Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memories of Summers Past-Well, Last Monday Anyway.

Friend: I really love your purse.

Me: Thanks! I just got it. It is a vegan purse.

Friend's Boyfriend: What? It is made out of vegans?


candy said...

how fun! (the costumes and the weekend).

my doggy wouldn't do too well with costumes :( i tried to put a little rain slicker-type coat on my dog once (because she's a little princess who won't go out in the rain) and she just stood perfectly still, completely confused, i think, and wouldn't move. so that pretty much defeated the purpose of a jacket to keep of the rain if she won't even take a step while wearing it!

but maybe she was just offended by the STYLE of the jacket & just needs something trendier!

alan said...

Can't even seem to keep a collar on Frankie; any tighter and he wouldn't need one! I can't imagine trying to dress Angel!



here today, gone tomorrow said...

*snork!* Friend's Boyfriend is quick.

HAR said...

So what is wrong with your friend?

Which style did you purchase? I'm just curious.

Robin said...


HAR said...

Us three over here are demanding a Yoshi picture.
O.k. maybe we are kindly requesting?

Squirl said...

Smart-ass. ;-)