Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, March 31, 2006

Crush Your Cat's Head Friday-Mama Mia

Full body babushka crush.


eclectic said...

She looks like she's auditioning for the part of "Crysallis" in the school play. Tooo cute!!!

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE "Crush-Your-Cat's-Head-Fridays"!!! Have a great weekend, Kranki!

stampydurst said...

I am laughing so hard right now you might be able to hear me in Vancouver. Yoshi reminds me of a gypsy lady from an old black and white werewolf film. She is either putting a curse on us or hypnotizing us with her eyes. "You are getting very sleepy. You will place all the catnip in California in an envelope and mail it to me..."

Happy Friday Von Kranki

Ern said...

I was just smooshing my cat's head with kisses and thought, "I haven't been over to see Kranki and Yoshi today!"

Oh, and BTW, since you mentioned ANTM on your last post, thank Jeebus we don't have to watch Gina wax stupid anymore! (And someone passes out? Woohoo! My DVR cut off the last 30 seconds or so.)

east village idiot said...

Wow. Yoshi looks just like Sophia Lauren with that shawl wrapped so dramatically around her cat head.

Sharkey said...

I think she looks like Mother Theresa. And she did a good job of tending to you when you were sick.

Have a great weekend!

Dima said...

SO CUTE! Can't wait till Suki lets me get this close to her and do things like that to her!

Lazy Lightning said...

HOLY CRAP that's too much cuteness.

True_Halcyon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
True_Halcyon said...

She looks like the most sage of oracles (and quite warm)- tell us the universe's secrets, Yoshi!

alan said...

I thought of Greta Garbo, then saw in the comments someone else said Sophia Loren, lol!


kerri said...

She looks like she ought to be the queen of Sheeba. Too funny.

hemlock said...

Oh man, how can she let you do that?

The must love her momma so much!

Hänni said...

I thought Yoshi was siamese, not russian.

whfropera said...

same continent, hanni, so its all good.
crushy,crushy,crushy goodness.

kassi said...

does she tell fortunes as well?

Squirl said...

That is hilarious. I can't believe the way she lets you dress her up.

I have to remember that phrasy, "full body babushka crush". hee hee

mrtl said...

too cute - check your mail!

Karen said...

I kinda thought Mother Teresa too. I can't figure out if that colour does anything for her, though. Do you think it clashes with her eyes?

Von Krankipantzen said...

ECLECTIC-like a butterfly...I am so glad you love Fridays at my place.

STAMPYDURST-when I first did this to her I laughed so hard she ran away all scared. It totally cracked me up.

ERN-Oh Gina! She was annoying, wasn't she? But so is Jade so...

EASTY-you know what!?!? I TOTALLY thought of Sophia when I took the shot but didn't post about it as I thought people might think I am nuts.

SHARKEY-that is so true. What a good girl she is.

DIMA-I can't wait for Suski crushings either.

ADRIENNE-it should be illegal.

TRUE_HALCYON-I wish she could tell me some secrets. Like why she meows at the door all the time.

ALAN-she has a mysterious look, doesn't she?

KERRI-or at least part of a harem.

LEAFGIRL77-as long as I keep telling her she is a good girl I can get away with a lot.

HANNI-nope. She is INSANE!


KASSI-I wish she could. I would never have to work again.

SQUIRL-and she lets me kiss her all over all the time. Too sickening.

MRTL-look at you taunting me with HR.

KAREN-makes her look virginal.

Lasadh said...

I can see the look of resigned annoyance in her eyes.

"I feel like such an idiot, but it seems to make mom happy, so I shall perservere."


Precisiongirl said...

She looks scary!