Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Because I can't think of anything to write about today I bring you Yoshi. She is waiting for kisses on her head.
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JessicaRabbit said...

OH man, I would kiss that head and nibble those ears and nuzzle my nose against hers. Even though I know she would beat me silly for doing it, it would be worth it.

Sharkey said...

How can you tell that this is her 'waiting for kisses' look? Isn't she always looking for kisses? What a sweetie!

kalki said...

What enchanting blue eyes!

Squirl said...

Oh, oh, I wanna kiss her head. Sweet little smellie.

LadyBug said...

Yoshi: "Mom, can I have some kisses now?

Mom, could you just put down the camera?

Just a little scratch, Mom?


Dawn said...

smooch,wow she's gorgeous(xxxxx-kitty kisses). i'd wanna squish har all day long. give her squishes for me ok?

laura said...

SMACK! (my lips on cat's head) I love her chiseled features.

Candace said...

I love love love her eyes. SOOOOO pretty!

Squishes for the kitty!

L.Bo said...

A shower of kisses upon Yoshi's sweet head!

Kranki, knowing how you feel about this, I thought I would let you know it is a proud day here in Alberta. Premier Klein has announced the province will continue to solemnize marriages, including same sex marriages! WOO HOO!

The province will legislate protection for those who refuse to perform marriages on religious or moral grounds. I hope Elizabeth Taylor never tries to get married here. After all, could one really call her style of serial monogamy moral? And does it not fly in the face of Christian denominations which do not recognize divorce, let alone multiple divorce? But that's not the point. Oh wait. Maybe it actually is the point.

In a voice of sanity, one minister said as long as he didn't have to perform the ceremonies, he could live with gay people being able to get married. And there are many who will happily perform the ceremony here.

I know the day will come when we will look back on this issue the same way we look back on racial segregation and women and children as chattle. Tragic, painful and embarassing moments in our history and evolution. It cannot come soon enough.

Von Krankipantzen said...

jessica r-I wish more people could enjoy kissing her head. It is a lovely experience. Just stay clear of her breath.

sharkey-good point. I think I knew she was wating was because I interrupted kisses for photos. Bad me.

kalki-yeah, they enchant me all the way to the food cupboard.

squirl-I gave her a cyber smooch from you.

ladybug-you are too right. That is EXACTLY what she is thinking. She hates it when I photograph her.

blogaholic-I will squish her for you. She is gonna get pretty flat with all those extra squishes.

laura-this is one of her many looks. She is very pointy in this photo. Sometimes she is very round looking too.

misfit-more squishes to her from you. She is loving the extra attention.

lbo-good news, indeed. Your Elizabeth Taylor comment is a very good point.

sarahkaplan said...

She is beautiful....and I bet she know's she is pretty.

Thanks for all your good wishes...
and I am very glad that you are in the "know"...candy does indeed solve all problems. I wish more people would subscribe to our thought's


Ern said...

That is the exact spot I love to kiss on my kitty's head. Right on those little stripey looking things between eyes and ears! (My cat's got a little bit o' siamese in him)

Squirl said...

Kranki, thanks for giving her the cyber smooch for me. I hope she enjoyed it. :-)

Von Krankipantzen said...

sarahkaplan-yep, she thinks she is pretty hot shit. I don't do much to disuade. I am her slave. I am also chocolate's slave. So weak.

ern-her furrowed brow! Your cat has furrowed brows too? The are so kissable there.

Sqirl-I did, I gave her a smooch and said it was from you. She purred.