Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Uptight Dork Seeks Same

Good news! I got the Flickr/Yahoo! thing all figured out. They actually have an email form you can fill out for help and they actually answer your email. Unlike some other entity I know *coughBloggercough*. They will even answer your email again when their first emailed suggestions don’t work. So long story short they automatically flipped my Flickr account into a Yahoo! account using my Flickr identity (not my email) matched with my Flickr password. I didn’t know this and when I went to sign into Flickr it linked directly to Yahoo! log-in which is already set up with my original Yahoo! account information. So now I have two Yahoo! accounts: my original one and the one they made out of my Flickr account. Hence the issue with log-in. Now that I know about this second account I have access.

So yeaaaaay!

And what the fuck where they thinking?

So I was in the car today with my mom and we were talking about people and how often just a few wreck it for the majority. We hear this a lot from my dad who is a property manager and looks after several buildings in the downtown area. Most have on-site managers but a couple small ones don’t so he gets to deal with issues first hand. With all the crazy stuff my poor dad has to handle with tenants it is a miracle he hasn’t lost his mind. I know I’d freak out.

And the weird thing is that so many of these people don’t even think about how their so-called little lapses accumulate and add up to some serious hassle.

So after gossiping about various people we have heard about who live their lives selfishly thereby negatively affecting others I came to this conclusion,

“There are people who notice stuff and people who just don’t.”

I happen to be one of those people who notice stuff. Unfortunately I notice stuff in such minute detail it is actually a huge pain in the ass. Cleaning my apartment is often hell. I start on the big stuff and then get lost in the tiny stuff. I hate fingerprints and notice them on my desk top, cabinets, and glass. Don’t even talk to me about smears. Stains freak me out. It is not so much that I am a neat freak because I am actually not. It is just small imperfections are incredibly obvious to me.

Chips in the paintwork, spotted chrome, crooked pictures, dead leaves on plants….

I don’t know why.

For instance every time I wash my floors I wash the outside of my front door too. I polish the door knob and knocker and wipe off all the scuff marks on the base of the door from the toes of my shoe. You know those black marks from when you use your foot to push the door open if your hands are full?

But every day when I walk down the hallway of my building to get to my apartment I notice all the dirty scuffed marked and fingerprinty doors of my neighbours and wonder how they do not notice the dirt and clean their doors.

I then have to remind myself that most people just don’t notice this stuff. They are not bad or nasty. They just don’t see.

But what pisses me off is when some asshole spills half their latte down the wall of the elevator and doesn’t clean it up. Or lets their dog poop in the lobby. Or leaves dirty panties behind in the laundry room. How can you not notice that stuff?!?! Is it that they don’t notice or don’t care?

Sadly, us folks who notice stuff always appear like uptight bitchy dorks to those who don’t notice.

But even though I can get driven to distraction by these details they can also delight me in strange ways.

I recently bought some fabric to make pillows exactly because if you look reeeaaaallly close at the pattern it is filled with all sorts of weird and wacky shit. To just glance at it you would think it was some sort of childish fabric.

Oh no! No, no, no, no no….

"Hey Fluffy Bunny! I'm Timmy Raccoon. Can I play with you and your scythe?"

"OK! While I build a boat you dig a mean a cool hole!"

"Haha! See ya, Timbo! Hope you like swimming without a life-vest!"
"Why I LOVE swimming Fluffy Bunny! Wait for me!"

"Oh Hey! Feel like a campfire?
"Why yes, Fluffy Bunny, I do although my blue vest is knitted from nice cooling asbestos."

But Mister Bunny was bored of Timmy Raccoon and wanted to go home for a snack.

Bye bye, Timmy Raccoon.

The End.


mrtl said...

that fabric is brilliant

whfropera said...

and so wonderfully inappropriate.

alan said...

Not only can I not believe someone wove that, but that in this whole world you were the one to find it!

You are amazing!


Circe said...

I fall into the "don't notice" category. It's not that I don't care, I am just blissfully unaware of the minute imperfections around me. However, if I DO notice, OMG is it ever obvious and something should be done about it. :)

Love your running commentary on the fabric pictures. Too funny!!! And those eyes of Timmy Raccoon suggest he kicked the bucket and ain't just sleeping!

HAR said...

Get some small stick it pads. Everytime you come across a dirty door that has really been neglected, write a little note and post it quickly.
Just do it for an experiment to amuse yourself. Then see if anyone cleans it up.
I'm sorry but I am the Queen of finding various ways to make myself feel better while wasting my time on nonsense like "posting and running."

Squirl said...

Sometimes I notice the little things. But sometimes I can look at those things and not see them at all.

That fabric is sooo wrong. I love it!

Madame D said...

That fabric rocks. I am in total love with it. Reminds me of a quilt I saw with a little Holly Hobby type girl who was killing herself and others in the various squares.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Off topic...I've been checking on your Twitter entries. What's going on with Yoshi?

eclectic said...

Boy, some raccoon somewhere pissed off somebody who designs fabric!!! And like HTGT, I'm curious why is Yoshi on a hunger strike?

lawyerchik said...

I just noticed: the racoon is tied up in the last frame.... YIKES. Fluffy Bunny is a serial killer rabbit? :)

east village idiot said...

That is hilarious.

Gimme a sign said...

Oh, that fabric is so horribly, awfully, gruesomely wonderful!

candy said...

i would LOVE to make a pillow out of that fabric too! then i'd see how long it takes people to notice the disturbing images :)

i notice things like you do. my husband thought i was crazy the other day because i was walking around the apartment cleaning doors. he is of the "don't notice" group. but that kind of stuff drives me batty until i can clean it.

JP said...

OMG!!! How did I miss that post!!! That is absolutely hysterical!! Does it come in BLUE???? =)