Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crush Kranki's Empty Head Tuesday + A Plug For a Cool Thing

I am thinking I should rename ‘Crush Your Cat’s Head Friday’ into ‘Crush Your Cat’s Head Whenever You Remember and Haven’t Fallen Asleep On The Couch Tuesday.’


So a few weeks ago the fabulous Leigh-Ann who runs The Blog Pound as well as Wee Paws sent me a cool little item that would make an excellent gift for the holidays. Or for anytime, really. It is called ‘Messages From Your Animal Companions’ and it is a oracle deck of cards based on getting into the complex minds of the animals you love. Basically what you do is think of a question for or ask for information about any animal you know, like your cat or your sister’s dog or even your neighbour’s python. We are not talking about the human animal types like ex-husbands or crazy first dates. You think about what you want to learn about the animal from this deck of cards and shuffle them up. You then pick a couple cards and see what they say.

The cool thing is this oracle deck is made up of cards that cover many thoughts and concerns an animal might have. There are cards for being sad, being scared, being happy, being sick and other variations. It is very well thought out and covers many scenarios.

The first time I used the deck I asked how Yoshi was feeling about the calendar and dressing up for it. The card I got was that she was feeling either under or over worked. Since I have been the one glued to my computer and running all over town as she sleeps the day away I decided to take the card as meaning she would like to do more Yoshi photo-shoots. The next question I asked was why Yoshi didn’t like Lulu my Almost Dog and the card that came up was ‘Conflict.’ Need I say more?

I then took the cards over to a friend's house (the one who adopted Lulu) and pulled some cards about her cat, Winston, the Catnip Thief. The first card that came up was ‘Ears’ and the spooky part is that his ears have been very infected over the last few days. So out of 55 cards the exact health issue bothering the cat was chosen. Cool, huh? One of the cards picked for Lulu was something about her feeling safe and cared for which made me all veklempt. And Xiola, well, her card said she liked things just the way they were which pretty much sums up Xiola; she is a happy and content doggy.

I few days later I did a little session about Yoshi and the cards didn’t make any sense at all. Perhaps my ‘vibe’ was off or I didn’t ask the right question. Or Yoshi was playing with my mind.

So, while I wouldn’t advocate using these cards to diagnose health issues instead of visiting your vet they are quite fun in a light-hearted way. Overall the results were eerily bang-on.

Leigh-Ann sells these cards to raise funds for her animal rescue. You know how I feel about getting money to the poor beasties so if you need a gift for an animal owner and lover these would make an original and interesting choice.

So thanks, Leigh-Ann, for passing this cool deck of cards my way. Perhaps, over time, I can slowly unravel the enigma that is Yoshi and finally begin to understand what makes that little cat tick.

Yoshi Being Overworked and Underpaid


Leigh-Ann said...

Awww... thank you! I'm glad the cards were more fun than that catnip toy. I do use all the funds raised from the cards to support Wee Paws Animal Sanctuary, and right now we've got a kitten with a fatal heart condition and a dog with pancreatitis, so we're running through money like it's water.

By the way, I set up a website just for the cards: it's

Sharkey said...

Yes, Yoshi is definitely looking overworked and underpaid. What a life!


here today, gone tomorrow said...

You rock. That is all.

alan said...

You keep labeling things "Asshole Furmom" and nothing could be further from the truth!

And I'd love to have been one of your crazy first dates!

Perhaps in my next lifetime...


Ern said...

Those things sound cool!

(And I love the picture of Yoshi. It's so adorable when they make a perfect circle like that.)

JP said...

If I had a mathematics degree I'd be able to tell you the slim probabilities for pulling those cards. Hey wait a sec.....

Squirl said...

Those cards sound like fun! And I love the Yoshi picture.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hmmm. I wonder if that deck of cards could help me understand what Alex the furball who owns me wants. Probably not: all cats are inscrutable.

HAR said...

Thanks for the Yoshi fix. That is one lucky fur ball. I wish I could twist my body up all comfy like Yoshi.