Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Whatever Humbuggery Is Called After Christmas

I got through the holidays. Heavily tranquilized, mind you, but I got through. I am a Christmas Survivor. I can even say I had fun. A sorta overwhelmed fun in a sorta over stimulated way. You know when you live a hermit-style life and all of a sudden you are eating dinner with 8 other people? People who actually talk to you and expect a reply? That sort of fun. I interacted! Go me! You see, Yoshi does not talk back to me nor does she require a response from me, for the most part, so this whole social interaction thang (beyond yelling at the TV) really threw me for a loop. Clearly I have to get over my anxiety issues and get out more.

Not so fast! While I may have been temporarily infused with Christmas Spirit I quickly reverted to my former curmudgeonly ways almost immediately upon return to my home base.

Here is what has been pissing me off lately.

-Christmas commercials after the day is over. So wrong. Very very wrong.

-that whole recap of every fricking gory detail of what happened in 2006. Been there, DONE THAT ALREADY!!!! I want to look forward to good things in the new year.

-creepy neighbours. Today I went to get my mail in the lobby and this guy did not get on the first elevator so he could wait for me to get my mail and ride up with me instead. Fortunately another person got on with us and saved me from the inevitable discomfort when I would be forced to shut him down before he got too personal. The weird thing is that this is not a romantic interest as he is very obviously gay. He just seems overly nosey but in a creepy way. I do not know what his thing is.

-Boxing Day (or plain ol’ after Xmas) sales. Shopping insanity and huge line-ups to get into stores to buy more stuff. Mother of Crap! When is it ENOUGH stuff? When?

Today I did a totally curmudgeonly thing and called the cops on somebody whose car alarm was going non stop for about an hour outside my window. The cops came about 2 hours later, waited until the person came to their car and personally handed over a ticket. It was AWESOME!!!! I was overly gleeful about it as I had been slowly going insane over the whole afternoon. Only now are my shoulders starting to creep down from my ears.

I am once again planning my Annual New Years Eve Boycott. So yet again it will be me, Yoshi, an indecent amount of take-out food, DVDs, a warm blanket, my PJs and my couch. This year, due to my summer sushi food poisoning, I will be avoiding the raw fish and going with very yummy well cooked Chinese food instead. I would appreciate any suggestions for ‘feel good’ movies that I can watch. No negativity or gore. I want to start 2007 feeling happy.

Am I alone with my year end grumpiness? Anybody else out there looking forward to a fresh new year?


happy and blue 2 said...

I am also boycotting New Years. Like I always do.
Can't think of any decent movies at the moment..

ladybug said...

hey stacey!

can anyone join the NYE boycott? i am boycotting it for a few reasons, the main one of which is that i have to work from 11am-11pm. otherwise, i would spend the entire evening in jammies with yummy good and maybe some yummy drinks and a good movie... oh my. i think i am getting old, cuz the thought of if i didnt have to work, and going to bed before midnight just crossed my mind. say it aint so!

i'll try and think of a good movie.
hmmm...its a cute one: Pillow Talk - with Doris Day & Rock Hudson. i LOVE this movie. i might get it for NYE myself...

here's looking forward to a wonderful 2007!

Twisteduterus said...

i am looking forward to a new year too..i will also join the crowd of people staying home in jammies with animals, movies and food. i am so turning into the dog equivalent of the creep cat lady.

eclectic said...

We haven't gone "out" for NYE since having children! Although, the children have, ironically enough. There's a fantastic gymnastics center here that throws an annual gymnastics camp sleep-over on NYE. The littlest one isn't old enough to attend yet, but the older two have gone and had a blast, while we stay in with wine and a movie and the youngest kid. Bah, Humbug on NYE!!

Lazy Lightning said...

Definitely looking forward to a new year! I agree with all of your gripes, by the way. We'll be spending new years eve, as we usually do, sleeping probably. We'll be in the east, with my parents, but we'll all be sleeping except maybe my mom who tends to stay up pretty late anyway. Chinese takeout sounds perrrrrfect.

kalki said...

Have you seen Amelie? If not, it's a must.

Here's to a fabulous 2007!

Susie said...

Every year the thought crosses my mind to go out and buy the cheap wrapping paper, etc., etc., at the after-Christmas sales. But then I realize, "There are OTHER PEOPLE out there doing that; LOTS of OTHER PEOPLE!" and I say, fuck it, I'll pay more rather than get out in that mess.
Staying home with rich food and wine on NYE.

sharkey said...

Know what? You can usually still get the cheap wrapping paper a day or two after all the bargain-hunting crowds have gone home. Granted, it's the paper equivalent of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but it's just as much fun to rip open.

Chinese food sounds yummy. A movie . . . let's see . . . oh! One that I will always watch (and I'm not one who watches movies over and over) is The American President. I think Canadians would enjoy it too. :)

mrtl said...

The husband is working NYE, and we don't have a babysitter besides. No good Chinese around here, either. Maybe I'll get some Japanese instead. (I don't do raw fish, but I loves me some California rolls.) I've DVR'd Brokeback Mountain. Woo!

Squirl said...

I don't hit the post-Christmas sales, either. Don't like the crowds.

I bought a bottle of bubbly but we'll be drinking it long before midnight. The countdown to midnight doesn't mean squat to me.

Enjoy your night.

Madame D said...

"Down with Love" is cute and has the Doris Day/Rock Hudson feel.
I haven't done anything for NYE in I don't know how long. I think I'm going to inflict myself on a friend this year, but that's about it.

Though, I like to go and get necessary things, like oven mits and other random stuff after holidays. I don't care what my oven mitt looks like, but I do like half off.

whfropera said...

i second the nod to Amelie - its brilliant

Leigh-Ann said...

My mother loved "Little Miss Sunshine" (except for the frequent use of "the f-word", as she put it), and she's a pretty tough movie critic. She doesn't like sad or violent or loud or sexual, so perhaps this is indeed a feel good movie :)

Udge said...

Happy healthy new year! Here's a couple of good German films that fit your bill, the neighbourhood groovy-laidback-independent store might just have them:

As it is in heaven though it ends sadly. (Swedish actually, sue me)

Trouville beach

Berlin blues