Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Angst Is The New Black

Well…what do you know? It seems I have found myself right in the middle of a real live ker'fuffle. Boy-oh-boy, you have no idea what my day has been like.

It appears that The Jilted Adopters I posted about yesterday Googled my name and/or Lulu’s name and found my blog. Heeee! And of course the first thing I thought was, “Excellent!! Well I know what I’ll be blogging about tonight.” They read what I wrote about them and were very upset. So upset that they tattled about my blog to my friend who is fostering Lulu and the nice lady who runs the rescue shelter. Well, my friend reads me regularly and nothing I write surprises her anymore. I don’t know what The Nice Rescue Lady thought about this collection of my incoherent ramblings but she still stands behind me and my decision. I have always strictly adhered to a policy of never writing anything on my blog that I wouldn’t be 100% comfortable saying to anybody’s face and saying that I still firmly stand behind yesterday’s post.

I know they are upset. I know there were reasons why what happened happened. I know they are mad at me. I’d be mad at me too if I was in their shoes. I really would. I have no problem with their anger. It doesn’t bother me. None of that ultimately matters to me because for me all this has not been about emotions and whose feelings got hurt. It has been about getting Lulu into a fantastic home ASAP.

So, yes, they are upset and I’m told that they don’t feel that they have been given the opportunity to state their side of the story. Well, this is my blog for my opinions and if they want to start their own blog for theirs then they should. In fact I’d happily link to it. I have some blog domain name ideas for them. How about or I have absolutely nothing to hide. Seriously. I’ve always been open to finding out why things went wrong? You see, as well as finking about my blog they have also been sending detailed emails to my friend and The Nice Rescue Lady outlining in gory detail how I did them wrong. So while everybody else seems to be in the know about their side of the story they have never actually taken up their issues about me with me. I’ve not received copies of any of their complaints. And I can’t approach them as I was ordered by the husband in his nasty email to “NEVER” contact them again. Which I haven’t.

Here’s the thing. While I don’t have any copies in my possession of any of these emails they sent to other people about me I have been told a few particular items of interest. Now let me assure everybody that I would never have lightly or foolishly blogged about my experience if I didn’t follow some ground rules. I never identified anybody by name. I never identified anybody’s occupations or places of work. There is absolutely no way my silly little opinion, as misguided as it apparently is, could ever be traced to any particular person or people. And in addition to that I never said anything about the situation that I couldn’t back-up and prove outright with emails I sent and received. I could even promise that if it came to anything ugly phone records would prove my position as well. No, not the content of conversations but whether phone conversations ever took place. I hate to be cryptic here and I won’t get too detailed. He will know what I mean. How CSI, huh?

Hearing certain negative assertions about my conduct and how I supposedly threatened, harassed and pestered them that I know are blatantly untrue and can be totally disproved by the information I have in my possession only makes me laugh even harder. Like I am talking REALLY hard here. Like there is even milk coming out of my nose.

So on the off chance you guys are reading this *waves hello* please feel free to comment and/or post a link if you’d like to state your side of the story. From the very beginning all I ever wanted was to hear from you and be updated and kept abreast of your situation. But I warn you, please be very careful what you accuse me of. I, in all seriousness, suggest you go over the emails I sent and you sent and be very sure of what you are going to say about me in writing to post on the internet. I say this because if there are any untruths I will not hesitate to set the record straight.

I’ll say it one more time. I’ve kept every single email.

PS-I'll tell you all some good news tomorrow.


alan said...

I can't believe trying to do something right can lead to such terrible grief!

I'm very very glad you kept those e-mails!

Looking forward to some good news!


here today, gone tomorrow said...

This is all surpassingly bizarre...all you tried to do was find a home for a dog! Isn't that the end game here? I'm relieved that you are laughing; keep on taking the high road. - Lynn

candace said...

Seriously? All this brouhaha over a dog? I mean, I love animals as much as the next guy (probably more) but these people seem a bit...unhinged. Or maybe it's just the one person? In any case, if he/she/they are reading: if you just let it go, it will go away all on its own. If you keep making a fuss, people will only remember you for these actions you're displaying now.

Your choice.

Terri said...

Kranki, you ROCK.

JP said...

Farggin' Iceholes!! Tell those bastages to get a life and just drop it. You were non-responsive, half interested, and I'm sorry, not getting Lulu. Not only that, you did not out them or sink to slandering them on the Web.

lawyerchik said...

For some people it's just drama, drama, drama. Because after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Glad you're taking things so well, Kranki. How's the Yosh-meister?

alan said...

Slander is spoken; once it's in print it's libel...


Susie said...

I am looking forward to your good news, you wonderful person who shouldn't be bothered by asshats.

I hope this is just rolling off your back as much as it sounds like it is. If these people are getting to you, you KNOW that bloggers are fiercely protective of their own, and will form a virtual posse at the drop of a hat and take care of bidniss. All you have to do is say the word, Miss Kranki. We will not allow you to be messed with, without some SERIOUS ... repercussions, repercussing.

Kula said...

First of all, they're obviously sad pathetic people if they're sitting down googling your name after being the assholes they were.

Second of all, watch out, they maybe psychos like that bitch that accused me of harassing her, when I didn't even read her blog at all, and she threatened to sue me. If they do, I have the prefect response, just email me, and I'd email it to you :)

Third of all, F-THEM!

Von Krankipantzen said...

I am happy to report that I have heard word from my friend that they will no longer send out emails to other people about the issues they have with me. I maintain my willingness to link or post any sort of rebuttal they may have to offer. I am and remain open to anything they wish to say on their behalf and their identities will continue to remain confidential.

Anonymous said...

OFCOURSE they'll stop now. They realize they were wrong and don't want to be called out on their lies.
Cant wait for the good news!

sharkey said...

Ooooh . . . good news! I can hardly wait!

I'm sorry the adoption has turned into such a saga. Good for you for doing the right thing for Lulu.

Squirl said...

Some people are such assholes. Good for you for taking the high road. Which, of course, you would.

eclectic said...

I love you, Kranki! You're a "take no prisoners, take no shit" kinda girl, at the same time you're killing me with how sweet you are! I'm glad they're finally seeing that melodrama is best served in the movies.