Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Misc. Rumblings

I whipped out my cheffette hat yesterday and made myself a huge vat of chilli (feeep) for the freezer. I am an uninspired cook at best and only occasionally get up the gumption to plan ahead for meals. I am thinking I am going to be hella pooped after my next (and last) chemo and some chilli (pththt) might just hit the spot once my stomach is feeling up to it. While this chilli (phlurp) does include seasoning from a package it is still home made as far as I am concerned. The difference is that I opened up a shit load of cans to put in the pot opposed to opening a can of chilli (brapp) and just nuking it. A subtle difference but worthy in my eyes. I got really fancy and copied something that I saw in a foodie magazine and added chickpeas as well as kidney beans to the mix. I highly recommend this. Extra protein and very delicious. Good for us vegetarians.

I have been feeling extra nervous about my last chemo coming up this Thursday. I have been wondering why as you would think I would be ecstatic about this whole ordeal coming to an end, and I am, but what I really feel are nerves. I was thinking about it today and have decided that what I am feeling is actual excitement but with everything that has been going on over the last few months I have not had a whole lot to be excited about and have been feeling stress more than anything. Maybe I just don’t recognise excitement anymore. So I am trying to convince myself that I am actually thrilled opposed to scared. I’ll let you know what I get that happening…

I have to say I am feeling very heartened by all the cool help people have been offering to the hurricane victims. In my typical Kranki fashion I am finding myself more moved by the sad tales involving pets. The fact that many animal lovin’ folks had to leave theirs behind in order to get rescued is so upsetting to me. I have been assuring Yoshi that I would NEVER leave her. This sort of thing breaks my heart. Don’t forget the beasties everybody! Donate to the animal shelters too. Even if it is $5.


mrtl said...

Your last chemo is THIS WEEK? WOO HOO!

How long is the wait before the next phase of treatment?

You have such a sweet heart.

JessicaRabbit said...

The animal and the children stories are the hardest for me.

Woohoo for the last chemo! I am so happy to read that and I hope your nerves quiet down and let you enjoy the feeling that you wont have to go back and do that again.

whfropera said...

i went through that too - i spent an entire morning looking at sites so i could rescue an anilmal and bring it here, only to read in a long story that the trip of a few hundred/thou miles would stress them out way too much. :( They will get my $5 for sure, and I will go to the pound here if I need to get another critter.

glad your chemo is drawing to an end. Feel better.

fueltank said...

Good news.

Ern said...

The end of the chemo is in sight! Yaaaaaay! More excitement will follow, I'm sure. Your body has been through so much, it will take time to get back. But we're cheering for you.

Now, I'm off to donate a couple bucks to the beasties. I've been looking for a link. Thanks!

Squirl said...

So glad you're ready for your last chemo!

The first money that I donated was for animals.

Von Krankipantzen said...

mrtl-yep, tomorrow is the last one! Holy doodle! I think I start Tamoxafin (sp?) right away and then either surgery or radiation in a month or so. I am not sure yet.

jessica rabbit-they are the most helpless in these kind of situations.

whfropera-I would love to help out physically but money will have to do.

fuel-it is!

ern-thanks for helping the beasties.

squirl-the beasties are upmost on my mind. Thanks for donating too.

eclectic said...

Bless the beasts and the children... Yep, good ol' Karen Carpenter had it right with that one. I can't stand to think of them swimming around in that muck, drinking it, dying in it...***shudder***. The Humane Society is a worthy cause all the time, but especially now.

But, on another note, as I type this you are participating in the LAST bit of chemo. May you NEVER have to experience it EVER again. Have you read Lance Armstrong's book, 'It's not about the Bike'? He describes chemo from his perspective and it really touched me. Hope you recover quickly from this round. I'll check in on you again. Sending love and good thoughts,