Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, September 12, 2005


I was at the Cancer Clinic today for my first appointment with my radiation oncologist. He seems like a really great guy and I am once again amazed with the great team of doctors who have been taking care of me. He had with him a medical student that looked no older than 18 even though I know he was. He got to stand there while the oncologist examined my breasts and then I was asked if it was ok if he examined them too. Hell, why not. I have no dignity left. Feel me up. Whatever. So the youngster got the check them out too. Blushing bright red the whole time. I was oblivious. Hell! I have talked about constipation on my blog. Nothing is sacred. Anybody else want to feel me up?

So things are still up in the air but I will have 5 ½ weeks of radiation therapy at some point in my future. It looks like it will be most likely after more surgery as I want reconstruction and un-radiated skin heals better. That is all I know for now.

I am also feeling very good today. I was starving and am presently imitating my cat by eating everything in sight. I usually am not feeling too hungry yet after chemo so this is good. I chatted with Pablo on the phone tonight and he said my voice is sounding better. He had told me that during my chemo my voice had lost a certain quality and sounded almost metallic to him. Since I am just out of my last chemo I think this was much more to do with my mood. It is so nice now to enjoy the return of my appetite and energy without knowing it will all be gone again with a chemo. NO MORE! It is really starting to hit me now. Wooooooo!
I know I have a lot more ahead of me but overall I am feeling really good today.


whfropera said...

hugs to you. and you can hug Yoshi from me.

Closet Metro said...

Glad you're perking up. Big hugs to you.

So btw, you know the blushing boy walked out of the exam room and said to himself "I get PAID for this?!!"

mrtl said...

Doing a happy dance for you.

Susie said...

Woohoo! Eat! EAT!

When I was going thru infertility crap, all my dignity was extinguished. I'd let the interns do whatever, too. But one day, out of the blue, I just stopped. Like when Forrest Gump just stopped running. And I said, "No, I don't think I want any more baby docs looking in my hooha. Just the ones with papers, now."

JessicaRabbit said...

Wait, you want to know who else might want to feel you up?

I am getting in my car NOW, see you in 20hours.

Amanda B. said...

Sweet, I am sooooo honking your taa-taa's if we ever meet. (after they feel better of course)


Precisiongirl said...

WOO-HOO Kranki!!

Glad to hear your appetite is back and that things are on the up, x

fueltank said...

Holy shit, if you are offering first base just like that I guess I need to make a surprise visit...
Not since Kim from down the street has it been offered this publicly. You better be careful, you might get a reputation...

A while back B4E was talking about smoochion', so it looks like things really are looking up!

The Magic numbers The Mule

and just so you know, my verification word is wwdafox...

Candace said...

Yeah, I *bet* you're feeling good today! Bow chicka bow-bow!


Random and Odd said...

I'm glad you have a good group of people that like to feel your breasts!!

hemlock said...

That's great news that you feel good today. One day at a time...that's what a club I belong to says.

Just kidding.

But a good friend of mine is a member! ;)

snaps79 said...

You tit slut!

eclectic said...

Medical treatment and dignity apparently no place in the same sentence, or even the same room... BUT... you are hungry and feeling good, and did anyone mention that you have NO MORE CHEMO?!?!?! YAY!!!!

ScottyGee said...

"cough... cough..."

*raises hand.

Boob inspector here. =)

I just can't wait for the new ones. For you, of course. Not for any of us. Unless you turn it into a lucrative career as a blog pin-up girl or something.

Congrats on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. =)

Anonymous said...

yay for stacey's sweet perky tatas getting some action.

so glad you are feeling better.

mrs b

Vanessa said...

Good for you! Eat everything you want and celebrate. Hooray for NO MORE CHEMO!

Squirl said...

Eat, eat, eat! That'll help get your strength back. No more chemo. I'm so glad for you.

Von Krankipantzen said...

whfropera-thanks for the hugs. I will hug The Beast for you too.

closet metro-that is sweet. That kid was sure RED though.

mrtl-I wish I could see your happy dance.

susie-I think the hooha is a bit more sacred. I am not sure if I would have let him there. You are a saint.

jess-I knew I could count on you.

amanda b- you are welcome to honk away. Hope you are doing well.

precisiongirl-the appetite is waaay up. Chunky monkey me.

fuel-I see Kim's rep preceeds her. I should watch it too.

misfit-seriously with music it could have been porn. Weird.

kristine-my breasts are very lucky.

leafgirl-one boobie at a time.

hdl-so true. I am a ho-bag.

eclectic-NO MORE CHEMO!!!!!!!

scottygee-if they turn out good I may just post a photo. Maybe.

mrsb-thanks GF. It is good to feel good.

vanessa-it is appalling what I am eating. Shameful.

squirl-that is the plan. Gain some weight and get strong again.

kalki said...

Love your new tagline! And I'm glad you're feeling well and eating everything in sight. Celebrate good times, come on!

Sharkey said...

Hooray! I know it was a few days ago (where have I been?), but I hope it's carrying over into your week. I recovered from my last one much faster than the others too--it's that mind game thing. It has to be.