Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Storm Snooze-Blogged In Real Time

Well, Holy Smokes. ANOTHER storm. ZZzzzzzzzzz...snort...wha?

I believe my area is presently being hit with storm number seventy bitchmillion. But this time we are all sitting up and taking notice. Or they are on the local news stations because they keep on breaking in to my precious TV watching announcing that, yes, we are experiencing another storm. Wind, rain and snow. ScanDAL!!!

In all honesty I am really not too worked up about it. I am taking a NIMBY ('‘not in my back yard'’ is what this stands for in case you didn'’t know. And by you I mean my dad, '‘cause he misuses this term all the time. Still love you though, dad.) approach to it all because while I have seen loads of news footage showing all sorts of my fellow city folk with trees through their roofs and no electricity for days nothing has happened to me. In all honesty I have slept through all of these horrific storms. Either I am very lucky or I have a personal force field. One thing for sure is that I am brutally insensitive to the plight of my fellow man.


Ok, so the scene is that apparently there is a big storm happening RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. There have been winds clocked at 115 km per hour. That is about 71 miles per hour for you 'Merican folks. They have closed the Lion's Gate Bridge. Apparently more trees have fallen in Stanley Park. The weird thing is that I live only blocks from both the bridge and the park and I am looking out my window and the local trees are not even moving. We are talking dead calm here.

I don'’t get it. Overkill or my personal force field at work? Only God knows for sure. I will be blogging The Storm real time. Let the mayhem commence!

6:22-still no sign of any wind or rain. Will hang Yoshi from the balcony as a wind sock to be sure.

7:16-Yoshi lets a stinky fart fly. Must be the extreme change in air pressure. Oh wait...that is only in a hurricane...never mind.

9:25-still no wind except for the aforementioned tooting. Ordered in sustinance to avoid the crowds at the local stores. No looting as of yet but I have had my eye on this rocking vacuum cleaner in the local repair shop window. Hmmmmm...

12:13 am-Storm Snooze has lived up to its name. No wind. No rain. No snow. I'm going to bed.

UPDATE**THE NEXT DAY-Ok, ok, it snowed. So they were right about one thing. But I don't consider this a storm. I consider this snow. It is not a blizzard or anything. Just your garden variety frozen rain.


Twisteduterus said...

how is the milk and bread supply, those seem to fly off the shelves here at the first word of a storm

Madame D said...

Well, down here in Kelso (like 3 hours south of you), we're supposed to have a horrible front that's allready attacking you, and then the REAL bad stuff comes tomorrow. So, be prepared for lots more storm warnings.

katietoyboy said...

Did I mention that you are a rocking funny chick?

Squirl said...

I'm glad that your personal force field is working overtime to protect the area around you. Yoshi probably is too.

happy and blue 2 said...

Glad you avoided the storm(s). Someone needs to be left to call 911..And do the looting..

kalki said...

The Weather Channel should totally hire you to balance out the overdramatic reporters who hang onto trees with one hand and their microphones with the other in order to report the storm. I mean, god, that is so overdone. Your approach is way better.

hemlock said...

Yayyyyyyyyy, you're getting frozen rain and we're getting frozen rain!! All is well in Canuckistan!

Then again, you're not supposed to get much snow, right? Ooops.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Oh, I can't believe that delicate little cat actually FARTS. Are you sure it wasn't a stray burst of lightning?

alan said...

By morning (my morning anyway) I'll probably be wishing for some of your garden variety frozen it's usually glaze, and we measure it in inches. It's due to start here in a few hours!

If I make it to work tonight, it should be fun, though as we have all of the transplants who have come in from all over the country working there now and most of them have never seen an ice storm like we get ice storms!