Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, March 05, 2007

Operation Dog Adopter went off without a hitch. I present to you…LULU!!!!

This dog is the most mellow and sweet dog I have ever met. There is yet to be any barking and she is most happy sleeping. She is about 1 1/2 years old and we figure there is Chihuahua, Dachshund and maybe some Jack Russell in her. Poor thing was relegated to an outdoor kennel with her brother in her previous life so doesn’t really know how to walk on a leash or even sit. She doesn’t even know the word, “Treat!” However, she can play a mean game of fetch. When returning with the ball she often stops halfway and “dribbles” the ball between her front paws until she reaches you. So far she has been very intuitive about what I want her to do. She leaves the cat alone and has started playing with her toys and sleeping in her crate even though she didn’t show much interest in them yesterday. She used to eat out of a communal food bowl at the shelter so now she delicately takes a few pieces of kibble in her mouth and carries them to the dining room about 4 feet away where she eats them. I guess she didn’t like the insanity of the feeding frenzy and developed a peaceful way to eat. She has a little nick out of one of her ears due to getting frostbite in the sad unheated kennel in her old life. Every time I see it I get livid. Poor thing. She is also somewhat underweight. Despite her lonely life so far she is very submissive and eager to please. She loves to snuggle up and prop her head on my lap for snoozes. She is shy around new people but warms up almost instantly with some petting and scratches behind the ears. She is also a little nervous in the elevator and sits right between my feet for comfort. So far she is a lovely pooch.

The Very First Meeting


And Kisses

And how is Yoshi doing? Well…yesterday she acted scared and curious. Her tail was often fluffy but she circled Lulu like a shark trying to figure out what was going on. This behavior has now turned into outright hostility and Yoshi howls, growls and yeowls along with lots of hissing whenever the dog so much as looks at her. Yet she doesn’t seem scared. She just seems pissed now. But not pissed enough to not eat all the tuna I am feeding her or not watch the dog incessantly or not play with her Q-tips.

Lulu The Angel-By Michelle Davidson (who came with me on the adoption trip)

Right now Yoshi is in her Snoozen Housen while Lulu is in her Lulu Housen. So yes, I feel guilty as hell about Yoshi but it has been less than 24 hours and so far no bloodshed or poop gifties in my shoes. I think it’ll work out just fine.


fridita said...

Congratulations on the new baby ! Please also extend my heartfelt congratulations to Yoshi on acquiring her new slave ! ;)

kalki said...

Lulu is beau-ti-ful! Seriously, such an adorable pooch. And she sounds super-sweet.

And you! Girl, you look FABULOUS!

eclectic said...

OH! That was worth the trip!! Isn't she sweet??! I love her little face, and it sounds like Yoshi will come to terms with Lulu as soon as enough time has passed for her to see that this is normal now. Besides, like Fridita said, Yoshi now has her own personal attendant. And like Kalki said, you DO look FABULOUS!!!

Susie said...

oh, i love her. and you. and yoshi. yoshi is being a normal sibling. it will work out. :) so happy for you.

Misty said...

She is adorable. Do you watch the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic channel? If you can't get it I recommend renting the DVD's of of the first season or whatever is available. It is soo good. Full of interesting stuff and helpful ideas for dogs new to walking on leashes etc Enjoy LuLu..I'm a dog person (have two doggies) and she is sweet looking. I hope that Yoshi will soon be more relaxed :)!

Squirl said...

I'm glad that Yoshi isn't freaking out. Dogs and cats tend to do better if the dog is there first. But you never know. Sounds like she's going to be okay.

Lulu is a cutie. Sounds like a great little girl, too.

And I've known a lot of dogs that like to take food, a bit at a time, to a spot away from the food dish. I don't know why, though.

Have fun!

JP said...

Very cute!! The Mags takes a little bit of kibble at a time too. They are both grazers. Have fun with the new family addition! Yoshi and Lulu will be pals before long, I just know it.

sharkey said...

Oh hooray! She looks like a real sweetie, and you? You look awesome!

She's just the right size--small enough to fit in your lap, but big enough that you won't step on her.

Congratulations on your new addition!

Sherri said...

Congrats on the new baby! I second the recommend on The Dog Whisperer -- if nothing else, you will feel like the Queen Genius of dog owners compared to some of those people!

I've got a few years of experience in the dog/cat introduction arena (at one time we had 2 dogs and 5 cats, but now we have 6 cats and 1 bird -- my last dog died in September of very old age, much beloved of most of the cats). Simple stupid things -- use Lulu's name when you interact with Yoshi in a good way (feeding, scritching, headcrushing, etc.) Cats will tend to be boss if the dog is naturally mellow, so treat Yoshi like the boss of the house, second to you. A dog will feel more secure knowing the pecking order (that whole pack animal thing) and her place in it. You can share Lulu's things with Yoshi, but not Yoshi's things with Lulu. Of course, there should always be Yoshi Only time every day.

Oh, you probably thought of this, but make sure Yoshi has a litter box that is completely away from Lulu. I've yet to meet the dog who would not partake of (yech!) potty box tootsie rolls, even the ones who look the most innocent (they will sneak 'em!) and Yoshi could feel threatened if Lulu can peek in on her while she's doing business.

Dogs are, despite everything, still dogs, with doggie icky tendencies.

Good luck!

torrie said...

Yay! Welcome Lulu!

dawn said...

oh what a cutie.
yay, i'm so happy you got lulu!
have fun :)

elizabeth said...

congratulations!!! lulu is adorable. you are at no loss for advice, so i'll just tell you to enjoy her. she seems like she will be up for all the crushing and costume wearing you can dish out.

Kula said...

Oh she's so sweet and I love her. Makes me want a dog too :(
That is so sad about carrying her food away. So sweet and so sad. I want to hug her!
Yoshi will get used to her soon and they'll be good friends before you know it!

Madame D said...

So! Cute!
Oh yes, soon Yoshi will realize her overlord position and exploit it.
p.s.-LOVE your hair!

Anonymous said...

yea!!! looking forward to more pics of Lulu


here today, gone tomorrow said...

Now that is one very smoooshable, kissable dog! Welcome, Lulu! (Yoshi, it will be cool.) Congratulations on all that love coming into your house.

lawyerchik said...

YIPPEE!! You have your dog!! :) Congratulations, Kranki! She looks adorable. She also looks like the perfect size to litter-train - hope things work out very well between Lulu and Yoshi.... Sibling rivalry is so difficult... (sigh!)


LadyBug said...

She's adorable, Kranki! I'm just thrilled for you. I know you'll be such a terrific Puppy Mommy!

lazylightning said...

Awww congrats!!

Yoshi will come around. It sounds like she's acting the same way our older cat acted when we got a new cat... and now they're the best of friends (and play-buddies).

shannon said...

Yay! Pretty sure no way Lulu is a chihuahua mix, though. Jack/Doxie cross I could buy - a JacksHund! :)

Circe said...

Oh, she is just beautiful!!! And how lucky for her to have found wonderful, kind, caring you. :)

SassyFemme said...

Lulu is precious... beyond precious!

east village idiot said...

You both look beautiful!

What a lucky lulu. May Lulu and Yoshi become fast friends.

Jeannette said...

You two look so happy together. Lulu is about the size or a skosh bigger than my Romeo. I remember the so clearly the day i brought my guys home. I like to refer to it as the day we rescued each other. Adn the whole dog walking thing? Yeah, it is the best way to meet people. I wish you many wonderful years together.

alan said...

Thank you for saving Lulu, both from her former life and from the shelter!

Thank you as well for the pictures with you, gorgeous!

Angel didn't quite know what to think when Frankie came home, but they are the best of friends now; Hopefully Yoshi will calm down and realize Momma's heart is big enough for both of them!

So do we get a double crush of Fridays now?



Squirl said...

Is this how Yoshi's head is being crushed these days?

Marit said...

I love hearing stories about dogs being rescued/adopted. Welcome LuLu!

hemlock said...

Such a fabulous post. Lulu is indeed sweetness personified. Or is that poochified?

I'm so happy that she found you. You will obviously give her the love and affection she deserves.


And that Lulu The Angel is just too funny. Thanks for the laugh!

MrsDoF said...

Your hair has grown back to be most gorgeous.
You look so, can I say Healthy? with a good-natured grin.....

Oh wait, this post is about LuLu the new doggie.
She looks like she'll be lots of fun. Yoshi will come around soon.

But your hair and the way it falls across your forehead is quite fetching.

Robin said...

Oh she's just beautiful! Congratulations on your new little friend.