Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, April 10, 2006

Being Parents

Well, I drove my folks to the airport to go on their annual trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. I am a little bit envious as a nice warm beach sounds really sweet right now but I am really happy they are going. They stay at a beachside apartment that belongs to family friends. I stayed there for a week just before my cancer diagnosis so I know exactly how great it is. Picture an ocean view and being kept awake at night by crashing waves. It is THAT kind of great. They didn’t get to go last year as they stuck around to help me through surgery and chemo. I felt like such a ratbag about that. I hope they have a fabulous time.

Well, I am managing to get Yoshi to take her antibiotics without too much drama. And they are totally working! I actually sought out her yawns for a sniff test and they totally passed. Her breath smells like angel farts.

She is not absolutely free from future vet intervention, however. The SPCA called this morning and a couple levels on her blood test came in a little low. They want to check her kidney function with a urine test and they need a sample. I asked how the flipping hell I am supposed to catch cat pee. I had visions of trying to slip a plastic container under her butt when she was taking a slash. It wasn’t a pretty visual. Basically I have two choices. I can leave her overnight so they can put a needle into her bladder and get pee pee that way. Um…NO!!!! Or I can get plastic, non-absorbent litter and then clean and sterilize her cat box and then collect a sample and run it to the SPCA ASAP. Guess what I will be doing this week?

I doubt there is anything wrong with the little shit as she is happy and full of beans. Her coat shines and her appetite is good. She is the picture of health and is full of purrs. But the vet just wants to do this simple pee test to make sure there is nothing wrong and after neglecting this bad breath issue for so long (BAD MOM!!!) I feel like I should go a little farther with the testing just to make double sure she is TOTALLY healthy and fit. I just hope this whole bad breath thing wasn’t some painful or uncomfortable condition as I would feel terrible that she might have suffered because I didn’t fix it right away. I don’t think so but you just never know. Is this the kind of doubt and guilt moms feel with their kids? Torture!


hemlock said...

"Her breath smells like angel farts."

This line made me laugh...out loud even.

I don't think I'd want the vet to put a needle into either one of my cats' bladders. Happy scooping. ;)

east village idiot said...

Kranki -

You're a really good mommy. Really good.


stampydurst said...

Wow-You are the best kitty mama ever. I remember when I used to have to give antibiotics to my parents' cat. The little f*&% would pretend to choke it down, walk around for about 15 minutes, then walk up to me and hack the pill up right at my feet. If she was really evil, she'd gotten enough saliva on it so that the dye stained the oriental carpet. They are frighteningly smart and evil.

Just an offer. I know that vet bills are sometimes very unexpected. Should you need any help, I'd be happy to contribute to Yoshi's care. Just let me know.

Von Krankipantzen said...

LEAFGIRL77-woo hoo! I love to make people laugh. And when I scoop I'll try to think of the angel fart part.

EASTY-I have been feeling rather bad about it. Her bad breath has been a problem for ages. I thought they would just want me to clean her teeth. I never dreamed it might be an infection. Yikes!

STAMPY-you are SO SWEET!!! What a kind offer. Fortunately I have kitty health insurance so I get 80% reimbursed. Whew! But thank you so much. I laughed at your cat story. Little shit. This antibiotic I give Yoshi is liquid. She has splattered me with a mouthfull the first couple times I gave it to her but she drinks it all down now. No wrestling needed.

Dima said...

I hope she gets better soon. Am I a bad cat mommy for thinking that I would pick choice #1 if I were in the same position?

kerri said...

Seriously, you deserve a Best Kitty Mama Of The Year award just for that.

alan said...

Same thing as parents and kids, or even grandparents and grandkids, except you can't tell their parents ANYTHING!!!



Karen said...

Oh wow. Two totally nasty choices. Yup, it's a lot like parenting a kid.

kalki said...

Yeah, the worry and guilt trips I have regarding my cats further convince me I should never be a mama to actual kids. It seems torturous indeed.

I hope Yoshi gets a good report back from the doc.

Squirl said...

You're a great kitty mom. I'm sure she'll be fine, but it's good that you're able to get it checked out.

Amanda B. said...

You are a great mama. And a hot one.

kassi said...

I just wanted to share that my 4 year old saw your photo and asked "what's her name" and I answered "Kranki"...and she says "oh that's my kranki, she's my friend...kranki".

Just thought I'd let you know my 4 year old claims you as her friend. :)

abcd said...

Madame Von Kranki,
Wow I miss coming here for a few days,
and now I see Shoshie oh I mean Yoshi
was under the weather.

I am very glad you took her to the vet.

My philosophy on pets, if you have
a pet they are part of your family.
You take them to the Dr. just like
you would if they were your kids,
parents etc... I HATE when people
buy animals and don't take care of

So that's my free opinion. We all hope
you are doing well.

Yo are you coming to Passover-if
so it starts tomorrow be here by


missi said...

Did they tell you the urine should be no more than 4hrs old? Refrigerate it til you get it to them. And just wash and dry that litter box, take a ziplock baggie, put kitty litter in the baggie, and lay the baggie in the bottom of the litter box, she may be a little confused, but it does work. Just trying to make your job easier, you are a good mom, but why work more than you have to.

eclectic said...

Pook kitty, and poor mommy! Yes, it is like that with children. Once, before the little guy could talk, I took him in for a routine check and discovered he had a raging ear infection he never complained about. Not a peep. So he'd had it for who knows how long, and I didn't know, and I felt like the worst mommy ever. *sigh* But he is fine now, and none the worse for wear. Yoshi will be, too. Snugs to her, please!

Twisteduterus said...

also the needle in the bladder thing--no biggie and you get the most accurate sample.

hope all is ok

Von Krankipantzen said...

DIMA-having just gone through a whole pile of medical stuff myself I think I am a little more uptight about needles and such. Yoshi is such a scaredy cat she would really freak over this which is something I don't want. But we'll see how well I do getting the sample myself.

KERRI-thanks. I still feel like a neglectful mom. Maybe that will change after I have to deal with the pee sample.

ALAN-I can't hear you...LALALALALALA!!! Just kidding.

KAREN-Yoshi is probably the closest I will ever get to a child so I am thinking it is pretty similar.

KALKI-yep, you and I are in the same boat. I just don't think I am cut out for kids.

SQUIRL-thanks. I hope the little pookey is fine too.

AMANDA B-hee hee! Thanks! *sizzle*

KASSI-that is so sweet. I'd be honoured to be his friend.

MISS SHOSHIE-I'd love to come for Passover. I am sending you the Passover love. Yeah, I don't get it when people don't count their pets as part of the family. Yoshi is my BABY!!

MISSI-thanks for the tips. I didn't know. I phoned and got the low down and have had to put the 'collection' off until after the holidays due to time constraints. I'll try the litter in the bag trick.

ECLECTIC-poor little guy. I bet it wasn't hurting him that much if he didn't peep. But still. I can understand the guilt. The babies do that to us, don't they?

TWISTED U-are you sure???!! It just sounds so nasty to me. But then I always put human emotions on my cat.