Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, December 18, 2006

11 More things About Me If you Don't Flee Immediately

Way back when I started my blog I posted 50 Things About Me and have never added to that since. Today I am going to change that with a further 11 Things About Me for a grand total of 61. What a magic number. I will update you soon about The Healing. I have experienced a bit of a setback and am unsure if it is minor or serious. I go to the doc tomorrow and hopefully will find out then. When I know, you’ll know.

A Further 11 Things About Me

51. I don’t drink coffee but am totally addicted to tea. I do not, when at home, drink my tea out of any old mug or cup. I have a plastic thermos type cup I ONLY drink out of. I like my cup best because it keeps the tea hot longer. I love my tea hot, hot hot!

52. For the most part I am a ‘live and let live’ kind of gal. I may not agree with something but I don’t react too strongly because I think it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things and that people are entitled to their own opinions, lives and personal tastes. However, there are a few things in the world that might be considered pretty innocuous by others that, well, make me fucking nuts. By fucking nuts I mean trigger such sudden and intense rage in me I can hardly contain myself.

-patchouli perfume. I know I have mentioned this before but I’ll tell it again. The smell of this stuff freaks me out. I HATE it. So much so that I almost transferred out of a college class because one of my classmates wore this scent. I moved to the polar opposite corner of the room and it turned out she didn’t wear it everyday. Thank GOD!

-whining and screaming kids. I cannot watch those nanny type reality shows on TV because when the kids throw fits my whole peace of mind is totally shattered. My stress level rises suddenly and violently and all I want is quiet right then and there. I avoid shopping on the weekends and in those types of stores where young children are likely to be because of this reaction. I literally want to run away. I love me some quiet and well behaved kids. Kids who shout and play don’t bother me. It is that tantrum screeching and horrible whining that freaks me out. Don’t worry. I am childless and have no plans to breed. This is a major reason why.

-that commercial on TV for Dr. Scholl’s Gel shoe inserts? You know it? When the character dialogue is so inane in order to rhyme with “gellin’”? “Hi! I am Helen and eat this melon. And by the way I am totally gellin’.” Oh fuck, this commercial makes me want to kill. I flip off (give it the finger…) the TV every time it is on and have to leave the room.

-certain politicians like George Bush or our Prime Minister Steven Harper or our Premier Gordon Campbell to name a few. All they have to do is come off as arrogant and unsympathetic then the hate-on begins.

53. I cannot dance. Like proper dance. You know. Waltz. Never had to. Never learned.

54. I cannot sing. Trust me.

55. I have not used a hair dryer since my hair grew back in after chemo.

56. I am totally against hunting but probably not for the reasons you’d think. It is not because I am a vegetarian. It is because it is totally unfair. I don’t understand why somebody would be proud and excited after shooting some poor animal when they used a gun or bow, probably with a scope, and were wearing camouflage and were using scents or special whistles not to mention possibly using a dog for their heightened senses. Jeeez, how could you NOT kill an animal that way? Now if you were naked and you hunted down and killed some animal with your bare hands then I would be totally fine with it. It only seems right.

57. I have been in a hot air balloon. It was cool.

58. I’ve had the same cell phone for the last 5 years. I am just not that into technology for the sake of technology and wouldn’t upgrade unless my old phone broke or something. It just seems wasteful to me. I have never text messaged either.

59. I have a box of Kleenex in every room of my apartment because I have a constant runny nose. Very grandmotherly of me.

60. My legs are always itchy. I keep a hairbrush next to my bed so I can give them a good scratch. They seem to be itchiest when I am tired. I have no idea why.

61. I love Wonder Woman and Hello Kitty. I can’t say I have official collections but I do have a fair amount of their stuff. Probably more than a grown-up should.


hemlock said...

Yay WonderWoman! She rocks. So does tea.

ladybug said...

oooh, another adult Hello Kitty person! i have a friend at work, who has the absolute CUTEST Hello Kitty scrub top [Hello Kitty in hawaii, in scuba gear, bathing suits = CUTE!] and i tell her everytime i see that scrub top. and she always says: Hello Kitty ROCKS! (she is 30, i am 35, you are in good company!)

JP said...

That gellin gets me yellin too!!! =) Nice list of rants. I like the darkness. I like Maru, he's way more manly than Hello Kitty. I've been an allergy mess since birth as well. I usually pack about 10 Puffs tissues in my pocket where ever I go. Hope your setback isn't too bad. Be sending a prayer your way. Rock on Kranki!

Candace said...

Patchouli; yuck. Old cell phone; me, too. Screaming kids; oh, yeah, and I have two. Luckily, consistent discipline and consistent consequences usually work quite well. But I will NOT put up with rough-housing indoors. I really, really hate that.

eclectic said...

Hope the healing picks up and gets better! I can't stand whining, from children OR adults. When we decided that I would stay home with our kids, it caused many a raised eyebrow because no one thought I'd have the requisite tolerance and patience. Turns out, kids don't whine if their environment won't tolerate it. Now, if only I could get that to work on people wearing noxious perfume!

happy and blue 2 said...

Hope it's a minor setback.

I must now flee in terror at your additional things.
Well, except for the screaming kids one. I can't stand that. Someone should shove gel inserts in their mouths.

And I don't get hunting either.

I have boxes of kleenex everywhere here too. But it's not a granny thing. Grannies have kleenex in their sleeves, their pockets, their waistbands of their pants...

Your Wonder Woman and Hello Kitty stuff is terrifying..

Squirl said...

The gellin' commercial and noxious perfume both drive me nuts, too.

Hope your healing gets on track really, really soon.

kalki said...

"By fucking nuts I mean trigger such sudden and intense rage in me I can hardly contain myself." Thank you for articulating an emotion that I can never describe for myself. People who leave their blinkers on cause this in me. And also George Bush. Always George Bush.

I've never text-messaged either.

(By the way, I have a dude-smooching Stud Stamos on VHS to watch!! Wooo!! Thanks for the heads up.)

Susie said...

I learned to text msg earlier this year, to communicate with another blogger.
I like tea, too. What kind of tea(s) do you like? Jif says I've gotten very "literal" with my teas since WTF, e.g., I drink "Tension Tamer" for anxiety, "Throat Soother," for the obvious, etc.
I love Hello Kitty, too.
And the more I know about you, the more I love you :)

Lucrezia said...

I am 46 and i love hello kitty too!
My kitty, Sugar, is a wonderful cat, but yesterday she SHREDDED my new expensive sheets.
No more being in my bedroom when i am not home poopycat.

I had apl leukemia in 2004, and it went away to never return.