Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, July 05, 2007

All Sick and Twisted Roads Lead To My Blog

Once again I have compiled a tremendous list of how various people have found their way to my blog. One could argue that a blog stat counter might just provide information better left unknown. I say knowledge is power and, in this case, pretty fucking bizarre.

Here is a list of searches terms that resulted in a visit to this site;

-gay hermit

-ladies peeing while running London marathon

-Yorkie haircuts

-why is my poop long and skinny

-cross dressers in hair rollers

-homemade catshit

-fembot nipples

-asshole burning by dominatrix

-love it when she moans

-penis crushing video

-getting fucked in slut boots ripping assholes

-I am completely alienated how can I fix the world

-long johns fever

-cute constipated girls

-sexy farting women

-pussy cancer

-butch haircut suck

-crush pet hard

-shiny boobs

-bad Barney

-head in pussy

-good looking old guys

-Persian cat revenge

-new hooties

-how do I stop my toilet from running besides jiggling the handle

-I'd like to have an elephant for Christmas

-medical ass injection films

-older brothers tittie twisting their younger brothers

-pictures of possum poo

-melon fuckers

-acidophilus pill in your ass

-tittie twisting bras

-dishwasher making loud moaning sound

Really, human beings freak me out. In a good way.


mrtl said...

You can't make this shit up.

My favorite - medical ass injection films.

Robin said...

i'm almost speechless.

my favorite: how do i keep my toilet from running without jiggling the handle? (sick bastard!)

LadyBug said...


"new hooties" makes perfect sense. The rest...not so much.

My personal favorite: "I am completely alienated how can I fix the world" *snicker*

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I was almost okay until I got to "pictures of possum poo". Really, sometimes when I'm around people I gotta wonder what's going on in their heads...and thank god that they seem to mostly just let it out to play on the Internet. (And who the hell puts acidophilus pills in their ass????)

Melanie Marie said...

That is an awesome list! I love checking out the search phrases and countries of visitors. Thanks for sharing!

Squirl said...

I'm reading this at work. Just as I got to the line about head in pussy, an older male coworker stuck his head around the corner to tell me he to leave for a few minutes. Don't know if I felt guilty or he just surprised, but I visible jumped.

I kept thinking of favorites until there were too many. Crackin' me up at work, lady.

Ern said...

OK, tell the truth. You're running some kind of attached porn site that I can't find, right?

eclectic said...

LOL @ ern!!! What boggles me, aside from the weird stuff people will search for, is that those searches actually landed them here!

soozieq said...

This one made me laugh out loud (please don't try to read into that what it might say about me):

"acidophilus pill in your ass"

What the?!?!

hemlock said...

Oh no, I have a serious case of the giggles now.

My fave: how do I stop my toilet from running besides jiggling the handle

Followed closely by: I'd like to have an elephant for Christmas

I think the best part is that they actually end up on your site! FABULOUS!

sharkey said...

I'd be very afraid of the other sites that came up as a result of these searches.

Cute constipated girls? Uh, no thanks.

KULA said...

I didn't realize you were such a pervert! Where are all these dirty stories? Maybe Yoshi is posting stories and hiding them while you're not looking :)

candy said...

being able to view the referrers is so cool :) with a name like candy, i get a lot of obvious dirty ones but i haven't looked in a while. i think you've inspired me to.

HAR said...

You gotta love this! I love it when you do this.

Candy said...

What an eclectic list! Unfortunately, almost all of mine refer back to diverticulitis or Bobby Flay. I hate to think the two are somehow related.