Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, July 27, 2007

Crush Your Cat's Head Friday-We Need A New Word For This Kind Of Cute

This is where the original essence of crushing came from. That feeling that overcomes me when overwhelmed by total and complete cuteness. I just want to SQUEEEEEEZE her.

Have mercy!


Susie said...

Aw. That makes me want to pick her up and hug her, in ways that she probably wouldn't tolerate at all.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Yep. I know exactly what you mean. Oliver especially is good at rousing that feeling in me. Ack!! Those curled back feet! Devastating!

kalki said...

I wonder why we have the instinct to squeeze them. I have it, too, but why squeeze? What is it about cute things that make us want to CRUSH THEM?

HAR said...

I'm with kalki. I feel the same way, I can't help myself. The urge to squeeze is a bit bizarre.

Yoshi looks perfect in this picture. How old is she?

candy said...

i'm the same way with my kitty & puppy. sometimes they are just so overwhelmingly cute the urge to squeeze is almost uncontrollable!

gypsygrrl said...

the second picture is cuteness at its deadliest.



there. i think i feel better.
good lord, how do you live in the presence of all that cuteness?????

although, i live with a good bit of cuteness myself. it is a cross to bear, no?

Sharkey said...

I love the way her skin "puddles" underneath her, making her look much larger than she actually is.

Definitely crushable.

JP said...

I feel the same way when I see the Mags sleeping. Unbelievably squeezable!

lawyerchik said...

She is SO adorable!! That just makes me want a cat (except that my dog would terrorize it, so I will have to live vicariously through others....). Crush her for me, please!! :)

alan said...

Must crush Yoshi and owner...



Squirl said...

She is soooo cute. But I know she'd shred if I tried to pet her. I'll leave the crushing to you.