Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Guest Post From Opera Gal

I am lending my blog to WHFROpera (Opera Gal) for her meme results. I asked the hard questions and she stepped up and provided fantastic answers. The chain continues and Yoshi's head remains intact.

1. Which would you choose for a treat and why?

-a mani/pedi
I actually had a dream last night I got one...does that mean I'm overdue?
-a chocolate buffet
Who is lying naked in the steam table? (Just asking y'know..for a *friend*)
-shopping for a new pair of shoes
Damn - I just bought the world's ugliest utilitarian shoes 2 weekends ago.

Survey says....#2, but only if Chris Chelios is on the steam table.

2. Tell us all about an embarrassing thing you have done after a few drinks?

ok, this may not be entertaining enough...I am one of those people who actually keeps their composure after a few (although my verbal volume may go up a few decibels - it's all that *opera* training, y'know ! )

- but I vaguely remember a cast party that I threw at my apartment where I ran downstairs to answer the door, and fell UP the stairs on my way back, twisted around, and landed on the top stair, WITH MY DRINK INTACT.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why?

Click on Six Senses spas

Why? Um...I haven't had a day off in who knows how long, and why Greece? See answer to number 1.

4. Would you shave off all your hair for a $10,000 donation to your favourite charity? How about lick a public washroom door handle? Would you eat 20 maggots?

yes, yikes, and possibly - how drunk am at the time?

5. What is your favourite work of art and why?

damn, I was afraid of this question...

Filmed work of art - The Third Man - starring Orson Welles. Its beautiful to look at and brilliant. Lawrence of Arabia is a close second.

Painted piece of art - Erte, although technically, not paintings, but lithos. So sue me.

Sketched piece of art - the entire Sandman series by Neil Gaiman and a whole slew of artists - these are *brilliant* comic books, people

Recorded piece of music, classical - Beethoven's "Waldstein" piano sonata as performed by Alfred Brendel.

Recorded piece of music, opera - Don Giovanni, Mozart/DaPonte, Harnoncourt conducting, and America's hottest baritone as the Don - Thomas Hampson.

Recorded piece of music, rock - Every damn thing REM recorded up to and including "Automatic for The People", everything Bowie recorded before Tin Machine, and every Tom Waits album, no exceptions. I also like Dead Can Dance.

Sculpted work of art - I really like "found" pieces. Ones that aren't really sculptures, but become that way over time. One of the most amazing things I ever saw was a burned-out car that over time really and truly became a sculpture as it decomposed.

Written work of art - the entire canon of Charles Dickens
Raymond Chandler is a close second.

Digital piece of art - Diablo II - a really good video game, and for its time, very beautiful to listen to and look at.

****Stop by MRTL's place and check out her contest. I can't wait to see the submissions.****


eclectic said...

Cool!!! That Opera Gal is the bomb!!

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Do you need some help keeping Chris on the steam table?

(Although I wouldn't fight you for him...I'd wander and find Martin LaPointe. Traitor, but what the hell.)

whfropera said...

BFE - you and i tagging the 2 oldest men in the NHL - do we have a daddy complex or what? Oh shit, I forgot - they're our age. I don't feel that old, dammit!
and yes, they're all traitors now - Martin, Shanny...but then again, who would have ever thought Bertuzzi would be a RW?