Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Meltdown

My slothitude continues. The heat has pushed up from the Deep South to melt our popsicles here in Western Canada. It is hot. Very hot. And since our parts are not privy to heat like this very often nobody has air conditioning. So such pursuits as shopping or eating out are not a guaranteed cool down as one might hope.

What have I been doing to beat the heat? I have been frolicking around my new apartment in my underwear.

I have no funny stories to tell or outings to gush about. Life is very mellow for me and that is just fine.

However, this makes for some very boring blogging to I am going into my fallback position of pilfering ideas from other blogs. Namely the Top 10 List of current obsessions going around right now.

Honestly, heat combined with general summertime apathy makes it hard for me to work up a lather to get obsessed about anything but I will try my best.

1.-The IKEA Catalogue-since moving I can’t seem to put the damned thing down. I even have a copy of the 2004 edition so I can see what has changed over the year. I have bookmarked my bookmarks and scrutinized those living room set ups for so long those Swedish names roll off my tongue like erotic poetry. IKEA is hott.

2.-Ginger Ale-what can I say? It is just damned yummy.

3.-Henry Rollins-his aging rock icon-ness is simply irresistible.

4.-Certain foods-this needs further explanation. I get on these food jags where I fall in love with some dish and then only eat it for days on end. These are not gourmet dishes but some weird thing that has torqued my taste buds for some strange reason. Usually I have a couple dishes going at one time so there is a little variation and as quickly as I am turned on by some food I am turned off only to cycle the food back in again in a few weeks when I re-fall in love with it.. Right now I am eating nothing but noodles in broth, baked potatoes, and cheese and soy slices on whole wheat with dijon mustard. Oh, and ginger ale. Some past obsessions have been pasta with soy meatballs, raisin bran, curried chickpeas, chocolate, Subway sandwiches and sushi.

5.-My new pillows- I bought brand spankin’ new pillows from IKEA and think they smell funny. Sort of like seaweed and farts.

6.-Yoshi on the balcony- she does this stretching thing that I call ‘The Noodle’. Well I am afraid she is going to Noodle herself right under the railings and Noodle off the balcony in a fit of Noodling. She can get pretty Noodley at times.

7.-Craigslist-even though people who use Craigslist are a strange bunch I can’t help looking at the furniture section SEVERAL times a day hoping that perfect Danish Modern teak dining room table will come up. It did once and I was scooped on it. WAH!

8.-Elephants-I love these guys and think they got a really raw deal with the whole ivory thing as well as those inane sparkly outfits they have to wear while dancing around in sawdust at the circus. No dignity. I just want them to all be able to frolic in the meadows.

9.-My hair-it isn’t growing very fast and I think it alternately looks very MOMMY or mullettesque. It always reminds me of what I went through. Cancer, the gift that keeps on giving.

10.-Hello Kitty and Wonder Woman-it is only my single status that prevents me from collecting these items in excess. Once I am married and my sanity is no longer under scrutiny I plan to surround myself in the minutiae of these two fabulous females.


kristine said...

113 degrees.

ScottyGee said...

8,000,000% humidity, beat that! =)

Hanging out in the apt in the undies? Awesome! If I didn't have a roommate I'd be all about that myself. Boxers breifs are always in style!

whfropera said...

so I had to cover an indie rock show at the station and played some OLD Rollins (Miles Jam) and on the air, I actually had a moment where real-life and blog intersected.
Someone had written "Hot, hot stud" on the CD, and I accused you of sneaking into the station.
I am such a dork.
BY the way, DID you sneak in? If so, feel free to program any shows you want to.

Precisiongirl said...

Wonder Woman? She rocks!

I've already bought my Wonder Woman organizer for University in October.

I used to have a Wonder Woman waitress pad but I've used it all up now.


Squirl said...

I know that I'm Bucky;s sister when I crack up over your pillows smelling like seaweed and farts.

Hope your little Noodler stays put.

eclectic said...

Food jags are curious, aren't they? I have them less now that I have to provide food that other inhabitants of the house can palate; but there was a time in grad school when, for months I ate virtually nothing except baked potatoes with cottage cheese and lima beans. Can't explain it.

Von Krankipantzen said...

KRISTINE-I can't beat that. It is just so wrong. It did get that hot in the interior of the province but we have the ocean breezes to cool things slightly here.

SCOTTY-ooooh, that is pretty sweaty. Do you at least frolic in your undies in your room?

OPERA GAL-that is so funny. What exactly did you say? I feel almost famous.

PRECISION GIRL-I love Wonder Woman. I have stationary, a garbage can, a keychain, a Chemo WW Barbie, and a t-shirt. And that is keeping a lid on the obsession.

SQUIRL-noodler...that is so cute. The pillows are funny unless you have to sleep on them. UHG!

ECLECTIC-so I am not the only one. Interesting. Being single really doens't help things. If I had to cook for others I might not eat such odd things.

whfropera said...

oh hey - you know what that smell is?

formeldahyde - no joke.

Most textiles are cured with it, so when the fabrics are new, they carry around that odd odor. You can really notice it if you are ever in a clothing store when they are unpacking the boxes to steam the new clothes...aaggh, the stench will kill you.

Anonymous said...

My husband is an air conditioning guy and I don't even have air conditioning! He asked if I wanted it and I said (in all my wacked out wisdom) "PhtPht! It never gets that hot here! We don't need it!" The universe was listening or something and wanted to smack me upside the head...ugh! I can picture Yoshi "noodling"!

Madame D said...

I heart me some Hello Kitty. When I lived in Alaska, no trip to Anchorage was complete without at least one stop to the Sanrio store, where I could buy Hello Kitty in bulk.
I should have like 5 things of Hello Kitty stationary floating around in my crap, since Target carries some of their stuff in the little girls section? All I carried as a purse for years was an ever changing line-up of small HK tote bags from the little girl's section.
It's a sickness. And I don't want to be cured.

alan said...

Nothing wrong with frolicking around like that, heat wave or no! You've earned it!

In the last photo I saw, your hair looked awfully nice. As compared to mine, where my Dad's "widow's peak" has net my granfather's "circle at the back" and left me with a bit of peach fuzz on top and little else...

It's the one place I have to remember sun screen!

100's here starting Sunday and through next week...


headless cat said...

hey kranki thanks for stopping by - im feeling better slowly each day but as its cold here its hard to get motivated to do the things i need to do - enjoy your sunshine im feeling jealous

LadyBug said...

You made me smile and giggle this morning, Kranki. Thanks. Love and hugs to you, hon.

Jeannette said...

Wow, is that a standard fragrance from IKEA or did you have to pay extra on those pillows?

I have hated my hair growth too. I get compliments allt he time, but it wasn't until recently that it has had sudden growth spurts. It is just starting to feel less momish and more stylish. The good news? I haven't had to color it since it grew back -- no gray and it is a rich brown color. I miss my "mood" hair that changed color frequently, but it has been nice to finally know what my natural color was! Hang in there, your growth spurt must be right around the corner!

jeci said...

Your hair looks nice and thick! Nice colour too! Congratulations!

I once had a mullet--just through an unfortunate haircut, nothing so terrible as what you've gone through--and in desperation, I started taking kelp pills b/c I read that that's how Reese Witherspoon got her hair to grow out quickly. (I mean, Reese has *really* nice hair.) It seemed to work, to be honest. I'd say you're only three months of growth (possibly enhanced by kelp) away from a nice sleek bob, if that makes you feel better. I only bring this up b/c I was v. impatient for my hair to grow, so I empathize.

kalki said...

#8 and #10 made me guffaw. You are so delightful. (I know 'delightful' is typically used to describe stuff like pie, but whatever.)