Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kitteh Update

Day 3 of Kitteh Intro Hell:

Yoshi is really, really, REALLY pissed. She has taken to barfing twice a day on a 12 hour-you-could-time-your-watch-to-it schedule. She also will froth at the mouth to make a point of her displeasure. She won't eat. Not even tuna. Today she has taken to her bed with the vapors. In Yoshi world that means she is in her Snoozen Housen and won't come out. Last night after a little hissing but mostly curious sniffings I brought the kitten out and I think that is when Yoshi realized that he was not even remotely phased by her growlings and might actually be hanging around. Things got nasty when the kitten went to jump up on the sofa where Yoshi was. She literally screamed, punched the kitten in the head and then levitated off the couch to behind the plant knocking over the phone as she went. The kitten was unhurt and totally couldn't care less. I tried to stay calm and laughed it off. The sad part is that the kitten is absolutely fascinated with Yoshi and clearly wants to be friends.

Yeah... *swallows a handful of anti-anxiety meds*

So I am staying firm on this. I'm not sure how long Yoshi can go without food but she has some weight to spare around the rear end. The kitten is in my bedroom for now. I am really hoping Yoshi will finally get so hungry she will give up. I am trying to stay positive and visualize the results I want out of this. Yet, there is a little tiny part of me that wonders if Yoshi could starve herself to death out of spite.

I thank you all for the most excellent name suggestions. I took the ones I liked and tried them out and ended up going with one I had written down many weeks ago when I started this whole adoption process. So with a nod of recognition and imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery acknowledgement to Torrie and her pooch I have decided to call the kitten Dexter. Dexter von Cheddar. It simply suited him the best.

Dexter purrs constantly. I am totally serious. He purrs when he plays, when he snuggles, when he is getting a huge vaccination in his neck, when you accidentally step on him... The vet couldn't hear his heart because he wouldn't stop purring. When I lay on the couch with him he will walk up my body and throw his furry self onto my face drooling with purrs and joy. Settling in under my chin for a snooze is his favourite thing. So cute. He is absolutely the sweetest, bravest, cutest kitten. He loves everybody and is not remotely shy or scared.

Thank God because Yoshi will try to break his spirit after she finishes with mine.

Making Biscuits on Yoshi's Bed.
She Won't Sleep On It Now.

Den of Despair


Anonymous said...

den of despair--snort snort

not sure how long a cat can go without eating -check with your vet..i know a dog can for longer than a cat-

be firm-hold your ground


Susie said...

I see your problem. You should have given YOSHI the anti-anxiety meds. Problem solved.

Seriously, I shall pray and send peaceful, hospitable energy to the lovely and talented Yoshi. She truly is a diva, that one.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

This is such a stressful period. My stomach is tied up in sympathetic knots. I remember this time well with Fiero and Oliver. Yes, do check about how long Yoshi can go without food; my vets have always said not too long.

I, too, am visualizing Dexter tucked up against Yoshi.

Sharkey said...

The diva will come around, and soon she'll recognize the cuteness that is Dexter von Cheddar. Hang in there, Mom!

KULA said...

Hold firm. My cat acted the same way when I first brought the kitten. Even now, she just tolerates him and tries to tiptoe around him, but misses him when he's not here. So, they may not become best friends, but Yoshi won't starve herself to death. She'll eventually realize it's not worth it :)

Opera Gal said...

I am laughing and sympathizing at the same time...will you train Dexter to wear costumes?

Jessica said...

My vet once suggested baby food as an irresistible treat for kitties refusing food. She specifically mentioned chicken, lamb and -terrible, I know - veal. It's quite disgusting, but it is supposed to work very well. My cat, even at her sickest, never had a problem with eating, so it didn't matter what we put in front of her.

I think Yoshi will pull through okay; I've had multiple cats for a while now, and the first month is always traumatic for everyone, humans included. Good luck!

alan said...

Since Jessica's been through this I think you have your numbers now, and another idea to go with them!

I remember when Yoshi wouldn't tolerate a dog either, but she didn't quit eating this last visit...

Dexter is gorgeous! I'm glad he has a good motor, because with you looking after him he will be purring all the time!


lawyerchik said...

I'm still of the belief that they will become buddies. (here's hopin', anyway!)

Also, is it possible that Yoshi is offended that Dexter has usurped her role as top cat? I know that with dogs, the one who was there first gets fed first, gets treats first, etc., to reemphasize his/her position as top of the pack (beneath the humans, of course). I wonder if that is true in cat world too?

I still think that Dexter is GORGEOUS, though! :)

kalki said...

When we brought Simon and Maylee into the family, Bridget would grab them by the scruff and try to drag them off to kill them. Good times.

We had to keep them separated from her, with supervised visits, for much longer than I'd anticipated. Eventually peace and harmony prevailed. Or at least tolerance, anyway.

Good luck! I'm eager for an update.

JP said...

Good name! Hang tough! Yoshi will cope. They just need to work it out.

Julie said...

I can hear the faint playing of a melancholious violin when I look at that Den of Despair picture.


Poooooooor Yoshi.

Anonymous said...

Is Yoshi okay? Her fans are very worried.

Maia said...

Dexter is a super cute name. I really hope Yoshi understands what is best for her in the long run... EVERYONE LOVES A KITTEH!

HAR said...

Oh Yoshi,
I know that you are set in your ways but I have a feeling that you will come around if mommy can wait it out. Just like kids~ don't give in!

Dexter is just beautiful. What kind of kitty is he because he looks just like Yoshi!! Or maybe a little like Yoshi, especially around the ears.

Squirl said...

I forgot that my comment didn't take. Is Yoshi eating? I think she'll be okay. She's just hoping to manipulate the situation. Hang in there.

lawyerchik said...

Hey, all - hope the absorption of Dexter into the household is still progressing smoothly. Tell Yoshi that Tanner says "hello" and that he would gladly chase Dexter for her. (Of course, he would also probably chase Yoshi, too, so maybe that isn't a great offer....)

Hope you are all doing OK!!