Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 2 At Home In My Own Comfy Bed

I have had a very shmellow day with lots of sleeping and then chocolate eating and then more painkillers which leads to more sleeping. I am feeling pretty good and moving a little easier today. I am still very sore and if I do too much get quite a bit of pain. Much more than I expected to experience but the nurse came today and said while I have very little swelling I do have some bruising which makes for a lot of soreness. If I poke around very carefully I can feel the outline of the tissue expanders and even hear them slosh a little. Kinda cool.

My mom is staying over another night as it is still quite difficult for me to get in and out of bed and having a tea bearer and pillow fluffer has proven to be more beneficial than I ever thought it could be. So far the biggest challenge is trying to stay comfy when I can only lie on my back. I want soooo much do cuddle up on my side but that is impossible.

I thank you all for your continued well wishes and lovely comments and emails. I wish I could answer every single one of them personally as I like to do but my poor bod does not allow me that. I can type a little and then it hurts and then I get dizzy and then I must lie down. I read every single one and they cheer me up and make me laugh and I am pretty sure they help me heal faster than any doctor has ever seen before. So just know that even if my arms are unable to answer you personally my heart registers every single comment.

PS-please don't give Susie a hard time. I started the Sedaka thing on her birthday. Blame me! It is all my fault.


Berry Chick said...

Still sending get better vibes- snuggle with Yoshi and watch some bad tv reruns.


Susie said...

Oh, kranki. Thank you for defending me, but I'm afraid Nikki and the Sisters uncovered the truth. The jig, as they say, is up. (Who ever really said that?) When you are well enough, you can witness the carnage on their blog and mine.
I am so amazed and happy that you feel well enough to post. I know you'll be careful. You have a long grace period, here, during which we will coment our faces off, whether you post or not. Of course we LOVE to hear from you, but we'll keep mouthing off whether you talk back or not . . . for a little while ;)

August95 said...

Hey Kranki, glad to see you up and moving around. Take it easy and enjoy the tea and Mommy love.

Poor Susie, now with the internet no secret is safe.

Take care Kranki.

kalki said...

Man, I totally need a tea bearer and a pillow fluffer. You know, just cause.

Say hi to your mom for us!

Dima said...

You take care now, and remember we love you, and we miss you, and we're ok with you not responding to our comments, for now anyway. Happy healing! (Gentle) hugs you, your mommy, and Yoshi!

eclectic said...

Don't give Susie a hard time?? Surely you jest!!!

But that's good because it means you're feeling up to reading our shenanigans!! Like Dima said, hugs to you, your mom and our Yoshi! (Yeah, Yoshi's ours now... you've got to share.) Rest well!

Jeans said...

I'm taking Holistic Health in school right now, and I'm taking Reflexology. Here's a reflex you can do: pinch the webbing in-between all of your fingers with your thumb and forefinger shaped like a "C". This is the C compression, and the lymph reflex will be stimulated, helping with body balances. It really doesn't matter if you don't do it perfectly, because as long as you have the intention, the action will find a way.

I'm glad that you're keeping us all up to date, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery!!


Madame D said...

I'm glad that you're feeling a bit better, though I too know the agony of trying to sleep on the back. Ew.
And p.s.-your poor kitty in the scarf! She's so cute, and so...embarrassed!
Keep healing!

True_Halcyon said...

Glad you're doing okay- keep at it with the resting and the ingesting of pharmaceuticals, chocolate and tea (in order of importance, of course). Be well!

Michele in Michigan said...

Kranki--glad the pain meds are working well for you!

Just a gentle reminder to make sure you stand up as straight as you can, and avoid hunching over. As you heal, it will be natural for you to want to slouch as the muscles in your shoulders and chest "pull." Don't do it or you'll end up like me--with a really tight feeling chest and crappy range of motion.

Hang in there sister!

alan said...

Please take it easy; we love you and want you to do what you need to to get better, and if that means you don't post, then don't. We are grateful for every word, but please go easy!!


abcd said...

Kranki-you know we love you and Susie, it;s all fun. Poor Lisabeth
went a little shall we say "NUTS"
and decided to have a little fun.

It was Sarah approved right from
heaven. We have all laughed so hard
and I am sure Susie laughed. Heck
she even had comments from Johnny
Mathis. My HUSBAND even wrote a
comment and told her to sue us.

Now that we know that you are the
true Sedaka fan. When you are
feeling better watch out we
might come after you. :)

I am happy your Mom is with you
clucking around, fluffing pillows,
making tea, and loving her daughter. We miss you, but be a
good girl and rest up.


Do you want my twins to come and help once your Mom leaves?

katietoyboy said...

Glad to see all is going well. Your healing will be coming on in leaps and bounds for the next week and then you can come back for longer spells of umpiring on your blog.

You know we all love Susie to bits but wish we could do something about her plumbing!! We are saving up good vibes for her too and awaiting the signal to unleash them on her site.

Candace said...

Yay for feeling better, even just a little.

Give Yoshie lots of shmooshes.

hemlock said...

Glad to hear that your mom is there with you, bringing you your chocolate and drugs.

Sloshy tissue expanders?? Interesting. Glad those puppies won't be your constant percussion foreva. Might get awkward when someone asks "what's that noise?"

Weetzie said...

I'm glad you have your mum there to help you and Yoshi for warm kitty snuggles!

Karen said...

Hey, who put chocolate before tea in order of importance? I beg to differ! Rest up (as best you can on your back) and get better. We'll be here for you.

Hey, my word verification is "sbogu". That's almost bogus!

lawbrat said...

Just rest and be well. Like others have said, we will all be here, whether you post or not.
I'm glad your mom is there helping you.

You're in my prayers and thoughts.

laura said...

I'm so glad you are doing okay. Here's to progress every single day ::clink!::

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

I, for one, am glad Susie's Sedaka fixation is finally out of the closet.

Unlike Neil.

Hänni said...

Good lord woman! The fact that you can sit at the keyboard and post *at all* is commendable.

bloving you 4evuh...

Ern said...

Don't you dare push yourself too hard! Enjoy the pillow fluffing, bringing of tea and blove and take your time getting well. One more step behind you!

Carol said...

hooray for moms and even more hoorays for painkillers. take it easy and heal well.

abcd said...

Stopping in to say goodnight. I hope you slept today and took
all your medications. Eat lots
of candy-I just know that was on
your discharge orders.


eclectic said...

Sweet dreams and sleep well, sweet Kranki! As my daughter would say, "Angels on your pillow!"

mrtl said...


spoonleg said...

You go, girl. I can't believe how remarkably well you're doing! Just keep eating that chocolate and sleeping the day away. Make sure you stay one step ahead of the pain and take your pills BEFORE you start really hurting badly. Sounds like they were rough with you (all surgeons are like that, it's really quite awful to watch!), but the swelling and brusing will diminish and then so will the soreness and pain. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.

Oooooh, I so wish I could be there to fluff your pillows and serve you tea and sushi and brush your hair for you (because that can be no easy task, I'm sure). I have this really intense need to be TAKING CARE OF YOU, and it's driving me nutters that I can't do it. Oh well, nobody beats mom though, right? Sounds like she's doing an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to get here and see this entry today. I've been sending you all the good energy I have. Rest, take care of you...and you're right, laughter is the greatest medicine! I'm glad you are finding some. Very cool. Peace.

p.s. word verification is heiiny! I'm still tired, it made me giggle!

Danielle said...

*ears perk up*

Tea and chocolate?!

It is indeed a wonderful, wonderful combo.

Glad to hear that your mom is taking such good care of you.

Kassi said...

I want a tea bearer and pillow fluffer too!!

I'm glad that you are getting your rest. Save your energy for eating chocolate...chocolate is MUCH more important that typing.

Susie said...

It's Friday, so we'll be sending Yoshi virtual crushes. And virtual smooches to her mama :) I hope all is going well.

abcd said...

Hope Yoshi is taking good care of
Mama. We all love you.


Happy Friday

eclectic said...

Crush her head, Yoshi!! GENTLY! And with something very, very soft! You're never going to have an opportunity like this again, so get on it, kitty. Please, please, please take pictures!!

Oh, and be careful NOT to crush anything below the chin.

'Atta Kitty...!

abcd said...

Why am I always behind Nikki?

See what happens when you go away
Madame Von Kranki-Lisabeth went
"nuts" and did a Susie left Sedaka
post on our blog. Pictures, wedding cake, it's very funny.

I sure hope you are feeling a tiny
bit better. Make sure you eat lots
of Hershey Kisses.


Bill said...

Yello, Simpson here!

Not really but that always cracks me up.

Glad to hear you're doing well. I hope you soon get to that day when you wake up and think, wow, I really feel GOOD today!

When I had my appendix out as an adult I had a long recovery and many weeks walking around like the Human Leaning Tower of Piza. Then there was a magic day when I got out of bed and felt like my old human being self.

Thoughts are with you for that day for you.

All the best,

Amanda B. said...

Keep healing Honeypie. I'm in your home country, running amok, and harassing the natives.

P.S. Canada has Starbucks. I love this place.

August95 said...

Me again, just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope you are getting lots of good sleep and drugs. Have a good night.

Humor Me said...

Sending happy healing thoughts your way.

Take care, rest easy, eat chocolate, drink tea.

Susie said...

Good Saturday morning, kranki! I posted recently about my bookmarks disappearing. Twice, in the last two days, I have begun reconstructing them. Twice, they've disappeared again. Except for one name -- yours. Are you voodooing my bookmarks? ;)

Squirl said...

Hey Kranki, hope you're feeling okay. Did any head crushing occur yesterday or is it too soon?

Just checking in! :-)

kalki said...

Sending a (gentle) hug to you and a head crush to Yoshi!

lawbrat said...

I hope this Saturday evening finds you getting well, and being in good spirits.

Much love.

lawbrat said...

I'm posting right after my last comment, dont worry though, i'm not stalking you. Yet.

Just checkin in, making sure you're comfy.

Its Monday evening.