Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On a Roll

I have been very remiss in my blogging duties lately and each night I fully intend to sit down and write something highly interesting, intellectual and introspective but then suddenly see something shiny out of the corner of my eye and I thereby enter a trance-like state of sorts and forget all about my blogging intentions.

The fact is this; for some reason I am going through a highly Energetic Phase which is very unlike my normal Every Day Lethargic Phase for the last couple years. Between breast cancer, multiple treatments, 5 surgeries, horrific anxiety and my very own personal pity party I have been sitting on my ass watching a lot of TV lately and doing very little else. Why so hyper now? I am not sure if it is Springtime, my fabulous antidepressants kicking in or melamine poisoning in my Wheaties causing me to feel able to get vertical but I am not wasting this energy spike by trying to ascertain its cause.

Here is a list of what I have been up to the last couple weeks:

-completely cleared out my closet and all my drawers resulting in 3 black garbage bags of old clothes and stuff to be given to charity as well as a huge bag to be thrown away.

-drove all that stuff to the Salvation Army.

-multiple trips to IKEA for all those little bits I desperately need to make my house a home blah blah blah (totally falling for marketing hype).

-2 trips to the vet with dogs and cat (my friend’s animals which includes Lulu) for the dogs’ booster shots and tests for the cat who perhaps was fed tainted food. The cat is not poisoned but has urinary crystals. He also has a very bad case of the grumpies.

-2 trips each week to therapy plus a routine check-up at the Cancer Agency (everything is fine) as well as an appointment at my brain doc for happy meds. I also had a visit from my fabulously nice home care nurse (actually he is a murse [man nurse]) for my monthly injection to put me in menopause. That is a whole other post which I will get to another day when I am not having a hot flash. I also got my eyes tested. Still blind.

-plucked my eyebrows.

-went to Canadian Tire for compact fluorescent light bulbs (to do my bit for greenhouse gasses), bins for organising my storage locker, and fabulously cool new windshield wipers.

-repaired a chip in my bathtub as well a fixed caulking issues with precise wielding of razor blade.

-did my income tax return.

-organised my filing cabinet.

-vigorously brushed cat and then vacuumed for hours picking up all the mini Yoshi’s rolling around.

-recovered cat scratching post with new carpet.

-spent several hours going through all sorts of my stuff which was damaged by a water leak in the basement several months ago and put everything in plastic bins. Threw out 2 black garbage bags of moldy papers and photos.

-helped my folks clean on two different days.

-washed my car inside and out which took 3 hours. Went as far as to use Q-Tips for crevices. Also cleaned all the junk from my trunk and vacuumed there too.

-obsessively researched the prices of new eyeglasses online (see above blindness issues).

-watched the entire second season of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. Now has unhealthy crush on Denny Duquette character.

-dumped out and washed all my spice jars. I am getting fresh contents so I am inspired to cook more.

-cleaned up and rewired nice lamp I found by the dumpster.

-attended a 3 hour course.

-bought two gifts in two different parts of town.

-did research for my business plan.

-cleaned my apartment in a very anal manner.

-completely disconnected my computer and all the peripherals and reconnected them in an obsessively tidy way including a revolting amount of zip ties.

-went on mini shopping trip at great store in crappy part of town. Got good deals but almost got mugged.

-read 6 books.

-polished my stainless steel cutlery.

-shopped online for Father’s Day and Christmas presents. I KNOW! Sick.

And tomorrow I am taking my car in for repairs, getting my hair coloured and washing all my floors. Then sometime over the next week I will be helping my mom make a new bed skirt, shopping for new eyeglasses, taking the dogs to the dog park, getting my clothing dryer fixed, researching materials for my business plan which means visiting distant warehouses, attending physio for my shoulder affected by my last reconstruction surgery, driving an hour to a nearby town to see my friend’s new puppy, going back to IKEA to exchange a lamp shade once they get new stock, making pillow covers, getting a pedicure and a bikini wax, buying some little replacement bits for my car and fixing my fax machine.

I cannot stop doing stuff.

It is kinda cool.


mrtl said...

I bow to your productivity!

No one entered the spaghetti contest. I'd be bummed, but I meant to play, too, and never got around to it.

I'm busy knitting. Knitting knitting. And more knitting. There's lots of knitting heading your way.

Anonymous said...

yea for energy and productivity.

rock on with your bad self!


here today, gone tomorrow said...

oh my goodness...I don't do all that in a year! Can I have some?

lawyerchik said...

DANG!! You've been a busy girl!! Any chance you are visiting Michigan in the next month or so? I could totally use a clean house....

;) Just kidding - glad you have energy and have been getting things done.

SassyFemme said...

I'm exhausted reading that list!

Rice said...

Good for you Stacy! Man, you don't mess around. Q-tips???? That's above and beyond.

I am proud of you and happy to hear you have the energy for all of this. You are victorious.
Keep on keeping on. :)

JP said...

Holy crap! Why did you have to write this post. Now Sharkey will be all inspired to do stuff and worse yet to make ME do stuff around the house!! EEEEEEKKKK!! You are a machine!!!

kalki said...

Holy flying fuck, woman! You are crazy out of control with the productivity! WOW.

What is fabulously cool about your windshield wipers? I want some.

Squirl said...

Man, that's great! I got tired just reading your list. ;-)

Circe said...

Squirl took my comment. :) I too feel the need to lie down after reading that exhaustive list. I know once I'm in a cleaning mood, it's a foolish person who interrupts me. I don't get in those moods often enough...

Kassi said...

I will have whatever you are having...good golly!

spoonleg said...

I'm so happy that you've been so busy, and able to get so much productive crap done! Dude, I've been laying on my ass watching TV for YEARS and don't have any viable excuse. Wanna come clean my closet??

Ern said...

Holy shitballs, lady! Good for you! I shall come back and re-read this post many times in the next few days to try to inspire myself out of my own lazy slump.

Now, I should start by getting off blogs and starting my take-home exam that is due at midnight. :P

gypsygrrl said...

whatever drugs you are on or whatever shit was in your cereal, can you send me some???

damn. i need to get moving like you have been!

kudos to you for taking advantage of all that vertical energy!