Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Inbox Surprise

This nasty little pervert fucker just emailed me with a friend request from Facebook.



Susie said...

That must feel so creepy. Bastard. I'd be tempted to accept his "friendship," and put in the "How do you know this motherfucker?" section, "He is a nasty lowlife pervert peeping tom who used to spy on me in the shower."
Blech. People like him are so clueless; clearly, he remains that way even years later.

HAR said...

I hold grudges when it comes to this type of revolting and sleezy behavior.
I feel for you because you were made to see this fucker even after everyone knew what he did. It wasn't like he did it once either. Not that that matters but he did it for YEARS! He could be arrested for this in the USA. Not that he would get much time.
What ever happened to him, do you know?
I don't know much about facebook. I'm an old timer. Tell him to fuck off.

mrtl said...

Accept and call him out. Freakin' perv.

I'm sorry this is all dredged up.

here today, gone tomorrow said... him out. Don't worry about how he feels - let him have it and leave it at that. He gets to hear the truth, but he doesn't get to engage with you. Like susie says, odds are, he won't get what the "big deal" is, but you will have expressed yourself to him. And that's okay. My two cents. And I'm sorry that this happened.

Circe said...

Kranki, I read your past post and got furious right along with you. I cannot believe your parents acted like it was no big deal. It WAS a big deal and your feelings should have been validated and action taken toward this detestable pervert. Whether you accept his Facebook request or not, I would write him a long cathartic email or letter and get your feelings out in the open. It makes me wonder what kind of individual he has grown up to be. He was done NO favors by getting away with this!!


eclectic said...

Bleh. Call him out. If you want.

Anonymous said...

shall i castrate him for you?

I have the technology or at least the tools and knowhow

Anonymous said...

I say let tu have a go at him!

JP said...

Freakin' perv!! I'll create a JP original invention just for you. The virtual crotch bat!!!