Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Holy Rush, Santa!


I have been soooo busy the last couple of days I haven’t had the time to blog properly. I went to a Christmas Party/Gathering type thingy on Sunday night and woke up with the most terrible hangover Monday morning that incapacitated me all day. This hangover was very strange, as I didn’t drink a drop O’ The Booze. Or even eat any food. Only Diet Coke for me. What made me so terribly sick was all the second hand smoke I breathed in all night. I must be a delicate flower after all my treatments or something as not only was it vile at the time but it was the gift that kept on giving after the fact.

The good news is that my friends totally spoiled Yoshi and me rotten. They are really good to me.

Then today was a doctor appointment and then some grocery shopping and last minute Christmas baking at my mom and dad’s house. My mom and I really zoned out this year. Normally we send a Christmas package full of yummy treats to my cousin Lbo and her kids in Alberta. This year her military husband is in Afghanistan and we sent him a huge Christmas goody package very early. So somehow, in our minds, we thought we were done. Suddenly the other day it occurred to me that we needed to compile another one for the rest of the family. DER! We did that all tonight in a marathon cooking spree.

So there you go. I am feeling pretty good energy-wise and making sure all my appointments allow me sleep-in time. That seems to do the trick. Yoshi has been having loads of fun delicately and methodically ripping all the bows off of all the presents under the tree. She has also taken to dragging the gifts all over the house by their ribbons. I am continuously yelling at her to LEAVE THAT ALONE!!! She is evil.

Tomorrow evening I have some extra time so I will visit all your blogs then and catch up on comments. I will also catch up on commenting on all the comments you have left for me over the last few days. I will also try to think up something witty to post. Honestly, I will try.

Thanks for being so patient with me. I am a slow typer so getting all that accomplished might take some time but I will get it done.

How are your holiday preparations unfolding?


fueltank said...

At the speed of life, with the help of Chester and Fergus. The bows-and-wrapping attacks continue unabated, often as gurellia actions during the overnight periods of darkness.

Unseen gangs of bandits roam freely while local authorities sleep, unable to patrol around the clock. So far damage has been limited to bows and wrapring, but fears are that the days ahead will see heavier casualites. The tree has yet to be mounted, which for the moment has meant that it is off the radar of the gangs. All that will change this evening when ceremonies and decorations begin. Undercover agents will infiltrate the proceedings as they seem to do at will, disguised as trusted members of the family. Despite all precautions local authorities have been unable to detect these agents or deter their destructive behaviour.

While last years activities were relatively quiet there is fear of a repeat of the attacks of two years ago, when the tree was taken down on successive nights. Further, a series of foil ingestions at unknown times led to same tense moments in the litter box as evidence of the consumption was discovered. All turned out well, however.

Turns out I have no idea how to spell,, gorilla. No wonder I can't stop the little bastards.

abcd said...

Your posts are always very witty,
so no fretting about a special
witty post "doctor's orders!".
Those fatigue hangovers are almost as bad as an booze induced hangover, except you don't have the urge to barf!
We all hope you have a very Merry

Love Nikki
and all the sisters

abcd said...

Oh I forgot-Sarah would have been
very proud of your post title
"cheese with this whine"
I did a double take when I read the title-I thought OH MY it's
SARAH and it made me laugh :)

spoonleg said...

I can't even WRAP a damn present without Oscar stalking and attacking and biting holes in the fucking paper, not to mention the BOWS. It's a disaster. And the more I rush to wrap it up, the more determined he becomes to attack the ever living shit out of it until it's DEAD. I hope no one minds holy, wrinkled, gnawed at gifts, because that's what they're getting.

Sorry about your second hand smoke hangover- that sucks! You didn't even get to enjoy the benefits of a drunken celebratory night before enduring the suckage of a hangover. Man what a gyp! Get lots of rest and enjoy your holidays!

Twisteduterus said...

glad you are feeling better!

kalki said...

"I am a slow typer..." You are too cute. And my cats are bow-rippers and draggers, too. And ribbon-gnawers. And flap-tearers.

happyandblue2 said...

Thanks for the update.
Sorry you were sick from the smoke. At least it gave you a chance to pretend you were hungover which is fun, ha,ha..
Glad Yoshi has got into the Christmas spirit. In a cat Christmas spirit way..

LadyBug said...

Give yourself the gift of not stressing out over not posting or not visiting blogs or not responding to comments. Everyone's busy this time of year. Everyone understands.

DEEP (second-hand-smoke-free) BREATH.

Hugs to you, dear.

Divine Calm said...

Cats unwrapping gifts...the best gift of all.

Dima said...

Diet coke hangovers are awesome!

I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. I don't know where to start!

I think you need to cover Yoshi up in bows to show her that bows are not toys!

eclectic said...

Puppy + Christmas tree. I feel your pain.

Candace said...

Unfolding more rapidly than I had hoped, yet here I sit, reading and commenting.


snaps79 said...

I love that Yoshi is being naughty. It makes me feel better about my deviant beasts.

I leave tomorrow for Xmas, and will be packing tonight. It's going to suck (the packing, not the trip).

Glad to hear you're doing well. Give Yoshi a head crusher for me!

Precisiongirl said...

Howdy Kranki, Long time no blog, eh?

Glad to hear things are on the up and up...

Only one month (or thereabouts) until my birthday and your new bazookas - huzzah!!

east village idiot said...

You are so sweet to bake all those cookies for your cousin. I bet she'll really appreciate it. I hope her husband returns very soon. Are you still making jewelry kranki

Closet Metro said...

Sweet Kranki, take a break. Have some herbal tea and a nap. While you're sleeping, Yoshi can play with the bows on the presents. You'll wake up rested, she'll be entertained, all will be good.

Von Krankipantzen said...

fuel-and so the season begins... This comment is priceless. Little shits. And I can't spell guerrila (?) either.

nikki-sadly I cannot blame fatigue for my symptoms as I was in bed by 11 pm. And boy was I nauseous too. I really think it was the second hand smoke. It was pretty thick with it and I was there for 5 hours. Or maybe it was a 24 hour bug. Not too sure but a gross Monday anyway. I am so glad your reminder of Sarah made you laugh. So glad!

spoonie-that little shit, Oscar! But seriously cute. Yoshi gets behind the tree and I hear it shake with her mischief. When confronted she looks up at me all innocent and I cannot get too mad at her.

twisted u-thanks. I really do feel better now.

kalki-but I am! And I think cats secretly invented the gift giving part of Christmas for their pleasure alone. Once again=little shits.

happyandblue2-I haven't had a drink in years but the hangover memory remains. Very distinctive. Very icky.

ladybug-thanks for the hug. Deep breath taken. Feeling better.

divine calm-that is so true. Very cute in a naughty way.

dima-I am sure you'll pull off a dynamic shopping session and kick ass. Yoshi loves anything sticky like tape or bows so no lesson would be learned. She would simply be in heaven.

eclectic-oooooh, yeah. Sorry 'bout that.

misfit-I have seen your latest post and am feeling your pain. Maybe unwinding in front of the computer is just what you need right now.

hdl-are you taking all the beasts with you? OMG!

precision girl-so glad to see you typing aroudn here. Take care!

easty-it is fun to bake with my mom so it is really more for us. Unfortunately I cannot make jewellery anymore as I don't have a studio. One day again I will do some creating.

closet metro-thanks guy! I have been in my PJs all day and had a nap. Yoshi is sleeping by the window and has ingested no foreign objects from the tree. All IS good!