Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Those Magic Words

Absolutely fantastic news, everybody! Debutaunt is officially cancer free! She kicked cancer's ass! Go on over and say Woo!


eclectic said...

I have the coolest, cancer-kickingest friends in the whole frickin' world!!!!!!

sheryl said...

This is FANTASTIC news!
I am so thrilled for her and Zoe and the family!

Hope is never lost.

You and Debutaunt should pose for a picture together someday dressed up as ninja cancer fighters or something. "We are BADASS Cancer Butt Kickers!"

Nancy said...

I am so happy for Deb and congratulations to you for kicking CA's butt.
Its soooo good to hear the success stories.
I am thrill for both of you. You are a great support since you've been there and done that.

alan said...

We're so lucky to get to have you both around!

I met you both at the same time, through a link somewhere and can't believe how lucky I was!

Thank you for being you!


abcd said...

Madame Von Kranki,
I have a real paper letter that I
am mailing to you from Nikki. I guess
Sarah is batting two for two up in
heaven, or Hershey Pa, wherever she
We are all as thrilled for Deb as
we were for you. It's good for all of
us sisters and Nikki (we have to call
her with the news) that we can say
and know that people do survive this
F'ING cancer. How sweet you posted
this link for Deb.
I guess Nikki is feeling pretty
tall over yonder in Cambodia. We
still can't believe she is gone.
We are all pretty ver clempt,
and my eyes are so blotchy from
cyring. I hope the year passes

Thanks for stopping by.

eclectic said...

OK, this is me being a dork. I think you may have emailed me, but my spam guard bounced you. Try again? Please? I've modified the setting. Sorry!

Squirl said...

Another cancer bites the dust!!!!!

I love a success story.