the tech totally tells me what's up, even though she isn't supposed to.

It would be so awesome if you were able to institute Crush Your Dog's Head Mondays (because Yoshi should never have to share her day with a lowly dog).

Happy, happy anniversary!

ladybug said...

happy happy anniversary!!!
my mom is going to celebrate her 17-yr cancer free anniversary on feb 22nd!

may you have many many more happy anniversaries!!!


alan said...

Tears of happiness flowing down my old cheeks for your anniversary!

I'd give that tech a hug if I could!

And you have at least one coming for every post I've read here!

Happy happy anniversary, my friend!


Ern said...

Crossing my fingers for the final radiologist-approved "all clear".

Congrats on 1 year of kicking cancer's ass! I'm raising my (cheap, domestic) beer to many more.

hemlock said...

Congrats on the kicking of the cancer ass. One year... wow!

As for the pooper, perhaps fostering is a possibility. That's how we got our kitties. In some cases, shelters have too many animals but would rather find alternatives to putting them down. In our situation, we were provided with the food and litter, and home visits by the vet if anything was wrong. It was perfect. Because at the time we didn't have any other pets, we were given the sick kitties. It was still good though. Perhaps it's an option for you?

angela marie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

We were the same with our patients when they called for CT's. If we could get to the results in the computer, our doc let us tell them the good news. I LOVE GOOD NEWS.


angela marie said...

Oh, and I missed the dog advice, but older dog is the way to go, in my opinion.
They are cuddly, you know their personalities and they know not to shit in the house. All good things.

Squirl said...

Tea, chocolate, and Yoshi hugs sound like a wonderful way to celebrate your cancerless anniversary.

Poms are kinda little. Think Yoshi might take advantage of that?

Susie said...

Here's to a good day. And many, many more. xxxx

lawyerchik said...

Congratulations!! :) A dog would be a perfect celebration gift!! And I second the vote for "Crush Your Dog's Head" Mondays - don't tell YouTube!! :)

Lazy Lightning said...

Congrats about the bone scan!

Also, I think it is extremely sweet of you to consider adopting an older pet. They need a comfortable home so much...and deserve a place to enjoy their "golden years".

happy and blue 2 said...

Congratulations on the Anniversary.Glad things are going well with your recovery.

Adopting a 13 year old dog is a good thing. It will give him a loving person to spend his last few hours with.Hope he survives long enough to meet you..

ps.Yes, I am truly sorry for my dog comment..

Anonymous said...

I had the privilege and pleasure of babysitting a little 4 year old pom a couple of weeks ago, and she was the sweetest little fluff ball ever.

I believe you and Rockie are destined to be together, but what about the vet bills $$$$$$$$$$$$?

Happy one year cancer free!!!!

Mrs. B said...

My best friend went for a core biopsy today....I'm hoping that it will turn out o.k......

JP said...

That's the best feeling isn't it? There's nothing to compare it to. Rock on!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH RRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Twisteduterus said...

whoot on the one year anniversary of ass kicking the cancer

i like the idea of adopting senior or special needs pets--they so often get over looked

LadyBug said...

Happy Second Anniversary of Kicking Cancer's Ass and Taking No Prisoners.

Love and hugs to you, hon.

islebehere said...

congrats on your ONE YEAR! that's awesome!

eclectic said...

One year and counting, baby!

kalki said...

Yay! I am so happy for you and your One-year. Rock on, Krankster.

Leigh-Ann said...

I love you for considering adopting a senior dog. My dream is to have enough money to start a "home" for senior animals, so they can live out their days in comfort. I love all my wee foster kittens, of course, but I feel a special bond with my elderly animals.

Congratulations on the clean bill of health, too :)