Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mad Props for my Bloggies. WORD!

A couple weeks ago I was nominated as an inspirational blogger by Hit and Run. She is a fellow cancerous chick who totally held it together as a single mom with two young girls while undergoing chemo, radiation and surgeries for breast cancer. Well, the feeling is definitely mutual. Anybody who can keep it going with kids, let alone while feeling like ass on a grand scale, has nothing but my admiration and respect. HAR totally rocks. Fact is all the blogs I follow inspire me in some way. I wouldn’t read them if they didn’t resonate on some level. What some bloggers may not know is that I usually lurk. I actually only comment on very few of the blogs I visit on a daily basis. I can assure you, if you have visited me I’ve been by your blog several times at least if not everyday. I might not comment because, quite honestly, I am quite shy.

Here are a few blogs I find inspirational for one reason or another. You might find them interesting as well.

Random and Odd-Kristine and I have something in common. We both have anxiety disorders that affect and limit our lives in some way or another. She inspires me because she not only keeps her sense of humour about it all but is able to convey very eloquently what it is like to navigate a busy life under these circumstances. She has a huge (and gorgeous) family that she takes care of and I simply don’t know how she does it. It would be an understatement to say it cannot be easy.

The Blog Pound-Leigh-Ann lives in Las Vegas with her partner Flippy. A fellow Canadian, she runs a home based animal rescue operation where she predominately takes in orphaned kittens and ill animals. She bottle feeds and nurses these poor pookers back to health without any significant outside financial help. She and Flippy pay out of pocket to spay and neuter animals they find as well. The time and effort she spends on her fur babies is very inspirational. She is continually researching and investigating the best food for her charges and recently has started making all her own dog and cat food from scratch. I can assure you there are dogs and cats out there that wouldn’t have made it without the exceptional care and love from Leigh-Ann.

WTFsanjo-I cannot remember how I found Katie but she is also a fellow breast cancer babe. She is also only 28 years old. Her sense of humour about the vile stuff she has had to go through is mind-blowingly inspirational. She has also proudly posted photos of her recent mastectomy and reconstruction. Something I have thought about doing a lot but always chickened out on.

Lost in a World Awhirl-Alan always knows just the right thing to say in the comment section. He is cheerful, uplifting and inspirational. He works his ass off, cooks, cleans, does laundry, and treats his wife like gold as well as gets up to all sorts of stuff with his kids and grandkids. This guy lives a very full life and he always reminds me to enjoy the little things.

Electric Boogaloo-Tiffany can write about her boys, Nicolaus and Graham like nobody else. Descriptive and irreverent, she makes their every quirk fascinating and hilarious. Even when they are being bad they are funny and cute and adorable. She is also an awesome artist and photographer. I cannot wait until she puts up a new post so I can laugh over what has been going on at her house. You may know her as the former owner of Mos the Harbil Starving Dag.

Subversive Cross-Stitch-Julie mailed me a cross-stitch pattern and I’ve been hooked since. This new hobby is one of the few things that really relaxes me so I am eternally grateful. She also has a cat, Boone, who could be Yoshi’s twin brother. She inspires me to be creative and craft fun stuff. She also rocks as she is maintaining a successful business through her creative crafting. Awesome!

What Was I Thinking-most of you know Susie and her wonderful blog. This chick always writes so beautifully about funny life things or serious life things or scary life things. Such talent! She always knows just what to say and I respect that greatly. Lately she has been dealing with WTF and still is able to keep up her blog writing poignant and emotional posts. She is one brave and excellent lady.

KLOG-Kalki is another gal who can write a hilarious description of a recent Target visit and then the very next day describe in heart-breaking detail the rich and fulfilling relationship she has with her husband. For a gal so young she really gets it. Such an old soul. And, like me, she makes up with caternal instinct what she lacks in maternal urges.

I could go on and on about so many blogs I love but I’ll keep it from getting unruly around here. So ladies and gents-thanks for the inspiration.

I have never done this before but I would love for you all to de-lurk and tell me what/what inspires you.


HAR said...

Wow Krankster, You gave me a lot to think about here. I learned two things about you that I did not know. 1. You are somewhat shy. 2. You have anxiety.

I suffer from anxiety myself. I have never really posted much about it because it could become an "issue" because of my job. I will say this: My fucking meds are so expensive. They just went up again and I'm pissed. How is that for a shallow comment about anxiety?
Thanks for the blog list. I am going to check them out. I already found Alan and Kalki from you.
I will say it again, if it were not for you and this blog, I would not even have a bkog. I love your blog and love Yoshi days and stories. Keep on truckin...

Anonymous said...

Who inspires me? Well, you for one. You've been through an awful lot yourself, you know! And you write about it with humor and grace. But it's not just All Cancer, All The Time around here--I also enjoy the posts about your 'old life' in the film industry, and of course Ms. Yoshi.

Sharkey said...

Okay, I don't know what happened, but Anonymous up there is me!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Who inspires me? Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. have always my top inspirations. Also Madonna. Yes, Madonna. I admire her drive, her "I don't give a shit what you think about me" attitude, her willingness to grow, especially spiritually. I've always admired her. My parents. My fellow bloggers, whom I adore, even tho' I've never met any of you, because you face day-to-day life, tragic and happy, with humor, intelligence, and good grace - and you share it with the rest of us. You, von k. You inspire me.

kalki said...

I'm honored. Thank you. And you know how highly I regard you.

I'm often inspired by the little moments - something seemingly insignificant that makes me pause, shows me beauty in a place unexpected, reminds me how lucky I am.

Susie said...

I have insomnia, and I love you. Not necessarily in that order. xxx

alan said...

I don't know quite what to say besides thank you...

I'd have never dreamed when I wandered into this world a couple of years ago all the places it would take me!

Meeting you here has been one of the highlights!


Squirl said...

I didn't realize that you read Electric Boogaloo. I'd tell you that I'm a constant reader over there, but if you read comments, you know I am. I'm not at all shy. What I say may be dorky, but I love to comment there.

A lot of different bloggers inspire me. You're one of them. Not only did you make it through cancer with your humor intact, you let us follow along with you on that wild, terrible ride. You have such strength, I admire you. Too bad our schedules didn't work so that we could meet this summer.

Susie is another blogger who inspires me. I've always loved her posts and great sense of humor. But she's still showing her face as often as she can with WTF dogging her every step. We just need a cure for her now, too.

I know there are more, bloggers and non-bloggers alike who inspire me. My brain just isn't working that way right now.

Ern said...

I am inspired by people who are honest. Not just who tell the truth, but who are just themselves, with no apologies. Since I tend to be a bit quiet and not let my rowdier side out so often, I admire people who can.

There are blogs that seem that way (some of which you mentioned) and IRL people who inspire me by being that way.

hemlock said...

This is a great list of blogs. I think I might have to add some new ones to my list! I just need more time to read these suckers!

What inspires me? People who are able to take on difficult times with humour. Humour makes the world go round. The sooner people realize that, the better.

We need more smiles and less killing.

Flippy said...

Aw, that was really nice to write about Leigh-Ann and our zoo. Yeah, the critters can be expensive and we're really beyond our limit now, but when you find an 8 week old kitten on your doorstep, someone has to take care of it. It seems to be us. Today was really exciting because I got Dobby (the possibly feral kitten - we don't know where she came from) to take pieces of kibble from my hand. Mostly, she's afraid of us, but LOVES the other cats.

Off the top of my head, here are two blogs I find inspirational - Laurie's blog ( ), because I love the fact that when she was diagnosed, she wasn't all nicey-nice about it, she was pissed off and it showed. It was honest. One of my other favorite blogs is Here Be Hippogriffs ( ) - she's one of the bigger infertility bloggers around. She's had 11 miscarriages (ack!) and is now pregnant with twins. Ordinarily, an infertility blog wouldn't be what I'd find myself reading (I'm gay, don't have any kids, and now that I'm 43, kind of chronically sick with fibromyalgia, and financially rocky, don't plan on having human kids), but her writing is fabulous. It's one of the blogs that is always at the top of my reading list.

Leigh-Ann said...

Thank you so much! I've been on "Internet break" for the past couple weeks, so I missed seeing this blog entry (and missed all the great traffic you sent me, too!). I feel honoured to think that I inspire anyone, let alone someone who's overcome so much herself. I'll remember this on my frustration days :) Smooch!