Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snooze Zone

I have spent a lovely day at home cuddled up in bed reading. With the cat, of course. My most favourite thing to do. It has been cold, stormy and snowy out. positively vile. Very unusual weather for my city and even stranger for this time of year. This winter has been so mild. I had forgotten that this kind of thing can happen. I had a very productive day yesterday and my brain and body co-operated and allowed me to get a whole pile of stuff done. It seems just when I think things can’t be any more unproductive I manage to get it together and have a normal day. I also watched a locally made indie film called Hardcore Logo. I had seen it before and it is always good for a laugh. It is a mockumentory of a punk band touring Canada. I recommend it if your local video store has Canadian indie films.

So, have you read any good books lately?


Lazy Lightning said...

I see a Jetta, a Ford Truck, and a little Suzuki. ;-)

Sorry... I guess that pretty much has nothing to do with what you wrote!

Precisiongirl said...

Just boring Maths one of late.

Glad to hear you're chipper and mobile!

Squirl said...

I've been more catching up on newspapers and magazines. I spend so much of my reading time reading blogs these days. So glad you had an up day.

abcd said...

I finally read the Kite Runner which
was superb.

I saw an ad in the New York Times for
a book that comes out later this month.
It's called "Bitter is the New Black".

You should google this and read the
write up. It looks pretty funny.
Sometimes I want mind candy.

I love lazy days.

eclectic said...

It snowed in Penticton when we were there, too, but in that situation it was a very, very good thing. In the evenings I was reading "Mrs. Kimble" which is engrossing, although painful to read as the story reflects the damage people can wreak on others. Hope that snuggly kitty's getting crrrrrrrrrushed tomorrow!

Cristin in NJ said...

have to agree, Kite Runner was great.

We seem (fingers crossed) to be done with thr rough stuff here for now, maybe rain tomorrow, but my soul is screaming for Spring!

snaps79 said...

Ahhhh...rainy days and Thursdays (?) always get me down...

kalki said...

Any day now Henry Rollins is going to swoop into your apartment....via Amazon, that is. Really, like, any day now. Promise.

Candace said...

YES! I just finished "Case Histories" by Kate Atkinson. Amazing. I couldn't put it down.

Hey, email me a mailing address, wouldja? I have something I want to send to you.

Anonymous said...

It snowed here today as well. I walked out the door to leave for work and there was the white stuff! I would have much rather cuddled in bed reading! : ) Currently I am reading a novel called P.S. I love you. It's pretty good. Peace.

Karen said...

I recently read Pompeii by Robert Harris. It was a bit lighter than some of his other novels (Archangel was a hard slog).

His best is still Enigma, though. The movie of that, with Kate Winslet, was not bad either.

Leigh-Ann said...

I just finished reading, "All My Patients Are Under the Bed" by Dr. Louis Camuti. It's not a book by a psychiatrist who treats agoraphobics, but rather, a collection of anecdotes written by a vet in New York City who only treated cats and who only made housecalls. It was actually very funny, because while cats are cats, their owners can often be rather peculiar (I'm only pointing fingers at myself, here). The book is slightly dated, as the vet died in the 1980's and started his practice during the 1920's, but I laughed out loud quite a bit.

alan said...

My last book was "Pygmalion" right before the holidays...since then it's been all magazines (and blogs). Hoping to get caught up and back into one soon...

Glad you had a mellow day!

Speaking of touring Canada, have you seen "Festival Express"?


MrsDoF said...

Another of my favorite blogs is Gran's on Bran, and she mentioned that she had read _84, Charing Cross Road_ recently. So I ordered it Used for only 75c plus shipping.
While waiting for its arrival, I rented the movie from the library, starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. The movie was wonderful, so when the book arrived, I read it all in one evening.

We have rain here, and everybody is happy. The Illinois prairie is fretting about drought. This is corn and bean growing country, we need to keep wet.

ScottyGee said...

Sunny and warm here!

I just finished Da Vinci Code. Yeah, I am way behind. Just now starting on a book called The Know It All which is a book about a guy that sets out to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. It is supposed to be funny.

How are the CD's I sent?

Von Krankipantzen said...

ADRIENNE-but do you see the snow? That nasty wet snow? Yuck!

PRECISIONGIRL-thanks. I won't say boring maths but mysterious maths. To me anyway.

SQUIRL-I would never get out of bed if I had newspapers to read. Never.

NIKKI-I loved The Kite Runner. I will check out that other book. Sounds hilarious. I love mind candy too. Detective novels are my guilty pleasure.

ECLECTIC-oh yes. Crushing is up. I'll check out that other book too.

CRISTIN IN NJ-sunny today so I hope the ick is over here too. Spring would be so nice.

SNAPS79-so true. Brutally true today.

KALKI-yes! The eagle has landed. And is much appreciated. A card is on the way to you.

CANDACE-ooooh! Another good book to find. Thanks.

TRACI-ew! Snow! And thanks for the book recommendation.

KAREN-I'll totally get that from the library. Thanks.

LEIGH-ANN-that sounds so cute. I love books set earlier in the 20th century.

ALAN-thanks. I don't think I have read that. I haven't seen Festival Express either but it is on my Zip List.

MRSDOF-I loved that book! What a great piece of history.

SCOTTYGEE-sunny and warm-ish here today too. I am liking the CDs so far. Some more than others but still working on the pile. Thanks again for them.

MrsDoF said...

I have come back twice just to look at the picture of what an interesting view you can see from your window.

We are the first house on a cul-de-sac, the folks across the street rarely use their front door because their driveway goes around to the back, next door neighbors became snowbirds to AZ until April, and the house behind us have taken their children to Denmark for 10 months while the professorly dad does research. From their e-mails, I'd say the whole family is getting educated.

My view is fine to look at, but the only movement lately is a squirrel trying desperately to build a nest and have some babies to put in it.

Ah well, it is Sunday morning, so I now have an excuse to get out and meet some regular people.
But I still like the rain and traffic light featured here.
~~love and Huggs, Diane