Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Clearly, I Am Running Out Of Things To Talk About

Miscellaneous List of Stuff

  1. Just finished watching America’s Next Top Model and cannot wait until next week’s episode. SOMEBODY collapses and I love me some drama.

  1. Talked seriously with the Firebug Tenant Upstairs last night and he apologized profusely for being such a dumbass. Apparently he has been warming his clothes on his gas heater everyday since November (Persistent Stupidity!) but for some reason last week they caught on fire. Fantastic. He promised to never put ANYTHING near that heater again.

  1. My knockers are still rock hard resulting in sleep deprivation. I hugged my mom the other day and caused bruising. I keep on inviting people to touch them to feel just how hard they are. Once people get over the revulsion of the thought of touching my boob and actually touch it they get all grossed out again. It is kinda cool.

  1. My beloved cat Yoshi, at the ripe old age of eight years, has suddenly decided to start scratching the couch after NEVER scratching any furniture her whole life. Why this has spontaneously become a good idea to her I will never know. She still gives her scratching post and mat a good workout so their neglect isn’t an issue. I am pretty cheesed off about this new development. I am hoping it is momentary insanity caused by Spring Urges Not Acted Upon or something like that.

  1. My brother and his girlfriend/wife bought a new house last week. Their first. Buying property in my city is akin to signing your life away along with your first born and a kidney or two. I simply don’t know how people afford it. They are excited yet nervous of the financial sacrifices. I suspect eating might become a bit of a luxury around their new digs.

  1. I have started brand new brain medication and the anxiety is slowly melting away. *big sigh of relief*

  1. Sadly, I have run out of things to tell you.


Voix said...

Some days are like that. At my house, that means it's time for a new book.

Precisiongirl said...

It's kind of like no news is good news though...

Glad to hear you're feeling better after taking brain meds.

hemlock said...

1. I'm so pissed that I don't get ANTM. Oh well. Glad you're getting some drama! Cuz you haven't had enough or anything. ;)

2. Glad to hear his persistent stupidity is now cured.

3. Yeah, I could see why people would react oddly to your request that they touch your boobs. At least you get some amusement out of it.

4. Hmmmm, bad cat spray bottle?

5. Very cool. Hopefully some instant ramen will help them out.

6. Yay for new brain medication!!

7. Yeah, I'm in the same boat.

whfropera said...

Linus would be happy to share some spring urges with Yoshi, but he currently is under the couch hiding from "the big bad truck/backhoe outside tearing up the street concrete".

LadyBug said...

I am giggling at the image of you inviting people to touch your knockers. "No, really! Touch 'em! Seriously!"


Love and hugs to you, dear Kranki.

Squirl said...

So glad you got the stupid neighbor stop with the fire hazard. I was worried about that.

Cracks me up that you're having people feel your boobs. :)

Maybe I need brain meds. You know how I, sometimes, read things wrong? I saw something about eating being a luxury. But instead of digs I thought I saw the word dogs. I wondered if you meant they were going to scour the street for stray dogs and cook Oriental...

alan said...

Glad you had a heart to heart with the dummy upstairs! Nothing like finding out how long you should have been worrying after the fact!

So sorry for the sleep deprivation. I don't mentally or physically function well when I get that way (nothing like taking the empty rack away at work and forgetting to bring the full one back to make you feel like an imbecile). That you could bruise yourself with a hug breaks my heart! If they didn't tell you about this as a side effect should you ask them about it?

Don't know what to say about sweet Yoshi. I made the mistake of changing Frankie's litter the other day and that night when I slid into bed at 5AM my foot hit a cold wet puddle...apparently though it smelled better, the dust was annoying to him. At least that's what I'm hoping, as opposed to it being one of those typically male things! Of course, I'm still spraying "Nature's Miracle" on our almost new mattress and off to the laundromat today to wash the comforter that's too big for our machine.

You are far too wonderful to have to deal with anxiety; hope everything works out with the new med!

Thinking of you...


lawbrat said...

I would so feel your knockers, without being grossed out. Or, at least i'd hide the grossed out factor and just give you a hug.

Sorry about the cat scratch fever. Hopefully it will stop as it started.

Karen said...

This post made me smile, sorta. Sometimes the "no news" posts are the best to read.

snaps79 said...

Heh - I like the term "brain medication". I'll have to use that term.

eclectic said...

Maybe poo-head "clothes on the heater" boy will stop endangering the lives of all the tenants now. I hope so! And I will gladly volunteer to feel your chesticles, and if I get bruised, well, sometimes you just gotta make sacrifices. I'm... y'know... generous like that.

Dima said...

What's a "girlfriend/wife"?

I think that you should say to people "touch my boobs... TOUCH MY BOOBS NOW!"

east village idiot said...

Kranki - that's a lot of things to tell us. Hope all goes well with your neighbor and that your boobs aren't too sore.

Leigh-Ann said...

One of our cats started to scratch the sofa, so I bought "Sticky Paws" tape at the pet store and it stopped the behaviour immediately. I assume any invisible, double-sided tape will do (it has to be invisible so it's a "surprise", bwahahahah...)

Von Krankipantzen said...

MICHELE-for me it means time for a new life. I gotta get out more.

PRECISIONGIRL-thanks. Brain meds rock for me.

LEAFGIRL77-you don't get ANTM!?!?! OMG!!! The drama is so much better than what I ahve had recently.

WHFROPERA-poor Linus. It's ok, Linus. It's ok.

LADYBUG-thanks for the love adn hugs! Right back at ya!

SQUIRL-the guy upstairs is all figured out. But DOGS? that cracks me up.

ALAN-you are so sweet. My boobs are quite a challenge right now but when they finished them up they won't be so hard. So Frankie is breaking you in, huh? Little beast.

LAWBRAT-you woudl be so freaked out about how hard my knocker are. I sooooo wish you could feel them.

KAREN-well, a sorta smile is better than no smile. I will try for a whole smile next time.

SNAPS79-well, I calls it like I sees it.

ECLECTIC-very generous. Touching doesn't hurt but if I hugged you you'd really feel it.

DIMA-my bro and his girlfriend have been together for 6 years and own property together so I figure they are pretty much married.

EASTY-the boobs are better every day and I think the neighbour is safe now. I hope!

LEIGH-ANN-thanks for the suggestion. I will have to try that. Good idea for a bad cat.