Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, March 30, 2007

Crush Your Cat's Head Friday-Where's YoYo?

Is she in the warm and toasty Snoozen Housen?NO!

Is she in the snuggly and cuddly Snoozen Tuben?

Where is Yoshi sleeping?

She's spooning with the nice hard wire shelf next to loud computer speakers.

Why do I bother?

Crushing her tail!

Hey! Gimme my tail back!

BACK OFF! I'm comfy!


Kula said...

She has that same look an old person with a cane, sitting on a porch, has in their eyes when they see kids walking on their lawn!

Squirl said...

Move one of her beds to that spot. See if it's just the spot she likes. She cracks me up.

kalki said...

LOL to kula!

I love how Yoshi's head is perfectly heart-shaped. The last photo shows it well.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Contrary...they are just hardwired to be contrary!

lawyerchik said...

Ungrateful wretch! (Oh, did I say that out loud?) :)

The more she sleeps in inappropriate places, the more stuff you get for her. Maybe she's just trying for more loot?

Sherri said...

It's all about the location. For my 6-pack, I've purchased assorted expensive cat-tree/cat-condo things. At first I put them in out-of-the-way places -- these things are not really "decor". They were, of course, ignored. I tried windows that weren't in main areas. Dissed! So, I succumbed. The biggest one is right by the front door, where there is a view into three other rooms. ANother is in the dining room by the front window, which at least is a compromise on the dining room table. A third is also in a front window to spare the bookshelves. One is mounted to a bedroom window (this one is most popular in the afternoon). There is only 1 placed in a compromised space, which is near the TV, and it is only used when I am watching TV -- if the couch isn't available and they can't lay on my hands or on the back of my chair for maximum hairpulling/tail up nose action.


Anonymous said...

I just have to share...I have a pair of siamese (Frick and Frack) that are about 5 months old. When we got them, we went out and bought all kinds of toys. They were sniffed at...swatted a bit...and ignored. What do they play with do you ask? The itty bitty rubber dresses that come with my daughter's Polly Pockets dolls. We find them everywhere now.

Sonya =)

alan said...

If Frankie wasn't so coal black, you'd have seen photos of him sprawled in various places; our bed, the couch, her the 300 pound gorilla, pretty much wherever he'd like! He usually starts out curled up, but pretty soon he's on his back, paws in the air. Sometimes depending on what lights are on it's hard to tell which end's up!

Thanks for sharing Yoshi with us!


Tay said...

OH Kranki.....out of the blue my Roxy started up with Q-tips. Out of the blue!!! Of course, I thought immediately of Yoshi and just laughed my ass off.

Keep writing babe, I love reading your blog. I'll try and de-lurk more often too.

fatcatsmom said...

Boy, if looks could kill, I'm afraid Kranki would be six feet deep.