Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, July 23, 2007

8 Random Things - A Meme

HAR tagged me for a meme asking that I present 8 Random Things you might not know about me. Or don't really care about. In turn I am supposed to pick another 8 bloggers to do the meme and so on and so on...

I pick YOU! If you want to do this meme then please do. And let me know so I can come by your blog and poke fun at all your idiosyncrasies (as I know I am going to be harassed for mine).

8 Random Things About Me

-I fold my underwear. Panties, bras, everything.

-I like complete sets of things. For instance if I break a glass or two I will pack up the rest for the second hand store and get a brand new set. I do not like to mix and match unless it is intentional.

-Before you start thinking I am an anal freak-show I also rarely make my bed. Only if I am having visitors.

-I almost always eat out of a pasta bowl. I don’t necessarily mix all my food together in one but often have a few pasta bowls going at a meal. I think this is because I found it was easier and less messy to eat out of a bowl on the couch in front of the TV and even though I have a dining table now the habit is hard to break. Also maybe because I eat a lot of pasta.

-I hate waiting. I hate being early but I also do not like being late. I will wait in my car in the parking lot before I’d wait in the waiting room of a doc’s office. I like to walk in about 3-5 minutes early for an appointment. This is because of my anxiety issues.

-I have not eaten in a restaurant for over 2 ½ years. This is also because of my anxiety problem. I have only eaten take-out/delivery food once in the last 7 months. This is because of a New Years resolution I made to stop wasting money on food I could make more healthily at home. The one time I slipped it was for a favourite vegetarian take-out place I used to love. They had changed the menu and it sucked. What a waste of money.

-I hate Starbucks. I think fancy coffee is overrated, too expensive and all the paper cups thrown away an insult to the environment. It has been years since I’ve had a fancy coffee type drink. I do have a couple Starbucks mugs as gifts from other people. I also used to have a Starbucks Card as it was necessary for my job (film people are addicted to Starbucks) to buy my “turn” of coffee for my co-workers. If I ever do get a coffee/tea/hot chocolate I try to go to a locally owned coffee place and bring my own cup.

-I have a serious sweet tooth. Even though I eat very healthily I am a bit overweight as I must have something chocolaty everyday. I try and try to find a way to make my chocolate fix healthy but I still feel guilty about it and like a slave to my addiction. Saying that, I guess as habits go it isn’t too terrible. I don’t drink alcohol, do drugs or smoke. I don’t like fast cars, fast men OR fast women. I don’t own a thousand pairs of shoes or have a diamond ankle bracelet collection. But still…I wish I could get over the chocolate.


HAR said...

I prefer to eat out of a pasta bowl too! It drives my family bonkers.
I have NEVER bought anything at Starbucks in my life but I hate coffee.

Now, go finish folding your underwear.

Ern said...

I so admire your frugal refusal to eat out. I grew up that way, but I married the fast food king.

I like going out for coffee, but I am always wracked with guilt if I don't bring my own mug. Also, I haven't figured out the solution for iced drinks. Can I hand them my Nalgene bottle and say, "Iced tea, fill 'er up, please!"?

Jeannette said...

I'm with you. I think Starbucks must make Al Gore cry (but I can't stop going there). I found a good chocolate fix. Have you tried the Hershey premium sticks? They are acceptable in the sugar/fat range and not a lot of calories. Since it is a stick it feels like a bigger piece than it is. It works for least until I need an extra one . . .or two....ugh. Chocolate...why such power?

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I hate Starbucks, too! In addition for all the good reasons you state, frankly, their coffee sucks - tastes like charcoal to me. Kudos for all you do for a healthy lifestyle - it inspires me. But, I would cut myself and you a little slack for a bit of daily chocolate. It's important to have a little sensual pleasure in one's world.

lawyerchik said...

See, I love Starbucks. I love the jolt my brain gets with the French roast whatever-they-call-it, although I've had to add cream to ward off impending osteoporosis (since caffeine leaches calcium from ones bones and my blood is usually about 3/4 caffeinated).

They also make a huge deal that everything is recycled this or that, so I don't know about the cups.....

Of course, the expense is a little cost-prohibitive, so I don't go as often as I'd like, but seriously - my idea of a great way to loaf off a Saturday morning is a vente cup of whatever their strongest coffee of the day is, a huge low-fat oat bran muffin (preferably an orange and cranberries kind), and the newspaper.

candy said...

we have so much in common :) i also hate waiting & i just CAN'T be late. you can often find me waiting in my car.

and i also didn't eat in restaurants years due to anxiety issues (i wish i could say it was the money too but now i eat out far too much).

i had starbucks for the first time ever a few months ago... and wasn't impressed.

i don't think your needing "sets" of things is anal, i think it's adorable :)

lawyerchik said...

OK, missy, my list is up!! :)

alan said...

Starbucks doesn't do it for me...

Hill's Brother's French Vanilla does, though and costs a lot less!

Quik Trip isn't bad, either I've come to find out!

That chocolate thing is hard to of my own demons!

Got tagged with that one while I was on vacation and still need to do it...procrastination...long days at work...

Wish I could deliver dinner!


candy said...

oh yeah, i meant to tell you that i was tagged with this one a while back:

Sherri said...

Chocolate can be a positive. Like you, I can't go a day without chocolate SOMETHING, but through much trial and error, I've gotten a good grip on it. Here's what I do

First, learn to love the dark chocolate (lower in fat and sugar, better for you in the heart/bloodpressure thing). Embrace the dark side. Avoid milk chocolate. If you can't make the switch all at once, try brands that make "deep milk" or "dark milk" chocolate.

Second, stay entirely away from Hershey's or Nestles' anything, or any cheap, easter candy-ish chocolate. They tend to be high on the fructose corn syrup. Even Godiva's has gone down hill. Cadbury's (and least the North American version) makes me hurl. Not good, no way, no how.

I buy extremely good, high quality chocolate (organic does not equal good, BTW, but there are some good organics. Others taste like dirt). I find that I can eat about 1/2 to 1/3 less of it than I would a cheaper chocolate and be perfectly satisfied. Lindt is a good basic brand you can usually find in the grocery store. Target has a line called "Endangered Species" which is pretty good and they donate money to saving said animals. Green & Black's Maya bar is my number one favorite currently. Vosges is my number 2 favorite because they are hard to find and $$$ but they make exotic flavors and you might want to test taste first (Black Pearl is ginger, wasabi, and black seseme seeds in dark chocolate. It took me 30 minutes to get up the guts to try it, and now I can't stop. Oaxaca is chillies and bittersweet, and I swear is addictive).

Like with any food, the better the quality, the less you need to feel satisfied. I can make 100g of a good candy bar last for a week of daily nibbles (three days during my period, but then I don't kill anyone) without feeling deprived.

eclectic said...

Coffee = Good. Starbucks = Good. At least, in my world. They treat their employees honorably, and I'm in favor of that. Sure, when I have the chance, I go to our local Caffe' Mela, because they make THE BEST LATTE I've ever had... but when I'm traveling, at least I know what to expect at 'Bucky's, and I like the dark flavor some people think tastes burnt. I think, as enormous corporations go, they're more conscientious than most. And I love that you fold everything!

Anonymous said...

Our 'second home' is a one owner coffee shop about a mile from the house, and half a block from DOF's office.

We often (as in 3 times a week) ride our bikes and meet there.
Sometimes, I bring my own mug.

I can't remember the name of the brand of coffee served, but it makes the best Chiller everrr.

We were not able to do these small outings when we were raising children, so sitting there using the WiFi (him) and crochet (me) does seem like an extravagant waste of time. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I wrote the Eight Things Meme on Saturday 07/07/07
Blogger and I are having issues, so I can't do a direct link.


Robin said...

okay, i thought i was a choca-holic, but Sherri up there has me beat! I think maybe she has a degree in chocolate. MMMM, wouldn't that be cool?

Mine is if you have nothing better to do.

Thanks for the kind comment and vibe...I responded on my blog and sent some good vibes back at ya! You're the best!

Von Krankipantzen said...

HAR-I don't really like coffee either so it is not like my No Starbucks Policy is hard to adhere to.

ERN-just doing a little helps. And try to see if they'll fill up your water bottle! You might get an extra large portion.

Jeannette-I'll have to try those. This week I bought NO CHOCOLATE while I was grocery shopping so those healthy muffins I make will have to suffice. I'll let you know how it goes.

Here Today...-I hate their coffee too. Ok, I hate coffee in general. Extra hate Starbucks for that burnt taste.

Lawyerchick-there is something very nice about lounging with a hot drink and baked goods with the paper. I'll be by your meme to check it out.

Candy-the waiting thing is probably totally anxiety related but what can I say? Plus my car has good music and gum in the glove box. I'll check out your meme too.

ALAN-a vanilla coffee sounds like something I would enjoy. When I get a latte I always add a shot of vanilla. And a dinner delivered to my table would be pretty sweet too.

Sherri-oh man! I have tried and TRIED to like dark chocolate but I just can't. It would be so easy if I could. But you are so right-good chocolate does satisfy better than crap. I just figured that out recently. So has my wallet.

Eclectic-calling it Bucky's is brilliant. I totally agree with you. For me it is probably more of a personal thing. Like I know a lot of people HATE Walmart and boycott it completely but I like that they hire seniors and disabled people so I shop there. 6 of one half a dozen of another. ;-)

MrsDof-Sounds like it is a real treat and should be when you now have the time and the funds to enjoy it properly. I can't tell you how many times I hear my friends bitch about being so poor yet spend $20 on coffee per day not to mention eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have different priorities, I guess.

Robin-She should have a chocolate blog, huh? I'll come by your place to check out your meme. Hey, and thank YOU for all your kind words and support.

east village idiot said...

I like your style Kranki. I wish you lived in NYC. Eating out of a pasta bowl is cozy.

JP said...

You do not get over chocolate. It's like one of those "allowed" indulgences. And if you have to indulge, there ain't nothin' like it!! It feeds the happy need and you always know what to expect and how you feel when you eat it. WONDERFUL!!!