Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm a Survivor

Well. Another Christmas over and not a moment too soon. Overall my actual Christmas was wonderful. I was spoiled rotten by my family and ate amazing food compliments of my mom. It is what happened around Christmas that has caused me to experience soap opera style emotions. DRAMA!

What happened is that my computer (AKA-the external bodily organ) got a nasty Trojan type virus on Christmas Eve. I simply visited a well known blogger’s website and that cyber bastard launched itself at my vulnerable neck and chomped down. Now, I have excellent anti-virus software that automatically updates itself so I did everything I could do short of avoiding the internet altogether to play it safe. Yes, the software did alert to the virus but did not stop the infection. Too little too late. I was computer-less for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!!

So most of my Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day was spent trying to save something of my files before my computer burst into flame. I was entirely unsuccessful.

No, I did not have updated backup files of my all too important computer contents and I don’t want any grief on that. I have learned my lesson blah blah blah…

Fortunately my brother is a Microsoft Engineer and saved the day. Not before he pulled my chain causing my blood pressure to skyrocket and my sanity to ooze out of my nose. My brother believes that I am perfectly capable of solving all my computer woes myself. And I have to admit that when he has refused to help me troubleshoot some issue I have managed to fix it myself. Usually after several hours of research and angst knowing full well he could have done it in a few minutes. But I have learned not to ask for help unless I have thoroughly done my part to fix the problem. Fair enough even though I have never taken a computer class in my life except for that one about Word. But my computer was frozen. My computer was toast. All my business plan research was on there not to mention 2 years of precious Yoshi photos. I couldn’t do anything and I tried EVERYTHING. So I called The Bro for assistance fully expecting for him to blow me off. An assumption based on the fact he told me on Christmas day not to call him about anything. However, he came through for me and when I showed up on his doorstep with my computer in my arms he whipped out those fix-it discs and had saved my important files and reformatted my computer in less than 2 hours. Whew!

Yet this worry and helplessness was a terrible feeling. Probably because I have had to deal with feeling helpless about my cancer and health for months now. Long term helplessness compounded with sudden and acute helplessness has thrown me for a loop. I am exhausted. I need a holiday from this holiday.

So despite the fact that my Christmas was wonderful when I think back on this holiday season it will always be The Christmas The Internet Ate My Computer.


whfropera said...

back up early, back up often. even us pros have hardware meltdowns every once in a while...

mrtl said...

Gah! Glad everything was fixed up for you!

kalki said...

I am totally stressed just reading about this. You poor dear - thank goodness your brother didn't blow you off for once.

fueltank said...

Yep. Been down that road a time or two.... not viral but there are (as they say) only two kinds of hard drives. Those that have failed and those that are going to fail. Have I mentioned my DVD burner and how much easier it makes keeping backups? No? Well, let me mention....

Christmas was oh so very quiet, by the way. Bonus was the 200$ from our landlord.... whcih we promptly spent at IKEA. Where the AS-IS section had the red chair and ottoman that we were looking at not two days ago in the catalogue! For (get this) 200$, both.

Sometimes it just works.

The Gossip Standing In The Way Of Control

circe said...

I have 2 comps at home and one at work and go absolutely nutz if any go down. I am SO sorry, sweetie.......glad things are up and running now. Take away anything but my computers..... :)

happyandblue2 said...

Yikes. What site gave you the virus. I don't want to get it..

Amanda B. said...

That stinks. Sorry kiddo. :(

eclectic said...

Gaaaah! ***makes mental note to back up data TOMORROW*** Sorry for the stress, Kranki -- but glad all is not lost afterall. *Whew*

Closet Metro said...

computerless for three days? Holy Crap.

I don't think I could live through that.

Divine Calm said...

Oh sweets, HOW AWFUL!!!! My stomach churned just thinking about your computer virus.

Sharkey said...

So glad you didn't lose all your data. Hopefully the rest of us will learn from the incident and get things backed up.

Glad you're back up and running!

Nessa said...

am I the only one dying to know WHICH site inflicted the awful virus so I don't go there????

Squirl said...

Oh, no computer for three days. that's terrible. So glad your brother fixed it.

I'd like to know which site the virus came from, too.

Von Krankipantzen said...

whfropera-yep! Done that! Learned my lesson.

mrtl-I am sooo lucky my bro is good with this stuff. I am not.

kalki-yeah, he came through for me. I owe him big.

fuel-I am a little stoopid about this stuff and thought that it would take zillions of discs to back up my system. Nope. Only 2 for the most importnat stuff. I have a disc burner so that part is good. Live and learn. Right on about IKEA! That rocks!

circe-it was a dark and lonely time.

happyandblue2-I emailed you the info.

amanda b-thanks. I am just glad it is all worked out now.

eclectic-BACK UP SOON!!!!

closet m-my poor apartment was sooo dark and gloomy without the warming glow of my computer screen. :-(

divine calm-like my cacner. I just never thougth it could happen to me.

sharkey-that is the one thing I ask of all of you - LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!!!

nessa-sent you that info via email.

squirl-sent you an email about that.

eclectic said...

Could I have the email, too? Please??