Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, March 26, 2007

Birthday Girlzzzzzzzz

This Saturday was Yoshi’s birthday. She is 9 years old. In my typical chemo-brain fashion I was awake for about 30 minutes and totally forgot it was her special day until my mom called to congratulate her feline grandchild. I assured Yoshi it was nothing personal as I had forgotten my own birthday as well.

Shopping for Yoshi Gifties is always hard as in typical Siamese fashion she hates pretty much everything. She hates cat treats. She hates all fresh, frozen or canned seafood except the oh-so-pedestrian tuna. I think she’d probably eat roast beast or pork or chicken if I’d feed it to her off my plate. Only problem with that is with me being vegetarian the only thing she’ll get off my plate is broccoli and that plain ol’ sucks ass. Even for me.

She doesn’t play with most cat toys preferring twist ties, q-tips and scotch tape. Cheap for me but not the most festive thing to gift wrap.

I mentioned recently that after a promising start she has abandoned the snoozen housen. Instead she remains enamored with the crappy old throw blanket I have folded on my chair. This thing is ok to look at but not very comfortable for humans in its taffeta slippery coolness. Strangely Yoshi loves it. I wash it often and each time I take it out of the dryer it has frayed along some seam requiring extensive hand sewing. I suspect its lifespan is nearing its end.

A Demonic Burrito

So I once again compromised my clean lined minimalist esthetics and purchased yet another leopard pimp-o-licious sleeping apparatus. The things I do for this cat, I tell ya.

I bring to you the Snoozen Tuben.

Coming up for air.

I thought its small snug composition would appeal to a cat who loves sleeping well covered under blankets. Let’s hope it works.

Happy Birthday Smellie Cat. I love you.

Snuggly but deadly.


alan said...

The happiest of birthdays to Yoshi and her people Mama!


here today, gone tomorrow said...

Happy Birthday, Yoshi!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Yoshi!
My cat loves to sleep on wool. I buy big wool sweaters at Goodwill for a couple $$ and stick a flat-ish round basket inside for her beds. When the sweater gets too hairy I flip it over to the other side. When both sides are hairy, I throw it out. My cat is 17 and has longish hair, so she's pretty much a hair factory and I gave up trying to keep her bedding clean.


eclectic said...

A proper throne for the Birthday Princess. Here's to 9 more years!!

Squirl said...

Happy Birthday, Yoshi! That looks like a great Snoozen Tuben.

lawyerchik said...

Happy birthday to Yoshi!! :) It looks like she has forgiven you the Unfortunate Dog Incident... ;)

BTW - my aunt's and uncle's late Siamese used to love ping pong balls. Just in case....

Furry Kids said...

Happy Birthday, Yoshi!

kalki said...

Happy Nine! Long live the Queen!

SassyFemme said...

Happy Birthday your Yoshi Highness!

LazyLightning said...

Our cats LOVE those tube beds. Good choice.

Leigh-Ann said...

Happy birthday Yoshi! Do you like toys made of real fur? My cats all go crazy for little rabbit fur clumps I buy at Petco, but otherwise, they also prefer twist ties, q-tips, and the plastic wrappers from the drink box straws.