Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, August 31, 2007

Crush Your Cat's Head Friday-MY HEAD is in Jeopardy Today

I’ve never claimed to be a patient person but right at this moment I am losing my fucking mind. So much so that Yoshi is in danger of a head crushing for reals. After my own head explodes.

Ok, here is the thing.

I went to sign-in to my Flickr account today and was immediately diverted to a Yahoo sign-in page. Ok, whatever. I know all about how these sites buy each other out so I did what they told me and signed into my Yahoo! account. It then took me to a page where it asked if I wanted to start up a new Flickr account or associate my old one with my Yahoo! account. Well, obviously, yes, I would very much like to merge the two accounts opposed to starting up a new one. So it asked me to provide my Flickr account ID and password to do that.

This is where it gets very ugly.

I have all my log-ins and passwords saved per Windows XP’s auto-prompt security feature so I haven’t actually had to physically type in my Flickr info since I started the account a few years ago. But for some reason when prompted this time to log into Flickr my computer didn’t automatically fill in my info. I had to do it manually.

No biggie because to keep things simple I use the same email address and password for pretty much everything frivolous like this. I know this is supposedly dangerous but I figure if anybody wants to hack into my Flickr account and mess with my Yoshi costume pics they can do it. It would probably crack me up more than annoy me.

So I entered my info and Flickr told me that it was wrong.

This is slightly possible as it has been a couple years since I had to type in this info myself and I might have done something different password-wise that long ago in a fit of originality. Yet I am about 95% sure I’ve got the right password. Sadly I am just not very original that often.

Well, it gives you the option to click on that dreaded “Lost Your Password?” link where you have to answer a bitch million questions to retrieve your info. So I did that and it gave me my info. Except it is the ID and password to my Yahoo! account and not my Flickr one.


I tried it anyway to see if they had automatically merged my two accounts together and they now both had the same password but they don’t. It doesn’t work. I still get prompted to enter my original Flickr password etc. WHICH ALSO DOES NOT WORK!!! Because it is apparently wrooooooooonnnnggggg!

I have now entered a cyclic hell of internet password angst. I cannot access my Flickr page anymore and I cannot seem to find the right path to get that crucial info retrieved.

Can somebody heeeeeeellpp meeeee and get my frickin’ blood pressure down? I’ll bake you cookies!

Yoshi's New Favourite Sleeping Position:

Hiding Head From Potential Crushing


lawyerchik said...

YIPE. Maybe it's just that the two merged somehow and the Flickr stuff and the Yahoo! stuff combined to form a mutant photo password baby?

I found this press release that might help (emphasis on the word "might"):

It seems to imply that the new Flickr access should be the Yahoo! account stuff... Hopefully that is the case. It would be a seriously tragic loss if Yoshi photos vanished into Internet limbo....

Circe said...

I have a similar dilemma with ICQ. I had a username and password from years ago (like '98) and I don't want another number. I like MY number. Well one evening while quaffing a yummy glass of wine I decided to change my password. (Never be this foolhardy.) Of course the next time I wanted to get into ICQ, I had no earthly idea what I changed my password to. I have tried EVERYTHING. I finally resorted to "can't remember your password" page and they want my email address...which happens to be an addy I used in '98 and closed years ago. What do I do now? *whines loudly*

Can't they just reset and let me keep my beloved number with all my old contacts? I feel your pain.


Sharkey said...

I know this feeling! I can't tell you how many times I've been through this--both with my mom's account and my own.

One thing that saved us with my mom's account is that she was displaying her email address in her Flickr profile--that way, we at least knew what the user name was. I see your email is displayed too--does that help?

Sorry--hope you get it figured out!

Susie said...

I hate this kind of crap. I hope flickr will help you out, either from emailing the flickr people, or posting on a flickr user board or something.

So frustrating.

alan said...

My sons tell me it will get me in trouble, but I have a handful of passwords I use for everything; alphanumeric, as I've grown into those, but only 4 or 5. I've still been locked out of accounts because some only give you 3 tries, but most times I get the right ones, lol!

So far, anyway!

I feel like joining Yoshi after this last week!

Have a great weekend!


HAR said...

Any luck with the account?

lawyerchik said...

TAG!! Gotcha.

Squirl said...

Oh, good luck getting your password. I hate it when I've not had to put a password in and then forget when I really need it.

eclectic said...

Flickr's being a bitch to me, too. I haven't been able to get in for weeks now. Sorry, I have no help to offer, but if you figure it out, I'll bake YOU cookies!

Candy said... it possible you had the caps lock on?

And I don't know what this means, but your word verification today was "mingsex." That's one I haven't tried.