Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Day At The Doctor

That will teach me! I have been spouting off at the mouth about how lucky I have been with all my chemos having little side effects (other than earth shattering constipation) or difficulties. Then I went and got a FEVER yesterday. When you are being chemofied it is bad news to get sick, as your immune system just isn’t up to par. That is why a cancer fever is better written as FEVER. I was a very bad girl and didn’t call my doctor like I am supposed to in these situations, as I didn’t want to be sent to the hospital. I got a ‘talking to’ today and now know the importance of staying in touch blah blah blah. I did find out that I wouldn’t have to go to emergency but to the Cancer Clinic, which has a couple beds set aside just for us cancer folks with a FEVER. Much better than sitting for hours in a germy emergency department waiting room. Ew! Anyway, I am still getting those injections so my FEVER may have actually been caused by my white blood cell count being very high. Okaaaaayyy.

So I got some other news today too at my doctor's appointment that kind of sucks but maybe not. First of all I have one more chemo appointment than I thought I did. So that makes me a little over half way through at this point. I was originally going to get 6 treatments but that has now turned into 9 (AAAARRRRGGGGG!!!) with the change in protocol. This really pisses me off as I am starting to believe my treatment is turning into The Never Ending Chemo Appointment From HELL. They just keep on adding more and more. It all works out to be the same amount of chemo in the long run but I hate that my completion date is now a whole month further along that originally thought.

The second bad news is that they think I might have cancer in my other breast. I knew this was a possibility as my type of cancer has a 25% chance of showing up over there. However this still sucks. They also saw cancer in the original cancerous breast but I knew they didn’t get it all when they did the lumpectomy. Overall I am not too upset/freaked/worried as I am doing everything I can to fight my cancer anyway so nothing would change overall and my decision to get both breasts removed at my next surgery is not too far out of line after all. But cancer is never a good word to hear in relation to one’s body. This is not 100% sure yet as the radiologist has to look at both the MRI and ultrasound results and piece everything together. I will absolutely let you know what the final results are.

It is also hot today. Chemo and heat don’t mix. I live right by the ocean so usually I get a nice breeze. The summer so far has been very moderate heat-wise. But today is cooking. And since I have chemo tomorrow I had to clean and wash and do laundry in the heat. Not pretty. My mom totally helps me with this so I am lucky and quite spoiled. Yet I still complain.

I will try and post tomorrow depending on how I feel before my chemo. If I don’t get to it everybody have a great weekend! You’ll hear from me in a few days.


carla said...

Best wishes. I started reading here a while back, and I am keeping you in my thoughts. It is definitely feeling more summer-ish here in Van, huh?

Squirl said...

Oh, I'm sorry it wasn't all great news that you got from your doctor. More chemo, that sucks. Well, they're doing their best to make you well. I hope it happens sooner than they think. If you don't get a chance to get on here tomorrow then good luck with this treatment and have a good weekend.

jar said...

Am sending positive thoughts your way. Would send you cool breezes also but it's as hot as hell in Virginia. There are no breezes of any sort to be found today.

Candace said...

I'm sorry your protocol keeps changing. That has to suck. And a fever is no good, but a FEVER is even worse.

Hang in there....

Von Krankipantzen said...

carla-Hey! Thanks for delurking! Are you a fellow Vancouverite? Are you going to the fireworks tonight? Thanks for all the good thoughts.

squirl-Thanks so much! Yeah, I am getting very good care and that is how I try to look at it all. Getting better. Have a good weekend too!

jar-I'll send some ocean breezes to Virgina for you. When they show up here that is. Thanks for the positive thoughts. I need them right now.

misfit-Yes, a FEVER is not good but at least it wasn't a FEVAH! That is with a hand across the brow. I think that is a tepmerature over 102. I am hangin' in there....sorta! I hate bad news.

L.Bo said...

First, I suppose it could always be a FEEEEVER!!!, but this totally sucks. Second, I do hope its from having too many white cells, and not from infection. Third, don't make me come out there and babysit you so you get the care you should have. Because you know I will and while I'm not your mother, I'm one mean mother as my kids will tell you. Especialy about things like this. If you really want to experience the neverending chemo appointment from hell, just make me come out there.

And perhaps having cancer in the other breast sucks even more! So would this potential cancer have just sprung up while you are undergoing chemotherapy? How is that possible? Anyway, at least the treatment protocol won't change and add yet more chemo parties to your calendar. I think you are already having entirely too much fun. When will you get news from the radiologist?

Swine heat! Just one more aggravation to have to deal with. I hope tomorrow involves many cool breezes. By the way, speaking of heat, love from D, who left his cell phone on his SUV dash and the thermometer on it registered 71 degrees celsius, which for our American friends is 158.9 degrees fahrenheit. EEK!

I hope all goes well tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed it won't be delayed because of the FEVER.

Julie , who is standing over my shoulder, says lots of love from her and she will eat good things on your behalf. Much love from us all and great big hugs! We will be thinking about you tomorrow.

L.Bo said...

Actually we think and talk about you every day, just a few extra times on chemo days.

pablum said...


Sorry to hear about all the extra perks you keep getting but hell you have an amazingly strong attitude. I send my feel-good vibes your way and big juicy Pablo hugs your way. Go figure, it is now Septemberlike in Montreal whereas it was 42 degrees just a few days ago. Egad! Will try to me

Toady Joe said...

1. Pablum: I *love* that name. Wish I'd thought of it. Grrrr. Anyway just had to blurt that out. LOVE it.

2. Back to our regularly scheduled broadcast:

Kranki - try to think of it as "all that extra MEDICINE that will MAKE YOU WELL", as opposed to the neverending chemo regime. Maybe that will help??? Best of luck to you, and sorry to hear the bad news. Here's hoping you take a major turn for the BETTER, and real soon. Hang in there, keep yer dukes up.

snaps79 said...

I'm not family, but I think about you every day, too. Even if I don't comment. Do they give you little bits of good news, even when they deliver the bad? Just to even it out a bit?

Von Krankipantzen said...

lbo-I don't know when this other breast cancer came up. It doesn't show in a mamogram which is all I have had done to that booby until now. I am actually surprised that they haven't paid more attention to it. Thanks for all the lovin' and good thoughts. And please don't come over to teach me any lessons. Yikes! Mom is on my ass enough.

Pablum -he who goes down smooth! Thanks, guy, for the hugs and kind words. You rock.

Toady Joe-it is a great name , isn't it? I am trying to put a positive spin on it all but sometimes it is hard. I will get my mind wrapped around it in time. Just need that time-a couple of days. I'll keep my dukes up and thanks for all the good vibes.

HDL-that is so sweet! You are too good to me. There wasn't a lot of good news today but they didn't seem too concerned over this other possible cancer. I will know for sure in a couple weeks what is up with that. I guess the good news is that the Neupogen is working and my white bloood cell count is really high. THAT is good news even if it doesn't sound like it.

L.Bo said...

Do you promise to be good?!

JessicaRabbit said...

Hey lady you take care of yourself, keep cool and get all the kitty lovin you can. I will be thinking good thoughts for you and hoping they get those cabana boys in there to rub your feet for this next chemo like you deserve!

abcd said...

You sounded like Sarah with the
FEVER and the HOSPITAL. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Getting cured is a long process, but it's a cure for life. The addtl. chemo try and think of it as an insurance policy. (that is what I told Sarah)
Tell your cousin she can post. I did not realize one of the sister's
changed the comment area. I am sure
it was by accident.

We are waving our pom-poms over here as your cheerleaders in the fight.


kalki said...

Argh. I'm thinking about you, Stacey.

Sharkey said...

Ugh! Chemo is such a mental game; it sucks that they keep changing the rules on you.

Crossing my fingers for good results on your tests, and sending cool compresses to help with the FEVER. Okay, they probably wouldn't be very cool by the time they got to you, so scratch that. Cool thoughts--how's that?

laura said...

I'm just thinking of you - not happy at all about the additional bad news, and I believe I may just have to come up there and kick some ass. I hope the FEVER goes away soon, and that you start getting good news soon.

LadyBug said...

I'm so glad you have your mom there to help you.

Hope today's chemofication isn't too hard on you, and you can return to your blog friends soon.

mrtl said...

Hugs to you, honey!

Von Krankipantzen said...

lbo- yes I PROMISE! Geez, so mom-like!

jessica r- I told the nurses about your cabana boy idea and everyone is on board. Think it is an excellent idea. Maybe one will be there this time. Hope!

swlf-you are so right. The only thing keeping me from going INSANE is that extra cancer insurance part. I have to keep remebering that part. I'll let lbo know about your comments section. Hugs to you Nikki!

kalki-arg! That is exactly my mental sound effects right now. Thanks!

sharkey-ah, cool thoughts. Sounds lovely. I am feeling much better now. And you are so right too-it is a mental game. I keep on getting psyched out.

laura-thanks so much. Yes! Somebody needs an ass kicking aroudn here. The FEVER is gone and I am feeling better. See, working already.

ladybug-I am so thankful for The Momma. She helps so much. I'll be back soon! Don't worry!

mrtl-thanks for the hugs. They are muchly appreciated.

L.Bo said...

Only when I have to be ;p

whfropera said...

what do you mean you didnt go to the dr? i am sending a certain 4-year old to whup yo ass - that is all.
:) hope you feel better, xoxo

Anonymous said...

/stacey, you are amazing. Tell that booby of yours to cast out that devil cancer, if it is there (I am crossing my fingers that it is NOT). Coast heat is sweaty, keep cool with juicy cold oranges and frozen grapes.

Love you,