Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What The Future May Hold

Y’all! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments, love and support. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to be able to relay that most excellent news to you. Made my day.

I am continuing with The Healing and things like sleeping or pulling up my pants are no longer a challenge. I even drove around today and having to utilize a VW stick shift is no simple feat even without Tyrannosaurus Rex arms. My sushi ordering muscles were not affected in any way but today I thought I’d better just make sure. The test proved easy to accomplish as well as being most delicious.

So many of you may be wondering what is on the agenda for me now that I am a Cancer Free Gal. Well, that is a good question. I have decided to continue on with this blog even though it started as a vehicle for health information for friends and family. It took on a life of its own outside of the cancer realm so I will explore that some more as well as continue to crush Yoshi’s head for your viewing pleasure. Every Friday! Stay tuned.

The day before I was to start taking business classes was when I got my cancer diagnosis so I think I have to get that ball rolling again. I am still very fatigued and such from all my treatments so I am going to ease into it slowly to get my physical and mental stamina back up. Not that I was a power house before but you know….It is hard to be so sedentary for so long and then get going again all of a sudden. Ok Ok. I got used to the easy life. I admit it.

But for the immediate future I am just going to lay back and bask in my healthy glow.

I still have bi-monthly appointments to get saline injections in my boobs in order to make room for implants. I got my first injections today and lost a bet with my doctor about the possible pain factor. He said that it wouldn’t hurt and I didn’t believe him. Let’s just say I owe him a latte. I think I got off lucky. I’d buy him a dozen coffees to avoid pain.


True_Halcyon said...

it's Absotively Posilutely Schmabulous that the pink puppies aren't going to hurt as they grow- that's definitely worth a bean brew! Looking forward to next Friday...

alan said...

Wish I could buy him one for not hurting you as well! :o)

So very happy for you! I wish you could feel my heart leap up into my throat everytime I come here to see how you are...


Karen said...

Yay! I can't wait for more Yoshi pics. And that is such good news that you are pain-free on the saline injections.

Precisiongirl said...

Great news about the lack of pain... I think you've had enough don't you?

Am soooooo pleased for you and am giving you a big cyber hug right now.


Anonymous said...

That's one bet I'm glad you lost! I'm so glad you are taking care of yourself and resting etc. I absolutely LOVE that you get to make plans for the future now. Peace.

kalki said...

Is the saline injection doctor the hot one? You flirtin' with the hot doctor, girl? ;)

I'm eager to see where you go from here - good things are in store, my friend.

Candace said...

I'm happy that you're keeping the blog going. I'd miss you too much if you left.

And how would I ever survive Fridays without seeing Yoshi's head crushed?

Squirl said...

I am glad that you're going to continue the blog. I hadn't thought about it only being for cancer-related news. What would we do without you and Yoshi? Must have head-crushing.

I'm even more glad that you're cancer free and will be with us for a very long time to come. :-)

LadyBug said...

Love and hugs to you, Kranki. I'm so glad you're getting your life back.

Dima said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan to me. Don't you ever take away from us Crush your cat's head Fridays! I will be mucho sad if you don't keep the blog going. Now, go sit back, crush some Yoshi head, and have some sushi :)

Susie said...

It did not even occur to me that you'd stop blogging. You sent me into a tailspin, with that one. And made me sing:

Don't take your love away from me
Don't you leave my heart in misery
Think of all that we've been through
And not blogging is hard to do . . .

I'm excited for your future, my friend :)

fueltank said...

Well, I guess it's good that you can now pull your pants up, maybe. But you know how disappointed I can get!

On the other hand, now you have no excuse not to come east to Toronto and Montréal to visit your boys-who-moved-away.... who knows, maybe you'll see the light and make the stay a good long one. I have this idea for a great business we can start... seriously.

Jed & Lucia Answers

angela marie said...

So happy for you!

whfropera said...

was that the hot doctor? buy him a latte anyway...

lawbrat said...

What a wonderful thing blogging is. To go visit sites of people you dont even know and rejoyce in their happiness, support in tough times, and laugh and be silly.
The connection made is extraordinary. I've only been ready your site a short time, yet I think about you, have been praying for you, and i'm so happy that you're now cancer free that I have cried tears of joy.
I'm very glad your still going to be blogging. You Rock!

Squirl said...

Susie, are you singing the fast or slow version?

eclectic said...

Now lookit what you did, Kranki... you made Susie sing again! And methinks Squirl's planning to join in by the looks of it. I am sooo, so glad you lost your bet, and if you need help continuing to bribe him for painless treatments, I'll happily send you a Starbucks card to give him!! Oh, and I do hope he's the hot doc.

snaps79 said...

The blogging world would be NOTHING without you, Krank. Never leave! Glad to hear you've been out and about - I knew you'd kick cancer's ass.

Adrienne said...

What kind of VW do you have? I used to have one.. I always HAVE to know!

Callie said...


Yeah, okay, so I'm a week late. I'm sure you're not sick of hearing that. Glad you lost the bet, too. Just saying - having to go through injections is sucky to begin with - so glad they're not painful.

Continue basking in the healthy glow (and go enjoy some more sushi).

mrtl said...

It's just silly for you to consider not blogging.

There is life after cancer, you know. :)

Love love!

happyandblue2 said...

Glad you are feeling better and are continuing the blog..

Closet Metro said...

buy the cute doctor a latte. then dinner. then breakfast. ;)

abcd said...

Madame Von Kranki

I am oh so glad you owe the Dr.
a latte. I can see your healthy
glow over here, and it is very,
very becoming.

You can't quit blogging you are
the only person I know who is
real royalty. And I also want you
to rename your cat Shoshie or at
least give it some thought.

Shoshie-Yoshi so similiar

Von Krankipantzen said...

TRUE_HALCYON-oh...well....They don't hurt when they are injected but the are sure sore for a few days after. I don't get entirely off scott free.

ALAN-that is so sweet! Thanks.

KAREN-poor Yoshi is soooo not off the hook.

PRECISIONGIRL-here is a big cyber hug right back.

TRACI-thanks so much. It is a little freaky to be able to start things up again. I am so used to just being static.

KALKI-I am pleading the fifth since it would be wrong to flirt with my doc. Ethics and all...

MISFIT-I had no idea that Yoshi was so integral to life now. I am very happy about that.

SQUIRL-I hope that I have enough to talk about now that cancer is not part of the equation.

LADYBUG-thanks so much! Hugs to you too.

DIMA-oh yes...Friday will be here before you kow it!

SUSIE-I love it when you sing to me. Maybe I should threaten stuff more often.

FUELTANK-I will be visiting soon. Soon. But I am not going to live there. Just so that you know.

ANGELA MARIE-thanks!!!

OPERA GAL-maybe it was and maybe it wasn't...

LAWBRAT-you are so right. I love blogging and getting to know everybody. The connection is very cool.

SQUIRL-I am not sure. I think we need an audio blog from our fair Lady Fairchild.

ECLECTIC-this place has turned into a right ol' jamboree.

HDL-oh thanks! That is such a nice compliment.

ADRIENNE-I have a 1992 VW Jetta. The last year of that particular body style that I love so much. My dream is to have a convertible Ghia. OH MAN!

CALLIE-congrats are never too late. Always appreciated. And so is encouragement to get more sushi.

MRTL-LOVE LOVE to you as well. Aren't you supposed to be off having a baby or something?

HAPPYANDBLUE2-well, I hope I don't bore you later and you regret saying that.

CLOSET M-you naughty boy!

Von Krankipantzen said...

You snuck in there SHOSHIE-I will try the name change and see iF Yoshi's head doesn't explode with confusion. There is crushing which is ok but exploding? Not so good. Royalty!?! Now my head is exploding.

Twisteduterus said...

oh yew--you will keep blogging--yes.

Anonymous said...

Just stoppin' by to say hi this morning.

kalki said...

Oh, it SO was the hot doctor. You go, girl.

Jim said...

Glad you're doin' better! I'll be in your 'burg on the 17th and 18th of March - would love to have you come join us for dinner and Bellinis at Milestone's on Robson!

Lowa said...

What wonderful news! Hope you continue to do well:)

east village idiot said...

Glad to hear that you are out and about. Driving a stick...ouch! Are you taking business classes to start your own jewelry business? Let me know when you start sellin' so I can start buyin'.

SassyFemme said...

Just catching up on blog reading. So thrilled to hear you're officially cancer free! Fanfreakintabulous!!!!!!

Amy Linder said...

Congratulations on your clean bill of health. Yay!

I found your blog a couple weeks ago - I think it's great! You're very funny and very honest. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can visit you again and again.

Take care and keep healthy. Here's to the future!

Amy :)

Pixie LaRouge said...

Kranky, darling, you just rock! Here's to a long, prosperous, wonderful, exciting, head-crushing and, most of all, HEALTHY future. So glad you're keeping the blog going, 'cause I like it here :)

Keep healing. And I've heard that regular sushi-ordering excersizes are absolutely VITAL to proper healing from anything.