Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Screw it!

I have often raved on and on about how much I LOVE my cat. And I mean in a totally sick and unhealthy way. I really love Yoshi. She has been so good to me through my whole chemo thing. Quiet and sweet when I needed to lay down and perky and funny when I needed to be cheered up. This cat rocks. One of her most favourite things to do on a sunny day is sleep in front of the window. She has a bed/blankie type situation on top of the TV stand. Often I have to watch the tube through her tail or legs hanging over the edge. They get really droopy in the sunshine. Today she has made a snivelly little moaning sound every time I have approached her on her perch. I guess she is getting proprietary about her rays now that fall is approaching. She is getting her tan while she is able.

A little while ago I found this site that makes me laugh out loud every day. It is called It is exactly what it sounds like. A site dedicated to pics of cats with stuff on them. All sorts of stuff. I have been truly amazed with the patience shown by various felines. I thought I’d see what Yoshi had to say about stuff being put on her. Would she like it as much as those other kitties? Let’s just say not so much.

Here are the results of my stuff experiment.


Vanessa said...

I understand your love for Yoshi. I have two dogs, Abby and Roxy, and I talk about them more than my coworkers talk about their children. I don't know what I would do without my girls. I'm glad you have Yoshi.

Closet Metro said...

I love when animals are such good friends to us. Yoshi sounds like a great cat.

mrtl said...

Funny how my cat became more loving to me while my husband was out of town. He's gotten back into the habit of snuggling next to me as I work. It's been a long time since he's done that. Sweet.

Don't have to be jealous of Yoshi anymore.

Squirl said...

Bucky's motto is anything that doesn't hurt an animal should be done to it.

SassyFemme said...

I LOVE those pictures! They make me laugh and smile. Every time I see your kitty I think of my Sheba kitty, up in kitty heaven. She looked a lot like Yoshi. Of course, my Sheba kitty would have tried to thwap me as I was trying to place anything like that on her! She ruled the roost with a iron paw! :)

So, long story short, I love when you post Yoshi pictures!

Sharkey said...

These pics are great. The first is my fave.

snaps79 said...

Kitty and Ezzy are giving me a bit of a cold shoulder now that Jessa is here. Ezzy's always been more aloof, but the Kitty thing kinda hurts my feelings!! He's my first pet, and it's coming up on a year that I've had him, so I've been having anniversaries of that time in my life. He was such a cute, sweet little baby to come home to and now he's all grown up.......and sorta mad at me. :(

spoonleg said...

Bwahahaha, I like Bucky's motto. I don't think Yoshi does, though.

Krank I LOOOOOVE your stuff on my cat contributions. I tried the SAME THING with oscar. You should see the shots of him I have buried in the laundry basket. He actually did that to HIMSELF. He always dives HEAD FIRST into a basket of freshly dried laundry and immediately struggles his way to the bottom. When I try to remove the clothes to fold them, he swats at my hand and clings to the clothes with his paws. It's like his sauna.

Yoshi is such a sun whore. What a cutie. Makes me sad for my baby! :( He's currently charming the pants off of Nessa's family and finding some new friends in her kids, no doubt. Nessa's daughter (9) asked me almost immediately upon bringing him over, "Can we keep him FOREVER?" When I said no, she became visibly upset. Hhehe, so cute.

kalki said...

Yoshi is one of the most elegant cats I have ever seen. So sleek and beautiful!

ScottyGee said...

I don't want to be childish, but I can't fight it!

I have never seen a pussy that didn't like to have a little monkey love.

There I said it. Now I must hide in shame.

eclectic said...

BWA-HAH-HAH!! Scottygee you almost made me ruin my keyboard! As though the unbearable cuteness of Yoshi and the monkey hadn't already melted me.... Yoshi's the best!

JessicaRabbit said...

Ahh Nick and I think that site is very amusing, our cats are pretty much ok with stuff on them, just Nala and Eeyore wouldnt have it.

Yoshi is just beautiful, how dare you attempt to disturb her beauty naps in any way you wicked woman. HAHAHAHA

Cats are so royal.

fueltank said...
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fueltank said...

I once got 28 small post-it notes on Fergus. I felt that day I had really achieved something.

I didn't take any pictures because that would have been mean.

The Coral She Sings The Mourning

Von Krankipantzen said...

vanessa-so you have an unhealthy relationship with your dogs? Excellent! That is the best kind of relationship.

closet m-Yoshi is a great cat. I just wish she played well with others.

mrtl-that is so sweet that your kitty is more affectionate. Lucky you!

squirl-I couldn't agree more. And Halloween costume time is quickly approaching. Mwahahahah!

sassy-ah, Sheba kitty of the iron paw. No wonder you miss her so much. Sniff.

sharkey-that pic was taken in the split second she actually allowed the damned monkey on her. Fussy beast.

homie-that is so sad. I hope Kitty cheers up soon. That is the only reason why I don't have a dog right this second. Fear that things would change between Yoshi and I.

spoonie-that damned cat of yours is so seriously cute. I could just squeeze him.

kalki-she used to be sleek until her recent eating binge. Now she is Tubbie McLard.

scottie-your smutty mouth is always welcome here. Always.

eclectic-Scottie always comes to the point. The sick point but the point.

jess-the site makes me laugh out loud. When are you posting pics on stuff on your cats?

fuel-I sure wish you had taken a pic. I would have paid to see it. So putting the post-its on Fergus was not mean but documenting the event was? FREAK!

I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

LOVE it, and Yoshi's SO cute.

I had a LONG post the other day I had been "building" for a long time of pics I began taking quite awhile ago...the cats find such weird places (and ways) to lay around.


Michele in Michigan said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again--I just LOVE Yoshi.

Michele in Michigan said...

Oh, and did anyone else notice that it looks like in Jessica's icon she is forcing 2 hooded toddlers to kiss? You ROCK, Jessica!!!

Von Krankipantzen said...

milliner's d- cats do find the weirdest places. Every once in a while I find Yoshi in some strage place. Once I thought I had lost her.

michele-Yoshi loves you back! Jess's boobs DO look like that. Good eye!