Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, January 12, 2007

Crush Your Cat's Head Friday-Sharing The Sickness & The Meanness

Most of you know I have a pervasive need to humiliate my cat by dressing her up in cute homemade costumes. You can see them here and here and here. I have to admit doing this makes me laugh in that creepy silent way which then turns into laugh-weeping and then total exhaustion. Highly satisfying and nap worthy.

This Halloween Spoonie asked me to make her two cats themed costumes. She promised me photos but she is super busy with an upcoming move and has abandoned her blog to binge drink. Fortunately for all of us I have photos of Yoshi in both costumes. She was the fit model.

Captain Bly

First Mate


sharkey said...

Kranki, these are awesome! The details (especially the parrots) are incredible!

I predict that you're about to be inundated with orders for custom pet costumes.

Twisteduterus said...

OMG--this is so incredibly funny

snicker snicker

hemlock said...

Kranki... your twisted sense of style (ahem, humour) is just what I need every Friday.

I'm sure Yoshi doesn't REALLY mind, does she?

Dima said...

That is too funny! Yoshi is such a good cat for letting you dress her in all these costumes. Suki would never let me put any of that on her. Maybe I should try again sometime soon!

mrtl said...

I envy you, you know. Would you like to join my business venture? You can do all the work (as I obviously have no talent) and I'll make all the money.

Do you take costume requests, by the way? Would you consider doing a comment contest, where the winner's idea is modeled by Yoshi at a later date?

kalki said...

These are terrific! And I was going to say what mrtl said. You could sell these. Seriously.

JP said...

ARRRRR... That be one fine kitty. Shiver me timbers, she be the pick of the sea litter.. ARRRR... =)

Ever think about making a Yoshi Calendar? Just a thought.

Squirl said...


I love it when you humiliate her with homemade costumes. :)

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

These are fantastic! Not only for the humiliation factor, but for the execution as well.

I do seriously think people would buy these. Or a dressed-up Yoshi calendar. Or both.

Woman, you'd never have to work away from home, ever again.

Tay said...

You amaze me!

Yoshi sure is good, but do I detect a little, "someday I'm gonna get you for all of this" in the eyes?

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! I will echo the statements about a possible home business brewing...cats and dogs!!!

Love you,
Mrs.(soon to be ex) B

Snap said...

That's hilarious. Mucho taliento.

lawyerchik said...

I think Siamese cats are genetically patient like that. My cousin had a Siamese cat when she was little - she dressed poor Rascal up in baby clothes and wheeled him around in a baby stroller. He never retaliated.

However, while I'm philosophically opposed to dressing animals in costumes, your costumes are adorable. :) Thanks for sharing them.

happy and blue 2 said...

I can't believe any animal would sit still long enough to dress them let alone have their picture taken..

Udge said...

Some people don't have enough work to do! ;-) But the costumes are brilliant and you could indeed make a -- well, maybe not a whole living, but surely a very nice little side income from this. Go for it.