Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Grump Watch 2006

Thanks for all your lovely comments. They cheered me up considerably. Please be patient with me until I recover enough to respond to each of them.

I am happy to say my grumpiness is over and I am a happier little camper.

Today is my last day of antibiotics. WOOO! I just wasn’t expecting that taking those glorious orange pills would actually make me feel more terrible than chemo even did. I am not kidding. I hope to be back to eating normally by next week.

Looks like my drain will probably come out tomorrow thus allowing me to take a real shower this Saturday. Glorious bathing! I can easily shave my left armpit but am still working of flexibility on my right side. Better than nothing. Another good thing.

My posture is improving and I no longer look like a hunchback but more like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with those little droopy hands in front. This is pretty funny to see. And a significant improvement over my Grumposaurus impression earlier this week.

Coincidentally several friends and family members were also very grumpy over those few days so maybe it was something in the air. Possibly rain as it has poured 30 out of the last 32 days. Oh god. Gloomyville. On top of The Healing it was possibly just too much for me. Really adding insult to injury.

I am still feeling very tired and stiff and sore and not really up to doing anything. The sensation is akin to wearing the world’s tightest bra. With some tittie twisting thrown in for a little spice. That means a lot of relaxing and resting for me. It is exhausting.

I have gone for a couple walks around the block and even that small distance is enough to make me breathless. I have a lot of exercising to do to get back into any type of decent shape. And I have to say no to the chocolate more. Bummer.

So there you go. Nothing really exciting to tell you but I will hopefully have some tales to recount as I have four doctors’ appointments next week and just being on the road is bound to create some drama.

Monday’s appointment is with my general surgeon. The one who did the mastectomy. She is in charge of dealing with the pathology report which will hopefully show that I have clear margins on the right breast she removed meaning that all the cancer is gone. I don’t even want to think about the alternative so I won’t go there now.

Wish me luck.


ass-master said...


Grumpy is ok while frumpy is not but who the hell cares. It is time to be the grumpmeister you have always wanted to be but felt too guilty to let out. Get back on the chocolate and enjoy the carnage that ensues when you tell everyone how you really feel about them. You can blame it on temporary insanity and bad drugs!


Sharkey said...

Now don't you worry about responding to our comments with your little T-Rex arms. :)

Ugh . . . the constant rain would totally make me grumpy too.

Crossing my fingers for clean margins!

Traci said...

Little steps sweetie...little steps...the healing is coming along nicely it sounds like. Good for you!

mrtl said...

You're sounding so Darwinian with your evolution. Glad to hear you're feeling better.


Twisteduterus said...

I will do the good margins dance for you..
ok done.

Glad you are feeleing better

spoonleg said...

I heart you Mrs. Cuddlesworth. Keep on resting and healing and all that jazz! Have you unwrapped the package? How are the spacer'ed boobies looking?

Closet Metro said...

Good luck
Good luck
Good luck
Good luck
Good luck
Good luck
Good luck

Good luck!!!

(word verification = "kjoyzo" which I think means "it'll stop raining and everyone will smile" in Japanese)

abcd said...

You told us lots about the rain, the
orange pill saga, and of course
the beloved Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Sending you good vibes, sunny
thoughts.....and the hell with it


whfropera said...

don't go there!! well, its raining here in Michigan, so here's hoping we'll take all your rain away and you can bake in the sun coming through your windows with Yoshi by your side. :)

ScottyGee said...

I want to see your T-Rex posture. You can eb your own little version of Jurassic Park for your neighbors. =) You can chase Yoshi around like she is lunch.

Glad you are feeling a little better.

I shake my rump in your general direction. =)

Danielle said...

The end of the orange pills calls for a celebration! More chocolate! Oh, wait, noooooo. Here, have tea instead.

It is terrific that you are getting out for walks. Wow. You go little T-rex.

Here's hoping that you have clear margins and all will be well.

Divine Calm said...

Bonne Chance!

Karen said...

Well, I was going to try and say "Good Luck" in German, but then I realized I don't remember how, despite the fact that my high school German teacher wrote it in my yearbook waaaay back when. I think it's something like "Viel Gl├╝ck!"

Ern said...

Yay for improvements!

kalki said...

::crushing Yoshi's head::

Glad things are looking up! Much luck to you on Monday, dear.

happyandblue2 said...

Good luck with the doctors appointments.
I'm sure you will be back to your healthy self any minute now..

MrsDoF said...

You're doing good, T-Rex armthrusts and all.
Those antibiotics could be contributing to the weakness for the walk around the block. When I was taking them, I barely made it to the neighbor's driveway.
Here's hopin' for clear margins and smoothe sailing.

Bill said...

My cat gave me that "What are you doing??" look as I proceeded with the head crushing.

I said, "Relax, it's for good luck."

"Oh, well, why didn't you say so? Purrrrr!"

eclectic said...

I'm so excited for next week! Hope the weekend finds you growing longer arms and discovering your opposable thumbs.

snaps79 said...

Happy Friday from my couch to yours! Glad to hear you've got enough spunk to be pissed off and surly. I think that's a great sign.

Nilbo said...

Crossing everything I have two of in preparation for Monday. This could be painful - for me, I mean.

Squirl said...

So sorry you're still feeling stiff and uncomfortable. And I'm sorry I'm so late in commenting. Hope you're feeling better.