Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dusty Yoga Mat


I just did an exercise DVD lasting a whole 20 minutes. Pilates. Easy version. Kicked my ass.

I don’t know whether to be proud of myself or revolted by the state my body has fallen to. Five months of chemo, six weeks of radiation, surgery three weeks ago. Right now I can hardly make it around the block. It was pretty funny doing all these exercises with my little T-Rex arms dangling out front of my body. I also got myself a DVD of exercises to do after breast cancer surgery. It was good but boring. Just a lot of arm flapping. Controlled flapping but flapping nonetheless. I did that DVD too.


I am trying very hard to be proud of myself but am embarrassed I found this stuff so difficult.

The good news is that I have lost 11 lbs over the last 3 weeks. Basically I haven’t got my appetite back after surgery and my stomach is still wrecked from the antibiotics.

I might be cancer free but I ain’t out of the woods yet. BulgeWatch 2006 continues.


Dima said...

Take it easy, you will get back to working out hard core soon enough! It's great that you were able to do 20 minutes. You had a surgery just recently! Go you!

mrtl said...

Every time you refer to your T-Rex arms I have to laugh. I'm not laughing at you.

Rock on with your exercising self! Do cut yourself some slack, though.

alan said...

As they told me a year ago when I stress fractured a ligament in my lower back (I weighed 288 at 5"8", my waist was 58")

"You didn't get this way in a day, it won't go away in a day..."

Right now, 203, 34" waist...

Of course, before the holidays, I was just under 200...grrrrrr!



whfropera said...

I do the Yoga Zone series, and have for quite a while...have you ever done yoga in a school? If not, one of the things they stress is that its YOUR practice, and what that means is - its not a competition. It also means you can adjust your practice for what your level is - I have a killer stress fracture and can't even sit cross-legged or bend my left leg more than a couple of inches, so I adjust everything accordingly.
So don't beat your self up is what I'm trying to say, ok? :)

Karen said...

You were able to do all that already? Wow! You go girl! (Oh, and the T-Rex arms make me laugh too. WITH you, not at you.)

And remember, sushi is not fattening. Much.

kalki said...

The arm flapping is making me laugh. I don't know why. Perhaps b/c it reminds me of my cow-herding technique. Keep up that video and you will be one awesome cow herder, girl.

hemlock said...

T-Rex arms??? I totally get the visual!

Don't be so hard on yourself. The intent to 'workout' is there, that's enough.

Candace said...

Proud of yourself. Defintely proud of yourself.

And did you know you were nominated for a blog award? I'm behind on my reading, so maybe you already know, but just in case you don't:

happyandblue2 said...

I'm proud of you. Exercising and losing weight. Woohoo.
I can't believe the state my body has fallen into this winter either although mine is simply due to laziness, tee,hee..

Amanda B. said...

Honey. I can't believe you are beating yourself up for not being able to squeeze yourself into a pretzel. Nuthead! You will get better just give it some time. I pooka you!

snaps79 said...

In due time, Kranki, in due time. Listen to your body and don't force yourself to do too much. You've got the summer coming up to get outside and increase your activity level. But, good for you for having a motivated attitude!

Heidi said...

Take it day by day and don't push yourself...Even if you do just 10 mins, that is a huge acomplishment.


Squirl said...

You should be so, so proud of yourself. Hell, I'm proud of you. With all you've just gone through it's amazing that you're even ready to exercise at all. You just named all the horrible things your body's been through. Sounds to me like you should be thrilled that you were able to 20 minutes of exercise. Love yourself and give it the time it needs.

Blove and hugs

Vajana said...

Ditto what everyone else said. You got the DVD out and did it and you are embarrassed?? I'm totally impressed by your attitude. What a great way to live.


kassi said...

Pilates kicked my butt when I first started,and I didn't have surgery. I commend you on your motivation!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief woman! Of COURSE you're going to be wiped out! I can't believe you did so much when you're just starting out! It's important to take care of yourself first...that means work up to it girlie! Geezohpete...leave you alone for a day or two and look what happens! LOL

Ern said...

Um, HELLO! You've been busy kicking Cancer's scrawny little ass. It might have taken a lot out of you. We've all been there with the "how did I let myself get so out of shape?" but most of us don't have that excuse. Good for you for gettin' back to it! Don't push too hard or beat yourself up.

Momentarily_Distracted said...

I second what Ern said!
You're doing just fine. :o)

JessicaRabbit said...

Oh lady when i started that stuff after all my bone grafts and everything I was in the same boat as you. Took me a good month to get through that 20 minute workout without going, oh god im gonna die, ow ow ow, muscles stop shaking...

it will get easier, you just go easy on yourself there missy.

abcd said...

Now it is 7:15 am I should not
be laughing this hard.

Give yourself a break kiddo.

You listed all the reasons WHY
you have 4 years to prepare for
the Winter Olympics.

Don't push yourself.
Be proud of what you have accomplished silly girl.


Divine Calm said...

Just take baby steps and before you know it, you'll be a much better version of yourself even before your cancer. (Complete with high-kicks and spins...after all you did kick cancer in its ass.)

Precisiongirl said...

She who can beat the cancer, can also beat the bulge.

Great start with your workout - don't do too much too soon though!

abcd said...

Wahhhhhh Where is Crush the Cat???


I have two of my kids here they
are looking at the pretty puddy
cat. I told them you won't rename

I got the "eye-roll"

I have a great idea-my kids are
off school this week. 4 kids
would help you with the exercise
regime. My twins are great
guy magnets, everybody always
stops you. Am I getting anywhere
with you on this????

I hope you are feeling OK. Take
walks right now, and do arm lifts.
Take it easy.


Tell your cousin we said Hello

MrsDoF said...

No cat pictures? Are you concrned that maybe my grouchy cat Oscar might get ideas that I would begin to start putting clothes on him because I'm so jealous of how sweet is the cat Yoshi?